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Love. It’s a powerful word, and is interpreted in so many ways.
Today is Valentines Day~
If you’re aware of it, Love is affecting you, in one way or another….
You can express it and share it, or you can scoff at it and deny it. It’s your choice.
Many people are afraid to love. I find this sad.
They’ve been hurt in the past by not receiving the love they wanted or needed in the past. Sometimes they actually HAVE been loved, but have not perceived it as being enough.
So they have set up walls around their vulnerabilities in order to survive and feel safe.
This is sad, but not hopeless.
They think that by being callous or sarcastic they can protect themselves and survive without being hurt again. I’m sorry, folks, but life is change and full of unavoidable hurt.
Putting on emotional armor closes down the natural energy that flows through everyone’s body at birth. This is literally Unhealthy. The mind/body cannot thrive without the flow of Love coursing through ones Soul. The energy stays stuck at the root chakra and keeps people from opening up to the amazing experiences of living fully. To really live fully, you have to take risks! Especially with your heart.
You have to be a Warrior for Love in order to Live well.
Just think, if Everyone’s goal were be to live life to the fullest, and to come to the end, full of bumps, bruises, scratches and scars….without regret for any of the experience,
how much Humanity at large would progress!
Our souls are eternal, and will come back for another body, another chance to experience everything – in order to become filled with the blissful essence of wisdom. Every experience, even the hurtful ones, are for the growth and development of our Character, and our Soul!
So come on-  Give It Up- Take a chance on Love today!
Look at infants. They wail and scream because they are disoriented and uncomfortable.
But given loving attention, the cries stop, the coos begin, and smiles appear. It’s that easy! Well, it make take awhile…because some natural temperaments are ‘easier’ to soothe than others, but eventually, babies get the message that they are safe, and it is okay to feel comfortable in their new bodies.
A child that is loved has tremendous energy that flows naturally through the lower chakras of security, relation, and self-esteem. Look at how they play so happily & easily.
As that child grows, if they are encouraged to become themselves, they grow into their heart chakra and are able to freely express their love. As we mature, we learn to give our creativity space to move through our throat chakra.
This is the Sacred Work of Parenting.
Once we are on our own, we typically come to a place of knowing that there’s something MORE to life; whether during that disgruntled teenage period, young adult or midlife point, we start to sense that there is MORE than the mundane, physical life.
We must Seek it out! We can learn to connect with our Spirit and the Godhead within each of us!
We Can Become BORN AGAIN! ~by discovering our Spiritual Self and learning to Love the World and Everything in it! When this happens, Everything changes for the Better: we can live in Love’s flow!
When we feel safe, that we belong, that we are a valuable asset to our family and community, when we are allowed, by our Self and society, to express our uniqueness we CAN find Heaven on Earth, by connecting with our loving Spiritual Selves.
This is the motivation of LOVE that exists in each one of us!
Believe me. It’s in there. All we have to do is look with open eyes and awareness!
We need to come to an understanding that we ARE Love at our soul essence.
Each soul is a part of Universal energy and we are all connected
beyond the boundaries of our bodies, by love! <3
We are drops in the ocean of all-that-is…so when one is hurt, we all hurt, though we may not be consciously aware of it. When one of us grows, we all grow.
When we suppress Love, we cause harm, to ourselves, and others.
When allowed to flow, Love creates beauty and hope in the world~
We need to come to the realization that The Greatest Love of All is within ourselves.
This is one of the most important reasons we exist in this schoolhouse called Life.
To Learn this Lesson: Love is all around us– it IS us. It is the driving force of the Universe. It is the energy that makes us come alive, be creative, feel deeply.
Many people are living without this understanding. It can be helped. Whatever amount of Love you have in your heart – share it with others.
Give it to your Self in ways that pamper you and make you feel happy.
Give it to those you know and see everyday. Then start sharing it with strangers,
by doing small acts of kindness whenever you get a chance.
The WORLD needs our love. What you want, you must share. This is a Universal law:
Share a little, receive a little. Share a lot, receive even more than you put out!
~!Even a tiny spark of love can set off a wildfire of positivity all around you!~
Be brave.    Love.    ~and open your Self up to receive the love you are given!
You will Be Amazed!!
“The Love you take is equal to the Love you make” – John Lennon
originally posted February 14, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Seasonal Detox Time

It seems lots of people are getting sick right now. Either the flu has come early or people are responding to the typical stressers which arrive at the changing of the seasons. My guess is the latter.

Especially at the Fall and Spring Equinox times, people’s bodies naturally start to fend off the changes in temperature, new pollens in the air and the changing of daylight hours. These stressers can cause the body to react by showing symptoms of illness, in order to purge the body of accumulated toxins.
So… the best thing to do this weekend is a detox plan.
Disclaimer: The information is intended to educate, inform, amuse, and inspire you on your personal journey towards optimal health. It is clearly not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is definitely not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are under the care of any health professional, discuss modifications in your diet, lifestyle, exercise program, nutrition and never discontinue or reduce prescription medications without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.
A day or two of detox is a great plan which helps ease you into the next season. Continuing the basics of this plan into your normal routine is something to aspire to.
My plan is to stop taking anything harsh into my body; no cigs, no alcohol, no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no white flour- AND to eat more local veggies, add more purified water. The top detoxifying veggies are; broccoli, garlic, spinach, cabbage, sprouts, blueberries, ginger and tumeric. So it looks like Indian food is on the menu! : ) That’s a Good Thing~ I love it!

I plan to exercise more; 45 minutes a day minimum, via walking, stretching, Tai Chi, dancing etc. and to take detox baths made of 1 cup of baking soda/1 cup of sea salt, a bit of Epsom Salts and assorted essential oils that I soak in. Did you know Epsom Salts are actually magnesium, which is good for your heart and muscles? It relieves pain and soreness as well as detoxifies and re-balances the body.

Since your mind recreates the perceptions and feelings it experiences into your body, it’s also important to create non-stressful situations for your spirit. Fasting from the mundane cares of the world, avoiding news reports, gossip and television shows, is also important to the health of your soul!
Create peaceful calm situations; take a walk in nature and really LOOK at the beauty in the colors of the changing leaves, the blueness of the sky, the path of the clouds, the texture of the tree bark and stones at your feet. Breathe in deeply of the breeze. Sit next to flowing water. Feel the warmth of the sunshine on your back. Appreciate the time you create FOR YOURSELF and be glad to experience being fully alive!

Most people probably dont know that in Biblical times people took a day, on or before their Sabbath, to fast and purify their bodies, before they entered their temples. A day of fasting and contemplation is a good practice, especially now, during the changing of the seasons. Treat your body like the temple of the soul that it is, and it will repay you with health.
Blessed Be your body, your mind and your soul!

read more at http://www.care2.com/greenliving/30-ways-to-detox-your-home-body.html

original posting September 24, 2011


Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Embracing the Man in the Mirror

“I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself* And Then Make A Change”…Michael Jackson

I had to respond to this message I found online today in honor of Michael Jackson’s birthday~8/28/58
@funnyoneliners  “I just want people to accept me for who I pretend to be.” RT @yoyoha

Thank you yoyoha for being so insightful, and clever!
Everybody who is online has a personnae – scratch that – Everybody has a personnae. It’s just so much easier to present a false self to the public who will never actually know you. A personae is a playful way to interact with others who have their eyes wide shut. A personae is the mask we present to the world as to ‘who we are’.MASKS: we use them in order to fit in. They are good means for us to creatively manifest our imaginations, but they tend to keep us in the dark about ourselves when we start to believe the stories we tell. We instinctively know our positive, more attractive aspects and are happy to play them up so people will think well of us, for example, “Witty, handsome young man seeks…” -but we also intuitively ‘know’ we have shadow sides, the parts we don’t wish to claim and wish would go away!

Many of us would NEVER share those dark secrets with people we feel we need to keep ‘on our side’.

And the sad truth is some of us will never consciously acknowledge our weaknesses to others, let alone ourselves. But I challenge you; what would happen if you did ‘go there’? What do you think you’d find? You might be surprised, upon reflection, to find that your dark side ain’t so dark after all.
What would happen if you did discover the shadow side of the mask of your personnae?
Would you be able to integrate the negative into your overall conception of your self?
Well, I bet you’d find that it isn’t that ugly or terrible after all! Acknowledging your dark side is a healthy practice that shows you the nature of your true humanity…your imperfections are what make you unique. Look inside~ discover that you’re lazy, or boastful, or ?
Whatever it is you find, is probably not as far off base as you thought it was…..
Can you say to yourself “I am lazy, and that’s okay!” “I AM boastful, and that’s okay!”?
*It’s only after we can look into the mirror at our true selves, that we can know our Self in our wholeness- and THAT’S when we can make big changes as to how we interact with the world.When you’re truthful with your Self and compare your vices to others, it’s like singing the blues; you’re going to feel better once you hear just how ‘baaad’ it can be for the other guy.
When you discover your TRUE face, and embrace it, as just another of the multitude parts of your Self, you will discover that the REAL you is much bigger and stronger than the imaginary ‘evil’ or dark side ever was, Luke. When you can see your shadow and say, “So What!” you’ll become empowered to face other, bigger challenges! And that’s when you can decide whether to make a change, or not.

Finding our truth and integrating all our parts is a powerful medicine.

Look into the mirror today and SEE who you see.
I SEE you!
originally posted August 29, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Making Progress

You know you are making Spiritual progress when things fall apart and you stay centered and calm in your Inner Self. Knowing what makes you feel calm and safe is the first, and one of the most important things to learn about yourself. Go there. Seek it out. Then practice being centered, calm and safe. Everyday. This is first chakra work.

When people push your buttons and you become aware that it is happening ~and choose to react in a more thoughtful and intentional way~ you gain personal power and control over your life!
You do not have to be pulled into the drama! Step back, regroup, breathe. When you understand that you have choices, you can choose to ignore it, or respond with thoughtful words in a measured, and lowered, tone of voice. This work corresponds to the second, interpersonal chakra, the third, personal power and fourth, heart energy chakras.

Deepak Chopra says, “When someone else makes a mistake, it is their responsibility to correct it. It is your responsibility to handle how you feel about it,” which is absolutely true. When we try to not take things personally, which is advocated in Don Miguel Riuz’ book, “The 4 Agreements,” it becomes easier to allow slights to be overlooked. Letting things just “Go” makes for an overall happier life.
And isn’t that what we all want?
Be Well. Be Happy!
: )
Cultivating a rich inner garden will help you to stay centered and harmonious in the midst of change -Deborah Ingerman : )

originally posted August 15, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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ReProgramming your Life

“Out beyond the world of ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”
Jalal ad-Din …..aka Rumi
ReProgramming sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But the thing is, you have already been programmed subconsciously! Society, your family, your peers have all influenced what you believe to be ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. People are adaptive to their cultural systems in the same way that a baby can learn any language~ because it is our human nature to adapt to our communities, in order to fulfill one of our basic needs; BELONGING.

In Maslow’s heirarchy of Survival, Safety, Belonging, Self Expression, and Self-Actualization,
Belonging is one of the primal needs of mankind. It exists on the instinctual level. Even herd animals need to belong in order to survive.

In order to create the reality you want to live, and find true happiness and fulfillment, you must become AWARE of your initial programming. This is a life-changing and world-paradigm shifting exercise, but one that ultimately allows you to look honestly at your beliefs, your values, your behavior and your ethical standards and MODIFY them to your OWN specifications!!

To begin to live your ideals is liberating, empowering and deeply fulfilling! Your life will become a game which you can Win. You will easily give up the struggle, the drama, the pain, and suffering and the psychic heaviness that accompany this negativity. You will begin to live in a more healthy lifestyle, have more energy and discover a brighter outlook on life.

The only thing you have to lose is your ‘comfort zone’ of unconscious behavior.
Some people can’t face leaving the faith of their childhood, moving out of their parents home or to another city. Isn’t that sad? The same kind of testing of one’s wings is what happens when you step out of your unconscious behaviors and liberate yourself from the shackles of the pre-existing beliefs that no longer serve you.

Most people don’t do this; they live in ignorance of their situation and feel powerless to do anything about the ‘hand that they are dealt’. This fatalist mentality will get them nowhere. They will be easy targets to external forces like the fear-mongering media, political systems and even well-intentioned friends and spouses. To break away from the crowd and discover your own TRUTH is the task at hand.

I urge you to be brave enough to look at your initial ‘programming’ and decide if it still fits the deep, inner needs of your soul today. Do you have any hidden bias’, judgements, or prejudices? List them. Try to discover where they came from; did your parents implant them into your psyche?
Most of our initial programming is done before the age of 3, while our minds are still functioning on the UNCONSCIOUS level. We accept whatever we get as the ‘Truth’.
This is why HYPNOSIS works; the facilitator takes you back to that pre-three year old phase of your life and allows you to discover your reality and ReProgram it in order to serve your HIGHER SELF.  You can also do this your own!!

The Subconscious is very literal. In reprogramming it you must speak in positive terms, in the present tense in colorful language that thrills your inner three year old. Plant pictures in your minds’ eye and animate them! Talk to your inner child with love, affection and adventure!
1. Create Affirmations based on the opposite of your limiting beliefs.
2. Attach them to your body/mind with a physical anchor – such as tapping parts of your body, while repeating your affirmation.
3. Know that what you’re doing works! and
4. be Grateful that you have discovered a way to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Empower Yourself!
Repeat these steps until you feel an Inner Shift. You will feel it as a subtle degree of happiness, lightness and uplifit within your heart and soul.

ReProgramming is safe, effective and necessary if we are to live self-actualized lives. This is the ‘great Spiritual work’ we can each achieve, and when we do, the outcome will be a ripple effect which influences all those we come into contact with.
I wish you Peace, Love and Bright Blessings on your journey~

originally published July 29, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Respect Your Self

In his book, “Be Yourself, everybody else is already taken”
(yes I read books like these 😉 there’s always something to be reminded of…

Mike Robbins has a few quality tips on Self Love;
*Honor & Respect yourself and expect the same in return.
*Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and forgive others.
*Appreciate growth.
*Take care of yourself.
*Speak positively about yourself.
*Accept compliments graciously.
*Celebrate your success.
…..in order to Honor Yourself he lists 10 points;
1. Take care of your needs first, others next.
2. Say ‘no’ when you need to.
3. Ask specifically for what you want.
4. Stand up for what’s important to you.
5. Speak about yourself positively.
6. Rest  ~which reminds me of the acronym;

HALT; Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
7. Trust Yourself.
8. Request and accept Help from others.
9. Do things you enjoy every day!!
10. Listen to your gut (intuition)
11. Accept compliments graciously.
12. Accept love when it is offered.~

Self Love defeats suffering~ striving~ worry~ and all fears.

When we can stay in our POWER, stay reminded of the glorious creatures that we are, without being swayed by everyday worries or pressures, we can live from a place of power- and peace. Namaste’

originally published July 15, 2011


Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Healiing Addictions

* Disclaimer: The following article is not meant to supplant licensed professional treatment for serious medical conditions. *Addictions are habitual patterns of reacting to stimuli.
An addiction is something that once was pleasurable, but is now painful.

It doesn’t matter how large or small that stimuli might be, when we react to perceived NEEDS based in FEAR we feed our addictions.
Addictions can be anything from the emotional need for approval to the physical need of a drug.
All addictions can ruin your life, because even thoughts can sicken and kill. The more repeated this behavior becomes, the deeper the rut is made in our minds’ synapses, and the harder it can be to change!
For example, studies show that anger is addictive. A person feels they are ‘doing something about’ the problem that bothers them by becoming angry. In actuality, people get so worked up in anger that they can’t think clearly about their options to solving problems!

The power of addictive thinking is that you believe you are stuck in a place of victimization and that there is no way out. There is always a way out! It is to change your perception. This is the message of “The Hanged Man” tarot card. Standing the world on its head will show you how silly you are to think you are ever stuck! If you hang upside down from a tree branch you can watch the coins fall out of your pocket the way your negative beliefs can fall out of your head! Do it! Be silly. Consider the opposite of your negative belief to be true! It is possible that you have been deceiving yourself. To consider that maybe your painful situation is a lie is better than remaining stuck in a funk!

What the mind thinks on, the body produces in each cell.”
This cellular awareness is confirmed scientifically in Bruce H Lipton‘s, “Biology of Belief.”
Releasing our dependency on negative thinking patterns is important toward living a healthy life.

Hearing that ‘you are the creator of your reality” may not sink home at first. But reality shifts as you do, and when you change, your reality responds, by shifting with you!
~Quoting from an excerpt from a Care2 article;
“The reason everyone doesn’t notice this is that the ego-based world with all its demands, pressures, drama, and excesses is highly addictive, and like any addiction it needs a daily fix as well as denial that there is any way out.
By giving your allegiance to the one reality instead, you won’t end the addiction immediately, but you will begin to starve it. Your ego and personality, which give you limited awareness of who you are, will be put on notice that ‘clinging and grasping must come to an end’.
Adapted from “The Book of Secrets”, by Deepak Chopra’
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/which-reality-is-real.html#ixzz1S0tIGJyf

In her paradigm breaking book, “You Can Change Your Life“, Louise L Hay claims that illness can be cured by changing our negative thoughts. I’ve noticed this pattern in people I’ve known; a person who clings to hatred and resentment gets Cancer, a person stuck in guilt and sorrow gets Multiple Sclerosis. Depression can lead to Fibromyalgia and stress can lead to IBS, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure, among other health issues.

This may not be the prime cause and you may not agree with me, but I’ve seen this happen. The ‘victims’ of these diseases don’t want to hear that they’ve had a hand in allowing their bodies to degenerate, but if they can change their minds, and become determined to beat the disease, the MIND/BODY can spontaneously begin to regenerate and heal. I do have first-hand experience in this!
Louise L Hay gives prescriptions to end negative self-talk by repeating its opposite affirmation and believing it will work.

A process I use to help reinforce affirmations is called NeuroLinguisticProgramming, NLP aka “Tapping”. Books I recommend if you are interested in following up by learning this technique are, “Tapping the Cure” by  Roberta Temes Ph.D. and “Tapping The Healer Within” by Roger Callahan. This technique heals trauma, anxiety and PTSD ~ and you can do it yourself! at home!

The last book I’ll recommend today is “Soul Mind Body Medicine” by Dr Zhi Gang Sha. Dr Sha’s message is to send LOVE into your PAIN. Understand how it came to be and why your body thinks it may be necessary! Thank it for trying to protect or serve you, then send it love-energy by slow, deliberate breathing and focusing on that body part. Release pain by saying something like, “I love you knees. You serve me well. I need you to be strong and healthy to be my best self. Please accept my heartfelt love and heal yourself! Do a good job! Thank you!”
I repeated this process only twice in a row, over 30 minutes, and it cured a fairly intense migraine. So again, I know it does work!

Becoming aware of negative beliefs that no longer serve you and facing your fears is the first step toward healing any addiction.
May Peace be IN and with you! Namaste

originally published July 13, 2011
Further Reading: Biology of Belief, Book of Secrets, Soul Mind Body Medicine, Tapping the Cure, Tapping The Healer Within, You Can Change Your Life

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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