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Your Daily Best

I may have blogged about this before, but it is worth repeating.

“Each day I will do my Daily Best“.
Daily Best means that whatever challenges we face, we give them a good effort,
doing what we perceive that to be…but it doesn’t mean giving everything a superhuman effort!
It’s especially important to give yourself a break from expectations of perfection while
you are under the weather or under pressure from looming deadlines.

To know you’ve done what needs to be done, in good conscience,
even if it is just a small effort- is the highest of daily aspirations
and all anyone expects of us.

To be able to close your eyes at night and release all tension from your mind~
to be confident in your actions, knowing you didn’t intentionally harm anyone,
and to know that the world was made better by your efforts,
brings a calm and deep relaxation to the mind.

Which is the best gift we can give ourselves.

originally posted January 23, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Metaphysics & Perception

My definition of Metaphysics is this:
the study of applied psychology which acts
through universal laws.

I still dont know all the Universal ‘laws’ that exist
but an important one is the Law of Attraction.
We must be aware of our thoughts~

Thoughts become things because
your perception affects all things around you;
*Learn about your Self.
*Observe your behaviors/habits,
*Learn to determine when your perceptions are ruling you
rather than you ruling them!
*Choose your actions rather than reacting.
*Smile because you know you are eternal and all this drama will pass…
It will allow you to Choose the Good Stuff and Live Happily.
The Universe wants us to be Happy~

All of your emotions make ripples in the aether…which in turn,
affect your subtle bodies as well as your physical one.
Look for the good in life and surround yourself with others
who do the same…there is peace and integrity out there~
our challenge is to learn to see it! especially when times are hard
and we are suffering. But we can do it!

Our lifetimes are like classes where we
create learning experiences for ourselves,
which help our souls grow in wisdom,
allow us to find our place, and hopefully,
integrate into the collective conscience and give back to it~
Those who are at peace in their core Self,
are clear in their intention and determined to do good,
achieve their goals and create a fulfilling reality.

Become a *Carrier of the Light* – then share it
with those who will listen – and demonstrate it
for those who wont!

Don’t sit in the back row, with your head down…
sit up front, raise your hand often, give it your best.
You get out of Life what you put into it!!

Wishing you All Good Things,

originally posted January 20, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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What Do you Really Need?

What do you really NEED?
There are lots of things we believe we need; a certain amount of money to pay the mortgage and bills, certain kinds of food and clothing. We might want the latest upgrade to our computers or gadgets that make our life ‘easier’, but once we have them~ we find we can’t live without them!
Like, how did we ever live without a cell phone or Facebook?!

Im not saying that we need to be ascetics, but there are places we can cut back, cut down on consumption, reduce, reuse and recycle.
There are ways we can reclaim our TIME, our independence and self-sufficiency- without suffering-
all the while enriching our Quality of Life.

Consider your lifestyle: are there things you could change or do without, in order to satisfy the deeper longings of your soul? I won’t list too many here, because these things are personal, and individually, we need to look at our own behaviors to understand the true motivation behind our actions, but for example; *What need do those ‘latest’ new shoes fill? Do they make me feel prettier, more important, more loved and supported? Are shoes the best thing to fill that need?
*Is this new piece of jewelry really necessary, or does it just make me feel more worthwhile?
*Do I really need to buy these brownies? The answers may be ‘yes, occasionally I want to treat myself’, but the important point is that we pause to reflect, not act automatically out of habit or via an unconsciousness impulse.

Many people are unemployed today, and as a society, we are starting to realize that big homes, big cars, lots of money and possessions are not as necessary as we believed them to be. In times of struggle, there are always silver linings in the clouds. Look for them!

*Look inside to discover what the basics are that you need to feel content, safe and good about yourself. Can you pare-down and redefine what is important in your life?
The happiest and most fulfilled people are those whose needs are well-met, because they are simple!

DISCERNING the difference between something we want and something we need takes awareness and attention. When we live up to the higher goal of fulfilling our true needs, we become more successful in the Pursuit of Happiness.

May you Be Well.
May you Live Well and May you be Happy!

originally posted January 11, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Giving Back

There come times in our lives when we feel we’ve mastered a skill, or had an insight that illuminates our way of seeing things, and we feel we just *have* to share.
Have you ever felt it?

Many times, this kind of ‘push’ to share, to give back to the community, comes at an age of maturity, ~but not always. The earlier one learns ‘to return’, the easier it becomes, for the rest of his/her life.
Think of the young music student who helps a younger peer to improve their skills!
Think of a sixth grader helping a first grader to learn the joy of reading!
Then think of the grandmother, teaching her granddaughter to knit…
These are joys shared, which serve the greater good of everyone.

Finding activities that feed our soul are important things to do – throughout life.
So you have a job or career that provides your income, but what do you do in your down time, that feeds your soul? What is that spark of creativity, nurturing, teaching, or guidance, that come naturally to you, that you can contribute, give you a sense of accomplishment and pride?
Maybe this passion can be turned into a vocation;
What are your biggest dreams?
What would you do if you Knew you could not fail?
This is the Bliss we should all learn to follow.
To Live Large. To be Fierce!

Volunteering skills that only you have, can reinvigorate your Spirit and keep you charged up.
Many places are looking for people who may have lots of interest, if not a lot of experience, to teach a beginning course….in art, photography, home repair….coaching sports or guiding apprentices.
Sometimes a volunteer position is just enough to lead you into a new career.

*Do you have skills that are uniquely yours or you feel may help someone else through a rough patch?
Can you organize things or do new computer protocols come easy to you? Great, then share that with those of us who are left baffled!

*Do you have it in you to spend time with loved ones, to lend a listening ear, or hold a hand of someone who is craving companionship? Sharing just a few moments a week may be all someone else needs to stay ‘charged’ themselves.

Finding ways to Give Back to your co-workers, neighbors, family and friends creates small but intimate connections that not only serves another, but feeds the Spirit Within!
Remember, Your Spirit needs to be Fed too! <3

originally published January 10, 2012

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Words of Wisdom

The following is on a plaque Im gifting to one of my women’s circle friends tomorrow at our gift exchange party. It’s a ‘pirate party’, so I might end up with my own gift at the end of the day~
I love these ladies, they’re my *aunties* of choice. Naughty and nice, full of wisdom and life experience~ a blessing to know, each and every one.

~Words of Wisdom~
Life is what you make it!
Live with Intention! Do what you love! Celebrate diversity! Keep learning!
Play with abandon! Tell silly jokes! Keep confidences! Listen carefully!
Always say please and thank you! Be generous! Seek wisdom!
Go out of your way for someone you barely know!
Stand up for the little guy! Keep your mind open!
Tell your friends you appreciate them! Share your passions!
Read to a child! Throw your head back and sing!
Never, ever give up!  -anon

Namaste and Happiest of Holidays~ Genie

originally posted December 8, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Fall in Love with Yor Self

“Another person will never be enough to make you feel truly satisfied.
That kind of completion can only be found through love of Self.
Of course, the union between two people who love unconditionally
is the highest form of (Love) sexual expression.”  Wendy Strgar – GoodCleanLove

My To-Do List:
1. Know Thyself
2. Courageously face your Demons
3. Come out Empowered
4. Fall in Love with Yourself
5. Fall in Love with Life
6. Fall in Love with Others
7. Create Great Changes in the World that Benefit Everyone

yeah, its not much~
I’d like to say I’m spending most of my time on #7,
but this is a cyclical list that keeps revolving.

original post September 5, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Feminism is for Everyone

There is a great movement underway in the world today which I’m glad to report; Earth Based Religions are the fastest growing religion today!
Earth Based practices honor the balance of female and male energy and teach the importance of POWER WITH and POWER WITHIN rather than POWER OVER.

These practices awaken all people, not just women, to their heart energy so we can act with compassion for all beings. They also awaken the sexual energy of the solar plexus so that regenerative power is used with wisdom for creation and healing.
And most importantly, when this powerful Female creative/destructive energy is allowed to be used with discernment and discretion rather than with shame, compulsion or in the hopes to manipulate others, we will see vast improvements on the lives of the masses.
This goes just opposite with the advertising industries’ using sex to sell everything!

Everyone subconsciously knows the ‘power’ of young women.
The story of Snow White is a metaphorical tale of a mother who is jealous of the daughter who will soon replace her as the most powerful being in the castle. In this story, the Queen tries to kill her step-daughter to preserve her own status a bit longer, and is rightly undone because she’s a traitor to her own sex.

But it was the Native American Elder women that had the say of whether a battle was necessary- and warriors only fought with their blessings. Long ago Crones were revered for their wisdom and life experience. Today’s culture of youth and virility is aimed at the young male and achievement, not the slower wisdom of the grandmother or the powerful energies of women.
We have to find this female/male balance before we destroy ourselves!

The Hindus are aware of this last type of energy and it is best depicted by the Goddess Kali.
She is a blue-skinned holy terror about whose neck hangs warriors skulls dripping with blood. About her waist is a skirt made of arms. Her blood-red tongue sticks out and her eyes are wild with ecstacy as she tramples and breaks down barriers that keep us from fulfilling our greatest potential. She is the great goddess of destruction AND creation. She works on an eternal quest of perfecting the world.
Kali shows us that woman’s power is Explosive, Transformative, and Dangerous if mishandled.
Oh yes, it is! You don’t want to piss off Kali or you’ll be dust before you knew what hit you! ; )
But handled correctly, Kali’s energies bring enlightenment, self-awareness and self-actualization.

A modern version of Kali is the Reclaiming Tradition, which was started by Starhawk in the 1960’s in San Fransisco. In short, it offers all people the chance to reclaim their own feminine energy and become powerful. This tradition invites social activists who instigate change from their incredible heart, solar and sacral energies, to affect change in the world for all people. 
They know that when the weakest link is supported, the people thrive. 
Reclamation of female power can~ and should be for everybody!

May you find your powerful core~
and be transformed by the female energies of the Great Goddess!
Bright Blessings.   ~Namaste’

PS I am Laughing Out Loud at the great consternation of right wing politicos about the ‘problem’ of the Japanese Emperor being ‘ruined’ by his supposed ‘sleeping with the Goddess Amateratsu! They just dont get it! Would that our senators would try to sleep with the Statue of Liberty!

original post date September 4, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes. ~ Cicero

“The Freedom to be ourselves lies inside us all. The courage to pull it off is all we need.” -GenieDjinn

I recently had a landmark birthday and decided to myself that from now on I was going to say what was on my mind- no holds barred. I haven’t quite got there, yet. But I’m working on it.
Blogging is one way I can say anything that comes to mind…Tweeting is another. And yet.
Even when I dream, I have a hard time allowing myself go places I’d like to.

Society programs us to live within the box, play by the rules, so we won’t stick out, so we’ll fit in and be accepted. But how do we get around that, and live an authentic life? What if we know we won’t be accepted by the crowds we associate with? How do we find the courage to speak our mind, to go against popular opinion or ‘come out’ as to something very private, like our sexual orientation or true beliefs?

Knowing that being true to oneself will alienate others and possibly even force you to quit groups you associate with or face public ridicule or threats to your safety is a dangerous proposition. Fitting in is comfortable, but living true to oneself is the most Free a person can be. It’s worth the risk.

No one can know the Truth that lives inside your mind, but you.
Allow it and you’ll flourish. Repress it and you damage yourself.
We have to decide who is more important, our Selves, or other people.
Like a friend of mine said, “The people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind, don’t matter. Your true friends will always love you.”
Now to just stand by it. Authenticity.

originally published August 2, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Spiritual Evolution

I Know that my Life Purpose is Spiritual Evolution ~ and like the tale of the ‘Goose that Laid the Golden Egg’ – I want to drag as many people with me as want to come along; only because they find something kindled in their hearts and want to follow their curiosity in order to discover their bliss.~

I have always had a deep quest for knowledge about different spiritual and cultural beliefs – you could say it’s my passion to ‘search’ for greater understanding. I have a desire to delve into the questions about what makes us human, and to find deeper insight into our overall purposes in life. I don’t know what instigated this profound search in me to solve the unknown aspects of life, but, as Lady Gaga says, I was ‘born this way’. Curious.

I know it puts some people off, as they would just as soon prefer to go through life having fun and living in the fast lane via extreme sports and stuffing themselves with all pop culture has to offer. But I’ve always been practical – even when ‘getting into trouble’~ Id be the ‘lookout’ 😀 or the one who provided the ladder…. 😉 Even my high school BFF called me a party-pooper. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having fun, it’s just that I find my deepest satisfaction in metaphysical investigation. Digging. Diving deep, like the comorant…finding tidbits of truth in the depths.

I feel like this lifetime has been given me to discover deep secrets, to grow exponentially, to share what I have learned and act as a HOLDER OF LIGHT; to light the way for others to ascend spiritually. This sounds rather like a sales pitch – well, if you are interested, come on along! – there’s room for you here… the more the merrier! We can put our lights together to build a bonfire~ where our souls dance together in ecstasy and laughter and wonderment!  Blessed Be!

originally published July 24, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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on Being a Seeker

I’ve considered myself a spiritual seeker since grade school, actually. I remember 4th grade and coming to the awareness that I would one day die. I have to ‘thank’ the church for that. “Thank you catechism class for instilling a primal fear into my otherwise blissful existence! Thhht!”
The anxiety attacks I had, though, led me to find my inner Self. The eternal ‘I am’ that I found was immediately, intimately familiar; “Oh hi there, Self. Wow, can you believe we’re here again?! Well, let’s get busy.”

Yeah, while my friends were enjoying their childhoods, I was becoming a philosopher.
I dove into encyclopedias, read dictionaries, devoured the Readers’ Digest the day it arrived at our house, and read magazine articles whenever I went to visit people who could afford subscriptions. I won an award in grade school for having read every book in our school’s library. I figured if I read everything, I’d know everything there was to know~ then I’d be able to figure out the world. Yeah, I was just a bit ambitious. 🙂

I’d run and play like the other kids in the neighborhood, but whenever I came back into to the house, I’d be concerned with what the adults were talking about, and try my best to decipher it. Maybe this was because I could sense the tension in the house and wanted to figure it out so I could help make it a more peaceful place?

My cousin and I would play a game we called “spies” – where we’d hide out from our relatives, esp at family reunions; we’d sit in separate places and listen in on the ‘secrets’ the adults didn’t want the kids to hear, write what we heard in code, then go and discuss it- and if we still had questions we’d ask our older cousins what things meant. Adults always talked in code; he was “hitting the bottle” again, “she got caught“, “they’d take care of it” so we started making up codes of our own.

I asked my mother lots of deep questions over the next few years and all she could tell me was “It’s different for every person, honey. You’ll have to discover those things on your own.”
Boy, when I left home for college, I was really pissed at my parents for not preparing me to face the world and it’s complexities better than they had! I was pissed at my meager public school education. I was pissed at myself for not knowing the right questions to ASK! I was 19 an on a mission; like Cat Stevens sang, I was “on the road to find out.”

As I got older, my main goal was to figure out how life worked;
I saw the disparity of class– some people had things, too many things, others didn’t even have enough. WHY?
I saw the disparity of race– Male Caucasians held the power and wanted to keep others out of the ‘elite’ positions of work and government. WHY?
I saw the disparity of religion– Why did the Catholics have an ‘edge’ over all the other belief systems? Why did Lutherans call the Jews ‘God’s chosen people’ – didn’t that exclude themselves from God’s inner circle? The Bible itself was full of contradictions; love everyone, yet stone those who were ‘guilty’, didn’t this bother anyone? Some churches were full of rich people? WHY?
I saw the disparity of nationalism– Why was anything from the US considered ‘superior’ to everything else? -some imported stuff we got was really cool. And why were we always marching around the world like we owned the place? Didn’t other people have a right to their own politics? Maybe a ‘Republican Democracy’ wasn’t the answer for everyone. Why did we think it was? Why did so many boys have to die for it???

The interesting thing I’ve discovered is that I really didn’t want to know the answers in order to climb the social ladder, to reap material rewards, or to claim fame or importance. I just wanted to understand. Today I’m happy enough where I am and with who I am.

My biggest questions now are “WHY aren’t other people Seekers?
Why don’t they care about deeper aspects of life?” and “What can I do to help them see it?

In my own home I try to live the results of my search by example~
I talk straight to my kids and have simple, liberal rules; 
Use protection, live with someone for a year before you get married, don’t take hard drugs, take personal responsibility for your self, and consider how your actions affect others.
Harm no one. Seek your own truth. Follow your bliss. Strive to be happy.

My 17 yr old son, a Buddhist, says we don’t need to search-
We all are already enlightened. We just need to look within and recognize it.
He is such an old soul. He brings us peace and contentment every day.
Seeker that I am, and have been~ I know he’s right.
Now I just need to find a way to return the favor.

“Stop struggling”- Buddha
“What you resist, persists”- Jung
“Love is all you need”- John Lennon

originally published July 20, 2011

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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