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“The SubConscious lies blooming just beneath the surface of the waters of Consciousness. The marriage of our Instinct to our Awareness creates a Spiritual Evolution that becomes powerful, “Embodied Wisdom.”

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Today’s Spiritual Warriors are needed desperately! Followers of light are being called up to shine as wise leaders for others to follow. If you are frustrated by the darkness that is covering the globe, read on for important information.  Together, WE can turn it around!


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One of my most impactful experiences with religion was being ‘failed’ from the second year of my three year Lutheran Catechism class. I told my minister and vicar that ‘God doesn’t fail people from church!’. They agreed with me and after a year’s sabbatical and the subsequent firing of this teacher who failed kids in church, I asked many pointed questions, finished my lessons, and was confirmed by the church.

In college, my most influential classes were the three-term Shakespeare series, learning how to SEE and draw from an artists viewpoint (that was quite esoteric) and an Introduction to Comparative Religions. Then I took a term off and studied with Mormon missionaries, read the Bhagavad-Gita, Tibetian and Egyptian Books of the Dead, the Tao te Ching, and many other metaphysical books. This lit my Spiritual Fire and I’ve been devouring these books ever since!

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Later, upon becoming a Unitarian Universalist, I had the opportunity to learn more about many religions and experience them firsthand in “Neighboring Faiths” Sunday school classes. After teaching students for 8 weeks, I accompanied groups of children to Buddhist center feasts, Catholic mass, a Jewish temple, and Pagan ceremonies. Over the years my family has participated in Kwaanza, Hindu Festival of Lights, and Hanukkah festivities.

I homeschooled my kids for 8 years founded on a History-based Wholistic education, of which I wrote my own curriculum. I based my lessons and exams on textbooks from various points of view and encouraged open-minded discussions about the reasons for the author’s points of view and their veracity. We first studied World Geography & World Religions as a comprehensive introduction to becoming ‘Citizens of the World’.

As homeschoolers, we practiced exercises by Rudolf Steiner and read Classic English literature, Great Books, Historic Fiction and books of Cultural Literacy from all continents. We read ancient philosophers and discussed their subsequent roles in modern society.

I was engaged with esoteric studies for many years before co-leading a Women’s spirituality group. We incorporated many facets from various spiritual traditions, and each woman encouraged to bring her gifts and experiences to share with the group.

After leaving that position, my 10-year interest in the Kabbalah, led me to study more intently and take a year-long webinar class with two Rabbis. I learned much about the Hebrew Mystical traditions from a Jewish Reform perspective. I found the Kabbalah to be THE foundation for the many esoteric paths I had studied since my 20’s.

Today I practice Tai chi, Chi Gong, Kundalini Yoga and write ‘Morning Pages’ as is recommended by Julia Cameron in her transformational book, “The Artist’s Way”. I participated and led classes in “The Artist’s Way” and discovered that it was a book written (by and) for the Enneagram Type #4 personality, the ‘Artist’. That’s when I decided to create workbooks for the other 8 Enneagram personality types that I call, “Integrated Spiritual Practices”. TBA

I’ve studied and used the Tarot as well for many years. I started noticing the esoteric ‘threads of Truth’ that run throughout all the systems and traditions that I’ve engaged with and noticed their Archetypes can be found in pictorial symbolism on the Tarot.

I’ve created a unified system that is based on a lesser-used form of the Tree of Life glyph. I see it as the glyph of Kabbalah before the ‘fall’ of man. I have placed my own version, the “9 Keys Tarot” cards onto this Tree in a unique way as a blueprint to help people ascend to their Higher Self – closer to a state of Spiritual perfection. This corresponds to 9 Esoteric systems, which is no small feat!

Metaphysics describes both the ‘Art of Living’ & the ‘Science of Life.’      I hope that my writing will encourage you to look within yourself and begin what Plato called, “The Great Work” of personal understanding and wisdom. After all, it’s our once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn, grow and evolve our Souls while we are incarnate beings. Look within!

Namaste’ ~K

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  1. Raeanne Sep 7th 2012

    LOVE IT!! You are really beautiful. So how do you chit chat on this thing? I was ready for that noon mtg, but no clue how to do it.,

  2. kalin

    LOL, Rae, Im sure you know how to do it! 😀
    I will try it again this Saturday at noon mtn time…for an hour this time,
    so everyone will have more time to get here. See ya soon! ~:)

  3. Heh, girl!! Love your Webpage. Can’t wait to spend some time ‘poking’ around. And probably giving some of my opinions….. Luvya, JB

  4. kalin

    Sure, JB, I’d appreciate hearing them! ~: )
    and may have some questions for you as well…

  5. Incredible…..

  6. Joanie Sep 11th 2012

    I took the 1st Kabbala class while still in progress and the ideas along with discussions were very inspiring and thought-provoking. Thanks Kalin! I like the look of the website. I’m sending positive energy to you in this endeavor.

  7. kalin

    Thanks Joanie~
    I Loved having your input~ you are a real help!!
    You are welcome to join us again, free of charge, at the next Kabbalah class!
    Every time we look inward, we discover NEW things…because we’re always ‘regenerating’. ~: )

  8. I love the website. You have really improved on it a lot since I was last here. The blog is now easy to get to and I can read it and see what is on your mind that teaches all of us something, i think even you when you are finished writing it. Great job Kalin…. Love our time together, altho usually too short.

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