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Happy Dance

I attended a Womens Spirituality conference yesterday that really recharged my batteries!
The highlight dance portion was led by a fantastic presentor, a friend of mine named Valerie, who tells it like it is in a way like no other. Shes the shortest yet most vibrant person I know, and Im always supercharged to be around her! She can fill a large room with her effervescent presence and certainly did so yesterday~ Her craft is combining the love of dance with spirit. She is truly the embodiment of Heart and Soul and I know she would be happy to be compared to a sprite. Thanks Val!~She started the exercise by quoting Nietzsche:
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
She told us to feel the music move through our bodies, either with closed eyes or at least looking at the ceiling and dancing like no one was watching. We were on our honor not to peek at the other people in the room, just have our own physical experience- and shake it out! Shout it out! and express ourselves through movement. ~Wow! It’s so great to be allowed the freedom to play~We first danced out our emotions to the worst scenerio we’d had~ bad interpersonal dynamics, gone physical. There were lots of angry sounds heard over the music, grunts, heavy sighs, groans, and forceful exhalations. As for myself, there was lots of punching and clawing going on. Eventually, after lots of stomping and stabbing motions I started to shrivel and cry. Wow~ it was more powerful than I expected it to be!
The point of the exercise was to become aware of where in our bodies we hold negative energy. I could definitely feel mine- and did lots of deep breathing to release it…visualizing the pain as a sensation/color leaving my body. We grounded ourselves by feeling rooted like a tree, branches to the sky and did a chant together.The next dance was our ‘happy dance’, where we danced to experience JOY! This was powerful too, but a lot more fun, of course. There was spinning, twisting, arms reaching gracefully to the sky, happy stepping and turning….and then a pause to feel the happiness located IN our bodies. I could feel this really well too. Then as we slowed our movements down, we continued to dialogue with the feeling in our bodies and each found personal ways to hold that energy, by using a small ‘trigger‘ movement which represented to us, that feeling of joy. Mine is a simple grasping hand motion- its small enough to not be noticed by other people. I can do this anytime I’m stressed to remember that happy feeling, bring my consciousness back to it, and return the positive emotion back into my body, by using this ‘trigger‘. Ive tried it and it really helps bring me back to center. It reminds me that I am bigger than any emotion, and have the power to watch them as they ‘roll on by’… as Cat Stevens would say, “Love is better than a song. And love is where we all belong.” Centered in Love.

Our experiences in life are always affected by our perception. If we are aware that our spirit, our inner core, our soul, is eternal and our emotions and experiences are fleeting, then we can retain the power to chose our perception of every experience- and never fall victim to them! It doesn’t mean that we deny pain, frustration or fear…we just decide to view them from a detached vantage point- as a non-judgmental observer, to try to discover the lessons they hold. Intellectualizing strong emotion is a skill anyone can develop. It is very empowering.

Triggers can help make the transition from the mind to the body! Then we can return to the status-quo of a calm and settled vibration. A safe place from which to make wiser decisions and a healthier place to live: Sit in experience. Acknowledge it with your mind, but let it leave your cells. Negativity causes physical harm to our bodies as well as spirits.

~I highly recommend doing this dance exercise. Forget that you ‘don’t know how to dance’ or feel foolish. Find a time and place you can be alone. Put on your favorite music, the kind that lifts your spirit and start moving however you want. Discover where your joy resides in your body. Hold it. Appreciate it. See if you can build it up using your attention and intention. Then make it smaller and create a tiny movement that can become your ‘happy trigger’. It will be your secret tool to use as you see fit to keep your feet on a path of joy.

May you each be Spirit Scouts toward happiness everyday,
and may you find your happy Triggers and happy trails!
Namaste’ pardners 😉

originally published March 11, 2012

Posted August 20th, 2012.

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on Love

Love. It’s a powerful word, and is interpreted in so many ways.
Today is Valentines Day~
If you’re aware of it, Love is affecting you, in one way or another….
You can express it and share it, or you can scoff at it and deny it. It’s your choice.
Many people are afraid to love. I find this sad.
They’ve been hurt in the past by not receiving the love they wanted or needed in the past. Sometimes they actually HAVE been loved, but have not perceived it as being enough.
So they have set up walls around their vulnerabilities in order to survive and feel safe.
This is sad, but not hopeless.
They think that by being callous or sarcastic they can protect themselves and survive without being hurt again. I’m sorry, folks, but life is change and full of unavoidable hurt.
Putting on emotional armor closes down the natural energy that flows through everyone’s body at birth. This is literally Unhealthy. The mind/body cannot thrive without the flow of Love coursing through ones Soul. The energy stays stuck at the root chakra and keeps people from opening up to the amazing experiences of living fully. To really live fully, you have to take risks! Especially with your heart.
You have to be a Warrior for Love in order to Live well.
Just think, if Everyone’s goal were be to live life to the fullest, and to come to the end, full of bumps, bruises, scratches and scars….without regret for any of the experience,
how much Humanity at large would progress!
Our souls are eternal, and will come back for another body, another chance to experience everything – in order to become filled with the blissful essence of wisdom. Every experience, even the hurtful ones, are for the growth and development of our Character, and our Soul!
So come on-  Give It Up- Take a chance on Love today!
Look at infants. They wail and scream because they are disoriented and uncomfortable.
But given loving attention, the cries stop, the coos begin, and smiles appear. It’s that easy! Well, it make take awhile…because some natural temperaments are ‘easier’ to soothe than others, but eventually, babies get the message that they are safe, and it is okay to feel comfortable in their new bodies.
A child that is loved has tremendous energy that flows naturally through the lower chakras of security, relation, and self-esteem. Look at how they play so happily & easily.
As that child grows, if they are encouraged to become themselves, they grow into their heart chakra and are able to freely express their love. As we mature, we learn to give our creativity space to move through our throat chakra.
This is the Sacred Work of Parenting.
Once we are on our own, we typically come to a place of knowing that there’s something MORE to life; whether during that disgruntled teenage period, young adult or midlife point, we start to sense that there is MORE than the mundane, physical life.
We must Seek it out! We can learn to connect with our Spirit and the Godhead within each of us!
We Can Become BORN AGAIN! ~by discovering our Spiritual Self and learning to Love the World and Everything in it! When this happens, Everything changes for the Better: we can live in Love’s flow!
When we feel safe, that we belong, that we are a valuable asset to our family and community, when we are allowed, by our Self and society, to express our uniqueness we CAN find Heaven on Earth, by connecting with our loving Spiritual Selves.
This is the motivation of LOVE that exists in each one of us!
Believe me. It’s in there. All we have to do is look with open eyes and awareness!
We need to come to an understanding that we ARE Love at our soul essence.
Each soul is a part of Universal energy and we are all connected
beyond the boundaries of our bodies, by love! <3
We are drops in the ocean of all-that-is…so when one is hurt, we all hurt, though we may not be consciously aware of it. When one of us grows, we all grow.
When we suppress Love, we cause harm, to ourselves, and others.
When allowed to flow, Love creates beauty and hope in the world~
We need to come to the realization that The Greatest Love of All is within ourselves.
This is one of the most important reasons we exist in this schoolhouse called Life.
To Learn this Lesson: Love is all around us– it IS us. It is the driving force of the Universe. It is the energy that makes us come alive, be creative, feel deeply.
Many people are living without this understanding. It can be helped. Whatever amount of Love you have in your heart – share it with others.
Give it to your Self in ways that pamper you and make you feel happy.
Give it to those you know and see everyday. Then start sharing it with strangers,
by doing small acts of kindness whenever you get a chance.
The WORLD needs our love. What you want, you must share. This is a Universal law:
Share a little, receive a little. Share a lot, receive even more than you put out!
~!Even a tiny spark of love can set off a wildfire of positivity all around you!~
Be brave.    Love.    ~and open your Self up to receive the love you are given!
You will Be Amazed!!
“The Love you take is equal to the Love you make” – John Lennon
originally posted February 14, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Partnerships & Friendships

So the Universe is giving me a message loud and clear this morning.
You are on your own, girl. Show me whatcha got!”

Lesson: There is nobody else that is on the path I walk. People who I thought were my partners, spouse and friends all have their own agendas. The things I feel are most important pale in comparison to their own goals- even when I believed we were working toward the same things.
Universe says, “If there’s something you know you must do; get started. Do it. Pursue it. Follow your heart and keep listening to your Spirit to guide you.”

I am a person who wants to blend and merge with others…Enneagram subtype is called 1:1, aka the Lover. I am a lover of people. I want to become partners with others in order to support each other and get more accomplished than one can do alone. Ive experienced the joy of synchronicity and friendship in the past. It blisses me out more than words can express. And yet,
I know I can’t depend on other people to make me happy….even when helping other people is what I am here on Earth to do. It’s quite a conundrum. :/ *sigh*

This loving kindness that spills from my soul, Ive found lately, drives some people away.
A friend said to me, ” You Love too much. You need to be less enthusiastic in your loving.”
I shake my head – feeling a bit discouraged.
Im only following what a great teacher is said to have told his followers, “Love one another”-
Kahlil Gibhran says, “Love one another, but make not a bond of love- the cypress and the oak grow not in each other’s shadow”
I get this.
What I dont understand is why people, who say they are committed to me via marriage or friendship, stand on the sidelines cheering for me – but wont ‘go long’ to catch the football I pass them.

Reciprocation. Is it too much to ask?
When Ive asked for help, no one shows up.
So Ive taken this mantra,~
It looks like nobody loves me, it’s okay, I love myself. I think Im pretty damned great!
Actually, I KNOW Im pretty damned great…and wonder why others dont want a piece of that.
I would gladly share anything I am, have or know.

My goals are pretty clear to me. So today I take my first steps solo.
My dream is that others will notice Ive begun, and possibly, follow-
come up behind me, and ask to join me. The answer, of course,would be YES.
It’s not that I NEED them to succeed in fulfilling my goals…its just that the journey would be made that much sweeter if they were along for the ride. <3
It’s a long, winding road ahead of those of us who walk our paths alone.
I wish us all Courage and the Best of Luck!

“Everyone walks alone – but along the way, we secretly hope to find the oasis of friendship, to feed us and quench our thirst.” – GenieDjinn

February 6, 2012 original post

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Your Daily Best

I may have blogged about this before, but it is worth repeating.

“Each day I will do my Daily Best“.
Daily Best means that whatever challenges we face, we give them a good effort,
doing what we perceive that to be…but it doesn’t mean giving everything a superhuman effort!
It’s especially important to give yourself a break from expectations of perfection while
you are under the weather or under pressure from looming deadlines.

To know you’ve done what needs to be done, in good conscience,
even if it is just a small effort- is the highest of daily aspirations
and all anyone expects of us.

To be able to close your eyes at night and release all tension from your mind~
to be confident in your actions, knowing you didn’t intentionally harm anyone,
and to know that the world was made better by your efforts,
brings a calm and deep relaxation to the mind.

Which is the best gift we can give ourselves.

originally posted January 23, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight the moon becomes full in the constellation of Cancer.
The moon is *exalted* or most comfortable in the watery abode of Cancer, the Crab…where its emotionality and fluidity are most easily expressed; so don’t be surprised if you have felt overly sensitive in the days prior and after a Cancer moon, which happens 9 to 10 times a year-
and especially the Cancer Full Moon!

The Cancer Full Moon contains the frequencies of the Great Mother; nurturance, sustanance, protection, caring and love. Tonight is a good time to meditate on the fullness and abundance of the Mother aspect of G*d. How does the Universe provide for you? How do you nurture yourself?
Can you do your domestic chores with love in your heart for yourself and the way you take care of your own needs? Do you allow yourself to indulge in self pampering and rewards for work well done, or do you shun all forms of hedonism? Or, on the other hand do you go overboard on the hedonism aspect of self-indulgence or self-serving behavior? It’s important to reach a balance.

Did you know that the Sun is always in opposition to the Full moon? It makes sense, if you think about it, astronomically. The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn tonight. Capricorn energies include the Great Father, the provider, protector and defender. Capricorn, the sea-goat, is an archetype of the Great Search, as the sea-goat plumbs the depths as well as scales the heights, of our subconscious terrain. Capricorn has to do with traditional ways of doing things, institutions and paternity. The song, “That’s Just the Way it Is” comes to mind. It’s time to tear down the walls of traditions that no longer serve the interests of the people they were designed to serve! Can we open our hearts and minds to creating new ways of thinking about education, banking, insurance, health care and marriage? Creating a new paradigm that serves all of mankind is the Great work of our time!

Capricorn begs us to ask ourselves, How do we face our deepest fears? Do we contain the Courage to Continue when all looks dark? Do we feel the Loving presence of the Divine behind us in all our endeavors? What does our inner Self feel protected by? Do we wear masks or does our light shine forth from within?

The combination of the energies of the Great Mother meeting the Great Father reminds me of a powerful work I did in 1989.  I found a book called, “Reparenting Yourself“. I think very few of us believe that we had/have ideal parents. I always felt like I had another ‘real’ parent who dropped me off on the doorstep of a pair of very young, inexperienced people, neither of which were ready to become my parents. My mother didnt need to tell me, but she did, that I was more mature than she was, [when I was in grade school] and that she would never grow up! A tinkerbell, if there ever was one!

The basics of Reparenting is to use your imagination to develop a character, in all her fullness, of the mother you wish you would have had. You can use magazine images, feelings, sensations, and all of your senses, to create this ideal parent.
Then you are to dialogue with her. Tell her all of your worries, cares, concerns, wishes and regrets. Tell her what you really NEEDED as a child and young adult. Feel her embrace you with everything you have ever wanted from a mother, a mentor and a Goddess.
Imagine the life you would be leading today if she were there for you now ~ then go LIVE IT that way!   <3

Do the same thing for your ideal Father. What would he have looked like? Sounded like? What advice would he have given you? What financial, emotional and physical support would he have lent you?
Dialogue with the ideal Father, the holy Father, the God. Tell him what you expected of him as a child, what you wish for today and what archetypal energies of his, you want to live on, in you, as his legacy……and then~
go LIVE that way! <3

Tonight, stand under the light of the Full Moon.
Fill yourself with the balanced energies of the Great Mother and Father.
Feel their embrace around you. Feel them living within you!
And become the ideal you wish to be!
Walk in beauty. Walk in truth. Walk in Love!

January 8, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Fall in Love with Yor Self

“Another person will never be enough to make you feel truly satisfied.
That kind of completion can only be found through love of Self.
Of course, the union between two people who love unconditionally
is the highest form of (Love) sexual expression.”  Wendy Strgar – GoodCleanLove

My To-Do List:
1. Know Thyself
2. Courageously face your Demons
3. Come out Empowered
4. Fall in Love with Yourself
5. Fall in Love with Life
6. Fall in Love with Others
7. Create Great Changes in the World that Benefit Everyone

yeah, its not much~
I’d like to say I’m spending most of my time on #7,
but this is a cyclical list that keeps revolving.

original post September 5, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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The 4 Agreements; book review

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz ISBN I-878424-31-9
The Four Agreements Companion Book ISBN I-878-424-48-3
This short, easy to read book, and its sequel, both come highly recommended. They are available as 200 page paperbacks and should be accessible at your public library. As easy as they are to read, they may be more difficult, yet are imperative to incorporate into your life!
These four basic rules are purported to have come down through oral tradition of the author as basic tenants of Meso-American civilization. They are each golden as rules.

I recommend you work on them as daily exercises for one month, as it’s been proven that it takes 30 days to establish a new habit upon one’s subconscious.
As an exercise; repeat the words quietly to yourself, as frequently as you can, while establishing an ‘anchor’.
An anchor is a physical reminder that stays with one’s subconscious and reminds it to *pay attention* to what your conscious mind is saying/doing. Ie. by turning a ring around your finger or pressing your fingertips together, you can establish an anchor.
Then, while closing your eyes and breathing slowly imagine what this means to you and how you might apply it to your life. This will incorporate the principles into your subconscious throughout the day. After 30 days of effort these new habits will be established.

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word; speak with integrity, say only what you mean. Avoid using words to speak against yourself or others. Direct your words toward truth and love.
I would add, try using only positive words to describe things, give more compliments and try to keep your thoughts and words focused in the present moment. Learn to stop teasing and gossiping. Have the courage to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said.

Air = thoughts, inspirations, words and dialogue.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally; nothing others do is because of you! What others do and say is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.
This one can be the most difficult because we naturally tend to be egocentric beings. If you can step out of this perspective and try to maintain one that is larger, and all-encompassing, you will be able to side-step many pitfalls.

Fire = passion, intention, and actions.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions; find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can, to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.  With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life!
Connecting daily with your heart center then connecting to others through it, allows only your best, most sincere feelings to come through. Displeasure or correction can come from this place of love, and will be more easily accepted by others.

Water = emotions and feelings, heartfelt communication.

4. Always Do Your Best; your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret.
Holding personal integrity in your place of ‘power with’, rather than ‘power over’, will allow you to be the most effective you can be in your life. Putting your efforts toward your ‘daily best’ frees you from the chains of holding yourself to unrealistically high achievement standards. It allows you to be gentle with your Self. By finding compassion within, you will discover that it will be second nature to relate to others with that same compassion. Love starts within one’s Self.

Earth = our physical reality manifest by our thoughts.

Integrity; sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty and sincerity. IMO one must prove personal integrity by communicating it via thoughts, intent, words and deeds.
It will be noticed!

originally published July 17, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Respect Your Self

In his book, “Be Yourself, everybody else is already taken”
(yes I read books like these 😉 there’s always something to be reminded of…

Mike Robbins has a few quality tips on Self Love;
*Honor & Respect yourself and expect the same in return.
*Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and forgive others.
*Appreciate growth.
*Take care of yourself.
*Speak positively about yourself.
*Accept compliments graciously.
*Celebrate your success.
…..in order to Honor Yourself he lists 10 points;
1. Take care of your needs first, others next.
2. Say ‘no’ when you need to.
3. Ask specifically for what you want.
4. Stand up for what’s important to you.
5. Speak about yourself positively.
6. Rest  ~which reminds me of the acronym;

HALT; Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
7. Trust Yourself.
8. Request and accept Help from others.
9. Do things you enjoy every day!!
10. Listen to your gut (intuition)
11. Accept compliments graciously.
12. Accept love when it is offered.~

Self Love defeats suffering~ striving~ worry~ and all fears.

When we can stay in our POWER, stay reminded of the glorious creatures that we are, without being swayed by everyday worries or pressures, we can live from a place of power- and peace. Namaste’

originally published July 15, 2011


Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Beltaine – Sacred Marriage Within

Beltaine is the Earth holiday that occurs roughly 6 weeks after the Spring Equinox.
As the young animals have been born at Imbolc, [Feb 2], and awakened upon Oestara, [Spring Equinox], this holiday, Beltaine, [May 2] celebrates the sacred marriage of the god and the goddess. This can be considered metaphorical or symbolic, but also ties into the cycle of the seasons on Earth as well as the psyche of mankind.
A metaphysical view allows for the marriage of oneself~ which may happen at any time, but is especially appropriate to remember this weekend as the Full Moon in Scorpio [psychic depths] wanes and Chiron[the wounded healer] passes the asteroid, Astarte, [signifying passionate love].

Carl Jung pointed out that the psychological marriage of one’s soul is possible as an outward man has an inner woman, his anima, likewise, the outer woman has an inner man, her animus. It is my belief that we are each emotionally ‘bisexual’ at our core and the more enlightened we become upon reflection of our inner Self, the more we can embrace others in their own fullness. To me, transsexuals are people who have become totally honest with themselves and are expressing the side that their soul relates to, rather than the one they are physically born into. Bisexuals are open to embracing the soul of a lover, independent of their physical attributes. Reincarnation states that we are reborn many times into many bodies, of each sex, so that we may experience the fullness of humanity. There should be no shame in knowing the truth of oneself. Expression of authentic Self should be embraced by us all.

I offer this meditation in the hopes that you will meet and embrace the wholeness of your Self:
Beltaine Meditation: [You may want to record this and play it back during meditation. Be sure to include plenty of #pauses, so you can fully experience this inner journey]~
Find a time and place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.
Get comfortable and cover yourself with a blanket. Sit or lie down.

Close out all outside thoughts~ focusing your mind on an inner point between your eyes, known as the third eye chakra point, in the center of your forehead#. Relax and breathe deeply a few times, shake your hands or wiggle until you are totally comfortable and relaxed#….
Now~ imagine a beautiful secluded spot in nature, maybe it’s a wooded glade or a meadow awash in wildflowers, or a deserted cove at the ocean or lake#. Walk to a place where you can sit down on the soft grass or atop a flat boulder and feel the sun’s warming glow embrace your body#. You are safe here. This is your eden. All around you is beauty and serenity. All is calm and quiet and peaceful.#
As you look down, you notice a small pool of clear water, the pebbles clearly visible on the bottom. You may hear a trickle of water, or a call of small birds.# Feel the warm breeze stroke your face and stir your hair.# Imagine this place in as much detail as possible. Take your time and relax.# What do you notice?#
~Enjoy the sensuality of nature embracing you, her dear child.#
As you look again into the pool it has become still and you see a face in the water.# It becomes clearer and clearer. It is a reflection of your face, but now it is changing into that of the opposite sex.# See your features soften and change into the anima or animus of your soul. This is your true Soul mate. This is your Self showing the side you normally don’t see.# These eyes pierce into your own eyes and a smile forms on the lips of this reflection.# Feel the love you have for this being.# Feel the connection between you and this reflection.# Consider how your life would be different if you were born the opposite sex?# Feel the desire and pride you have for all of the lovely attributes this reflection shows you; it’s strength, it’s power, it’s beauty and grace, and feel that same desire for you returned. Spend a few moments communing with these thoughts.##
Now, name these attributes and feelings quietly to yourself. Repeating, “I AM _strong/beautiful_.” [attribute]# and repeat until your core resonates the truth of these statements.##
These are the affirmations you are making to your whole Self. As with wedding vows, tell yourself that you will remember for the rest of your waking life, the health and wholeness you feel right now<3 #
Now take your hands and dip them into the water, scooping up fresh, cool water in your cupped hands, and drink it in! You may drink until you feel satisfied.# With each sip, you take in the opposite side of your Self. # With the intake of your opposite side you have wedded your male and female parts into ONE. You are now whole.##
Know that it is okay to love yourself – or be ‘in love’ with yourself; It’s called Self Esteem and is healthy as long as you remember to also share this love with your loved ones, the circles you move in, and outward to the rest of humanity.#
Take a few more deep breaths# and feel the energy of love radiate throughout your entire body. #
Feel your heart center warming and overflowing with the energy of love.# Feel this joy and happiness that fills your being overflow from your heart center into the world. See it wrap the world in its embrace. And feel Peace#
Recognize that we are all One, made of the same material, feeling the same emotions, needing the same love and feel a part of that wholeness.# It is available to you at any time.#
Draw it down into your toes and out into the Earth.# Take a few more deep breaths and return to focus on the weight and solidity of your body. When you are ready, open your eyes.
Run your hands over your body, embracing your head, your face, your shoulders….If you feel tingly or spaced out, place your palms onto the floor and breathe to ground your energy into the Earth.#
Give thanks for this quiet, meditative time you have spent meeting and embracing your double.#

Remember that you can be strong and gentle, calm and assertive, take action and reflect, in equal abundance. You are a unified being, full of the energy of both Yin and Yang, male and female energy and as such, can more fully experience the world. Bright Blessings to You!
~Namaste! The Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in You!
~Peace and Blessings~

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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For the Glory of the Earth

This year’s Earth Day has arrived without much hoopla or hype. I wonder if people are thinking the holiday has become passe? Isn’t there enough profit to be made on the topic of ‘honoring our Mother’ or does ‘Saving the Planet’ throw people off because it is a challenge too large for the individual mind to fathom?

I see the Earth as a shaggy, wet dog…. she is shaking to rid herself of the fleas and debris she has accumulated. Surely she is a living being. How do we react? Do we scold her and fear her trembling or do we send her love and adapt our actions to her movements? I suppose it depends on your world view. Are you arrogant enough to think you are holding her leash?

I propose we each do what we can on a daily basis; recycle, reuse and reduce our carbon footprints. Buy smart by purchasing products without harmful chemicals or wasteful packaging. Decide what we really NEED and stop doing only what we want.
Then gather together wherever we can, online or in our local parks/coffee shops, to discuss solutions where problems are pointed out. A positive approach offers better vibe and encourages more cooperative thinking than being against something and using negative rhetoric to ‘beat the opposition’. I believe the Universe will attract more help to our causes when we frame our position in the affirmative.

I’ve joined many online groups in order to get input on subjects close to my heart. I sign petitions for the ACLU, PAN, and local political issues, because local action can become precedence for larger movements. I ReTweet posts to bring attention to worthy causes. I send links by email to my friends and family, but I know there is more I can do! When we add our voices together we can become more than the sum of our parts. This synchronicity is necessary if we want to accomplish bigger things.

So do your daily best. Send prayers and affirmations into the ether. Light an Earth friendly candle, sing and dance for the greater good. Do what you can to right wrongs in your local communities.
Then go seek out groups to join to add your voice to the wonderful cacophony that is raised each Spring for the wellness of the Earth. Blend your individual gifts with those of others to make our light radiate around the world…
And continue to do the great work all year ’round.
May our numbers increase and our work be bountiful. Blessed Be!

originally published April 20, 2010

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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