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Awaken to your energy type

Each of the 9 Enneagram types has a native energy that runs personality. Each of the nine natives have an innate energy signature that morphs as one is put into stress or abides in ease. This triangulation allows for flexibility on a daily basis, and can be modified once the native becomes more self-aware and awakened. The purpose of these methods of “Integrated Spiritual Practices” allow you to observe yourself in various situations, to reflect and upon introspective work, come to a greater understanding of your self.
This work requires you be honest with your self. In order to begin perceiving a new reality with new eyes, you must commit to opening your eyes to the possibility of a new perception. “There is more in heaven and earth, dear Yorrick, than is dreamed of…”
Many metaphysical truths are hidden among these teachings. It is up to you to ask, seek and find. In order to know what to ask, you must become aware of who you are that is doing the asking. Then, once you have a grasp of the question, you can begin your adventure, to seek out the truth of yourself, your environment, the larger universal matrix of reality and how to navigate it.
My soon-to-be-published book, “AWAKENING” is the primer in a series of a compendium of hidden wisdom from around the world that can help you to open your eyes and see the world from a new perspective that you may never have known existed!
All Enneagram types can evolve into the higher versions of their typical energy frequency. When you discover where you ‘are’ in the vibrational paradigm, you can take steps toward evolving into your Higher Self through alignment with one’s Source.
All religious and spiritual paths can be followed in doing this “Great Work” of personal growth and evolution. The Enneagram and the Kabbalah are ancient wisdom traditions that pre-date the great religious factions. In fact, the Kabbalah is the primary text that influences Islam, Judiasm and Christian holy books of wisdom. We are more alike than we may know! To learn this is to promote understanding between all people and promote peace on Earth.
Our planet really needs lots of us to do this energy work in order to evolve toward the light of Wisdom. If we can reach a tipping point of light holders, we will be able to influence the trajectory of our collective evolution! This is important work. I hope you will soon join my on the journey of a lifetime~ Namaste’

Posted May 4th, 2017.

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Question Everything


WHAT IF…..everything you were taught to believe was wrong? What if the parameters society put on you just shut down your innate goodness and creativity? What would you do if you discovered that the aspirations you lived for were, in fact, only directions from a hidden force that’s main premise was to keep you down, as a consumer with predictable behaviors, who was manipulated in just the right way to get known reactions out of you? What if you are already participating in this program without knowing about it?
You are a bit curious, aren’t you? If you’re not now, you will be shortly.
Social engineering was something people whispered about in the early 1960’s but was kept quiet except behind closed doors. Just as ‘plastics’ and micro-technology hit the world in a big way, so began the subconscious programming of the population. Most people trusted their government, the EPA, the World Health Organization and other institutions to take care of them with their oversight and protections. But somewhere along the way, corporate interests insidiously crept into the power scheme and began to reframe reality in ways that have gone unnoticed.
We are living in a world where corporations have more authority and power than any one corporate leader or a cabal of leaders. The power grab is going on today. The faceless giants are ruling our way of life, mandating eternal war for profit and polluting our environment with no regard for the future.
What will it take for humanity to wake up? What will it take for you to wake up?
# This is a daring and controversial call to action for those of us with high ideals, clean consciences, and internal grief for the sorry state of things today. If you feel that the world has been hijacked, if you are frustrated that you can’t seem to get ahead in life, if you are worried about the future, you are not alone. But don’t give in to fear.
Understanding the need for an awakened humanity is the first step. Learning that there is a timeless, Universal path of healing our many wounds that will help to solve the big-picture problems is the next step. Being ready to dedicate yourself to accomplish ‘The Great Work’ is the last step.
We all believe we are ‘good people’ but sadly we can be manipulated by mass media and confused by the way truth is being distorted. The secret is, that we must become firm and resolute in our discernment. We must perceive truth, without personal bias. We must be willing to hold the light of insight for others who are floundering in the darkness that their eyes are slowly adjusting to as the ‘way things are’.
In order to prepare ourselves to hold light with a firm, resolute determination we need to look within and rediscover our true nature as sons and daughters of the One.
Even as there are many spiritual paths, they ultimately lead to the One Source, because there is only one Source. It may not have the name you are familiar with, but don’t be hasty to discard this knowledge! The One Source of the Universe functions as an intelligent vibrational force of unity, coalescence and Good Orderly Direction. This Source is part of every thing. Every thing. That includes all that is manifest in physical form and that which exists on the level of thought.
All manifest things come from thought, before that, comes inspiration, before that impulse. And before that, the spark of Creative force which is vibration.
Science is catching up with what religious masters have long held as a Universal truth; that everything is vibration. Now there is a way to align your self, even to the cellular level, with this original Source of Creation. But before we can get there, there are a few steps of preparation to work through.
The “Great Work” is that of Knowing Oneself. That sounds quite simple, but in reality, it is very deep. It includes many practices and occurs over time…but there is a step-by-step process that can help you speed up this process without missing any important pieces.
The Kabbalah, also known as the “Tree of Life” is a very ancient, pre-Judiac, pre-Mulsim, pre-Christian teaching that is also the core wisdom of all three of these Western religious paths. By studying the wisdom of the Kabbalah, we can come to a greater understanding, not only of our selves, but of others…because the Kabbalah is the blueprint for the design of mankind.
The Kabbalah explains the story of Creation with a Big Bang. It also informs us of the way life becomes manifest, ideas become manifest and the way in which we can find our way back to Source. It is a set of psychological pathways, Universal energies, and relationships that explain human nature as well as our Higher Human nature.
This mysterious glyph is worth meditating upon and can be explored in a step-by-step manner. The added dimension comes in when you see the 9 personality types of the Enneagram laid upon the Spheres of the Tree of Life. This layout explains the nature of our human condition and the energies that ‘run’ our personality type.
In order to master the energies that automatically ‘run’ us, we must spend some time investigating what these energies are and how they work. By doing this we can find our spiritual center, align with higher energies of our Creative Source and raise our own vibrations so that we might be able to walk on a higher vibratory path, nearer to and aligned with the will of our Divine Creator.
These Spheres of personality and paths are Archetypal energies. That means that anyone in the world will inherently understand the energy, even if it goes by another name in their culture. The Fool, Justice, Strength, The World, are a few of the Archetypal names of these paths. They are also found in the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot.
This system, Integrated Spiritual Practices, combines many esoteric systems to guide you toward knowing more fully who you are, what your inherent gifts and challenges are, and how to view them with compassion. It also shows you how to grow spiritually, in any religious background or none at all, so that you can vibrate on a higher level to become the best you can be. When we function at this high level, we cannot be swayed by forces of darkness or confusion, because our core self is aligned with the eternal and holy will.
As we are all sons and daughters of the Divine, there is no need for a mediator of any kind, although some people discover that they can communicate more clearly with their angels and other holy spirits when they do this spiritual work. The goal is to recognize the holiness within each of us and to align that with our higher self, the spark of our Divine Creator.
One of the supreme conceits is that God cares about us personally and loves only us and no others. This is based on the egotism that can be easily manipulated by social and cultural conditioning. Think about it. Be honest with yourself. If God loves me and not any other culture, or other cultural or spiritual practices, how does that make my ego feel? Special, right?
Every religious tradition has it’s own way of separating themselves from others but the truth is that we, as humanity, are created equally of the same star dust and have equal access to our Divine Source. If you can be totally honest with yourself you will feel this contradiction deep in your gut when you claim your own special worthiness that rejects others.
The path toward self-revelation requires courage to be honest with yourself, to observe how your ego operates and to embrace with compassion your neediness and struggling to be included as redeemed or holy. You already are holy. The gift of doing this esoteric introspection is that you will discover it first hand. Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad are all avatars of Divine Will. They each said that ‘As I do, so shall ye do also.” They wanted all people to be able to claim their inherent divinity and align with the Holy Will of their Source. It was others who made claims that were used to control the masses.
#Those ideas may be hard for you to consider, but I invite you to consider them deeply before reading on. Always test what you hear, what you see and what you feel for its authenticity and truth that resonates in your soul. Question everything. It’s the only way to discover your path through the jungle in which we live. Hold fast to the concepts that you are holy and have an indwelling spark of the Divine living in you.
As a child of the living Source, you have power to achieve great things in this world. It is up to you to develop your human potential, your integrity, your sense of justice, reverence, joy and mirth and to learn in order to serve others, not be self-invested.
Come, check out this program and see how you fit into the larger scheme of life.
You will be challenged and pleased at the ease that begins to flow into your world as you do. Namaste’ – The spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you.

Posted May 2nd, 2017.

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CRYSTAL ENERGETICS; Energetic Correspondences by Chakra and Vibrational uses.

HERBAL ENERGETICS; Correspondences for Herbs for Health & Vibrational uses.

VISION BOARDS; Create a collage for personal goal setting with EFT affirmation programming!

TAROT FOR YOURSELF; Jungian based Archetypes, Enneagram & Briggs-Meyer personality systems. Create cards for personal meditation and oracle use.

CREATE SACRED SPACE; Materials included may be altar cloths, candles, mirrors, symbols, stones, scents, feathers, keepsakes, photos, etc.

MEETING YOUR MUSE; Experiential meditative process art class. Take home your inspired art!

CREATE YOUR OWN RUNESTONES; Materials, Methods and Explanations for use of stones.

Contact; Kalin@KalinArtAndSpirit.com for more information #DenverArea classes ongoing now!

Posted March 5th, 2017.

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“The Artist’s Way”

Are you wishing to be more creative and free with your expression?
Come join our ongoing book study of “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron
ISBN 0-87477-694-5 $14.95 new, but available used for $10.

Meet us Saturday, January 14 at 10am in old town Arvada, CO
for an organizational meeting. Following dates/meeting location will be
announced on “Denver Integrated Spiritual Practices” MeetUP group at
MeetUP.com$5 donation to cover MeetUP administrative costs.



Posted January 3rd, 2017.

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New Moon in Capricorn


Capricorn is the sea-goat, a mythical creature of pilgrimage, who charges us, “Together let us seek the heights and depths of our true selves.”
The goat is as feisty as Aries but with a subtlty of the sacrificial Picean fish, so it creates a seeker who wishes to create new traditions that serve ALL THE PEOPLE. Outwardly, they may appear rigid and inflexible, but inside, the sea-goat wishes to stretch all the bounds, restrictions and rules. Ahh, such conflict; will it drive or stall out?

Tearing down and rebuilding paradigms and creating new systems for things to last over time- These are the callings of the Capricorn energy. Now is the perfect time to brainstorm new ideas, create new groups that will work for Empowerment of the self as well as for action toward Social Justice and Liberties!

David Bowie, an icon and figure of his own making, and remaking – was born and died under this constellation. He pushed society into places they were uncomfortable considering until these barriers broke down and allowed more freedom and outward expression to become mainstream.

And, as Martin Luther King, Jr, another Capricorn, encouraged us a generation ago – lets build a dream of a free and equal society together. Today our challenge is for equal pay for equal work, healthcare for all, maternal leave, protection from corporate slavery and equity of wages. If we have integrity, we will elect representatives who work to better society without regard to their own ego or pressure from lobby groups. The only person that truly fits this bill is a man of remarkable integrity and a long history of doing the best things for his constituents; Bernie Sanders. May we find and elect only those truly called to PUBLIC SERVICE to work for us as ‘We the People. Onward!

Posted January 18th, 2016.

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Nurture Self & Others at the Autumnal Equinox


The Full Moon in Pisces represents the balance between the emotional desire to be of service, giving of the Spiritual Self to the community at large, while the Sun lies in the realm of Virgo, the Great Mother, who gives practical nurturance to the body and cares for material needs to those close to her who petition her by name.

The Archetypes of Mother Mary and her son, Jesus, are invoked at this Full ‘Harvest’ moon.

Farmers used this extra bonus of late night light to gather in the last of the growing crops in order to prepare for upcoming Harvest festivals that predated Thanksgiving feasts. Many cultures have similar in-gathering ceremonies at this time.

Pisces represents Spiritual giving, as demonstrated in the miracle of the loaves and fishes, to all, regardless of age, sex, class or need. Virgo represents the Virgin Self, which pulls close to heal the body in quiet solitary places away from crowds and noise. Virgo calls us to put emphasis on bodily health, cleanliness, stocking up for the winter and safety. It is a good time to do a body cleanse; to rid the body of toxins through fasting and detox diets in order to boost immune systems for the colder season. Of course, be practical, and check with your Doctor before starting any health regimen.

It is a time for clean starts, new projects of long-term endeavors – especially social ones. It’s a good time to make new friends, order books and supplies, restock pantries and join groups that will keep your interest year round.

We are to be busy as bees collecting the last vestiges of pollen for the honey that will sustain us over the winter months. We are also urged to give away, as Native First Nation peoples did at this time through the Potlatch ceremony, in order that the tribe continue to flourish during times of hardship.

It would be a great time to go through your wardrobe and donate that which you haven’t used lately and clean up the garden for winter. Remember to weed, prune and mulch after the Full moon’s social activities are over.

Namaste’ busy beeeeees. 😉 ~K

Posted September 19th, 2013.

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Opening Chakras to Divine Flow

Open your channels of Divine flow by feeling the energies of Earth running up from the soles of your feet into your chakra points.
With each inward breath, clear all blocks along your spine, as the energy moves up, and fills your body, until it spills up and out through the crown of your head to connect with Universal good.
Spend some time each day meditating this way for Spiritual strength.
After receiving guidance and peace, gently allow this energy to recede back toward your heart, where you can store energy for later use.
Gently, allow all of your chakras to partially close and shield your outer aura, by imagining and feeling the warmth of unseen light surrounding you with its loving energy.

This picture is from rakshitanath.blogspot.com
Read more chakra details there~: )

Posted April 23rd, 2013.

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Tsunami waves

Water like this terrifies me!
I get an actual physical impact in my body from powerful images like this one. Don’t you?!
I don’t remember ever being afraid while swimming, but have always honored,
and never turned my back on the ocean.

It’s an archetypal image, that of a flood. It is impressed into our collective consciousness as something we must revere, if not outright fear. It’s great vastness has potential for huge impact, sometimes quite calming and other times wildly out of control.
After several recurring flood dreams I realized that tsunamis, floods and dark water represent an overload of emotion to me and that something in my life has been overwhelming me unconsciously.

Now, after surviving *most* of my flood dreams, I can *stop* in the middle of them and acknowledge “this is a dream”. Then I can take control of the action!
That way I can be the star in my own movie and come out Empowered.
Try it, next time you face a fearful dream. Stand up to your fear, name it.
You will see it shrink and become far more manageable. You will find ways to out maneuver your fears and outwit them. btw, battling your fears and winning! – It feels great!
Good luck grasshoppers! 😉 Namaste’

Transform your SubConscious Fear by making it Conscious @KB

-photo courtesy of Barry Blanchard G+

Posted April 13th, 2013.

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Temper Aries Impulsive New Moon with Resolve

I impulsively ran outside into the brisk air in my pyjamas the other morning, frosty dew on my bare feet and spun in circles- arms flung wide- welcoming Spring and her maiden energy into my life again! It was the influence of the Ram…#AriesMadeMeDoIt
It’s always easy to meet the maiden…shy as she may be…timidly peeking in through a sunny window one day, running away with a fresh carpet of snow over the spring blooms the next.
(It sure seems like she needs the encouragement this year tho!)
So help me out here…
Greet her warmly as a nymph or Lolita that she is. She only wants to laugh and play…her teasing is only meant in fun, not to be taken for falsehood. She will be staying around longer and longer soon enough! You’ll know she is sincere in her attempts to spread joy to all sentient beings when your body warms under her delicate light in the coming months~

As the New Moon slid into Aries in the wee hours of Monday, 4/8/13, it invited us to begin again. Luck was with us as a new awareness woke us up to the sanctity and magic of life Monday, when energy coursing through the Universe tapped us on the shoulder and whispered gently into our ears. “Wake up!” All new ventures in life will be honored over the next few days! Mars rulership of the sign of Aries the Ram, holds the energy of Powerful New Beginnings…as if a page has turned and we are offered a clean slate!

The New Moon becomes exact at 2:35am Wednesday 4/10/13 which makes it time for new ideas, new perspectives, new personnaes to emerge~ the freshness of beginnings, though, is mixed with the presence of asteroid Eris, the trickster, so move only with deliberate clarity…”make haste slowly” is the key phrase for intentions set now! The energy is HUGE but we must act with care, as it needs to be stepped-down. Our awareness is all we have as a transformer. Walk with deliberate intent, firmly yet gently, upon the Earth.

Mars aggressive energy will be met by the moon at 6am, urging us to jump out of bed early…as Rumi says;
“Wake UP! The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you,
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open…
Don’t go back to sleep!”
Bzzz bzz bzzzzzz

So prepare yourself to rise early and greet the sun Wednesday morning; get in an early work-out and prepare as if for a date…because at 9:25am, we welcome the Moon’s morning matchup with Venus! It may be a perfect time for an early morning rendezvous; a cuppa joe with a stranger who smiles knowingly from across the room. Moon/Venus energy is good for intimacy and luxuriating in all the creature comforts of life! Pamper yourself, enjoy the small things that please you~ especially as the Moon moves into Venus’ quarters of Taurus, Wednesday night. Satin sheets anyone? 😉

Enjoy the ease of this energies’ hangover Thursday, because we will be preparing for breakdowns and breakthroughs by Friday the 12th, as Pluto turns retrograde.
I think of Pluto as the tiny guy who comes up to bat and surprises us all with an out-of-the-park bases loaded, home run! He’s stronger than he looks and gains serious respect for his condensed transformational energies.
Not to be afraid, tho, this type of energy allows us to break-through old, even ancestral energies that have held sway over our highest good for too long. Our perspectives are easier to change as we watch the lil’ slugger jog around the bases allowing for 4 runs! We are allowed to step into an updated version of our Best Selves with Pluto’s slow backward movement. We’ll have time to reconsider what needs to be changed, and how, over the next few months.

New Moon summary: Be Deliberate and Steady. Set Firm intentions and act in a deliberate, laser-like way, focused on Positive New Beginnings. Don’t allow impulsive energies to go too far…even though you may be tempted to act rashly! Stay within boundaries you feel are safe and do all you can to honor the needs of your Higher Self right now. Namaste’ seekers

Posted April 9th, 2013.

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Loosen your Heart

I will not die an unlived life.
I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid,
more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a
wing, a torch, a promise.
I chose to risk my significance;
to live so that which comes to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me
as blossom, goes on as fruit. ~Dawn Markova

Posted April 5th, 2013.

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