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Leo Decan II Victory

August 2 brings loads of good things; Venus just entered the sign of Cancer bringing love and family to the fore. So many people I saw yesterday were acting like love-birds, and why not?

The dog days of Summer are upon us! Have you wondered where that expression came from? Sirius, the dog star, is the brightest star in the sky. It’s found in the constellation Canis Major, and rises this day before the Sun. This was the omen that signaled the annual flooding of the Nile River which supported all life in Egypt. So historically it has been a day of great rejoicing!

Days of sunshine, fun, reunions of friends and family are also featured at this ancient holiday of Lammas – where people celebrate the first harvest of fruits and grain. We can celebrate the blessings we enjoy this day with more of humanity; share with your local food bank, give blood, be neighborly and check in with seniors living near you. Taking care of our weakest links makes us all stronger!

The tarot association of the third Decan of Leo is the 6 of Fire which shows a victorious leader riding his horse, his head adorned with a laurel crown. Take time to celebrate those achievements you have been working toward and all you’ve accomplished so far this year! Celebrate with friends who encourage you to be your best! Bask in the glow of community and shared interests. Joys shared are joys doubled~

As the planet Uranus stations direct today, we hope for a pause in the craziness we’ve felt lately. Uranus will be in apparent retrograde thru January 2 of 2018. That gives us time to reflect on the chaos of the mind. I invite you to OPEN your mind to all possible blessings and inspiration…because it comes to those who expect it!

Appreciate all you have. Lighten your heart. And remember what fills your Spirit with Light.

August 7 we have the Moon at 15* Aquarius, the point of Brotherhood, Humanity, and Fraternity opposite the transformer, Pluto. May the power of the people rise up in righteousness and bring transformation to the world that EVERYONE may enjoy the blessings our Earth brings; through clean air, water and fertility of soil. Let’s work together to acknowledge how valuable our Mother Earth is to our survival~
We can change the world – if we take bold, committed steps to do so on the Environmental front. Fight the good fight for Environmental Protection, Human Rights, Brotherhood of Humanity.
VICTORY is within our grasp now. May it be so!~

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Posted August 2nd, 2017.

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Leo Decan I

As the SUN moves into the constellation of LEO July 22, we see the emphasis change from the watery CANCER into the first decan fires of LEO. This is a signal that the recent nurturing period will provide us with enough confidence to surge ahead courageously into the next phase of embodiment of our power. It’s up to us to decide how best to use this fiery energy.

The ancient symbol of this decan is a flaming beacon. A lighthouse, perhaps. As it calls us, we have to focus this attention into something providential for all humanity. Like a rush of blood, this energy flies from our heart into our head, giving us the final boost that propels us to shore. We will soon be tested by fire, in that we must decide to use this energy to move minds forward or retreat to the sidelines burnt by its force.

My advice is to “Go for the GOLD!”. Now is the time to reach for that gold ring, and take the opportunity at this corresponding NEW MOON at 0* Leo, to set dramatic intentions for the next 150 days. As Saturn rules this decan in a fire sign, we see that the projections we make now turn into gold by December 21, when the Sun rules the last decan of Sagittarius. Review what you most need and then commit to manifesting it, now. This is a key period to manifest our deepest desires!

Reviewing the Sabian Symbols of this decan we find the keywords; Ambition, Epidemic, Independence, Quest, Legacy, Hive mentality, Applied Astrology and Revolutionary action. It’s in our best interest to join with others in focusing our intention on heart-centered action. Doing so will bring the fire of revolutionary spirit together in cooperative zeal. We must create a new, passionate movement of exalted ideals that serve all, rather than those with which we exist today.

The corresponding Tarot card in my deck, Five of Fire, depicts 5 bees working together in the spirit of cooperation and the keyword is COMMITMENT. Five is the number of man-kind. Now is the time to rise above our individual needs and work toward a goal which serves the needs of our world-wide society. Individually, we can take this Call to Action to use our voices, joined together into a great r-r-ROAR!

Posted July 22nd, 2017.

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Cancer Decan III

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, marks the movement of the Sun into the third Decan (10 day segment) of the Astrological Sign of Cancer. The image for this time period, taken from Austin Coppock’s “36 Faces”, is ‘The Overflowing Cup’ and the Tarot Card associated with it is the 4 of Cups/Water.

In my upcoming Tarot deck, the “9 Key Tarot”, the 4 of Water is an image of an Ibis and it’s reflection, in the murky twilight sky. This waterbird pauses before his last catch of the day, to observe the natural cycle of sun moving into evening. Traditionally, the symbol of an overflowing cup is ‘Luxury’ – as the saying, “My cup overfloweth.”

It’s a good time to stop and make declarations of your gratitude for your sense of abundance, especially around those things which fill the well of your soul. But it also can be a time of overwhelm, where so many things are calling out for your attention that you just want it to stop!

The 4 of Water/Cups is where we come to an impasse on our uphill climb to the peak, toward the 10 of each suit. Pausing to reflect on the dog days of Summer is what this week is about.

What are the goals you have set forth for this Summer season? Have you been to a reunion or spent time enjoying the water and the warmth of the sun with your family? Have you decided to take better care of your health and imbibe in organic greens and cold watermelon?

I’m in the midst of clearing out dross from my office…this includes purging myself of papers stored from long, long ago, sorting and reorganizing what is still useful and can be of immediate use. It’s the way my organizing specialist, Lisa Sulgit, of “isimplify”, has had me look at my possessions; “Either love it, use it, or pass it along so someone else can use it.”

Those things that have outworn their value, or are no longer necessary for me to refer to while writing or creating art will be donated, recycled or trashed. Doing this kind of physical purging really helps me clear my head and I find new ideas springing up already! I plan to have ‘stations’ in different parts of the room so that I can attend to the myriad of interests I have with more FOCUS on each one.

This kind of purging really helps! Try it, now that the Decan of Cancer 3 energy moves you to PAUSE & REFLECT. Namaste’
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Posted July 12th, 2017.

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Cancer Decan II

As Chiron, the wounded healer stations to go direct on July 1 we also enter into the second dean of Cancer, the walled garden.

Tarot associations with this time period are the Three of Cups, Synastry, Joy and Cooperation, overseen by the nurturing matron, the Queen of Cups.
This is time to review your sense of intimacy, vulnerability and the amount of joy you allow into your life, or block, based on your beliefs of safety and security.

Intimacy requires a certain vulnerability. In order to thrive in a relationship, both parties must consent to honoring the other’s truth and continue to hold space for honest communication of feeling, thought and expression. Chiron, the wounded healer, is reflected in the skies as moving backward now, so we have an opportunity to reflect on what has wounded our psyche and where we carry our emotional blocks.

It would be well to pause for a moment on these early Summer nights to remember old flames and lost loves and send them feelings of peace and closure in order to heal old emotional scars. As you forgive and bless the other you are actually healing yourself, because forgiveness heals you by releasing the hurts that you unconsciously hold.

I am reminded of the celebrity of Marilyn Monroe. Her highly crafted personnae of female vulnerability oozed with sex appeal, yet in her daily life she was insecure and controlled by managers who didn’t allow her enough freedom to escape the harsh lights of fame. Her brief life reminds us of the damage that can be done when we do not create firm boundaries around our sense of self.

We all need to create personal boundaries in which to protect our most delicate truths and mature to the point of using wise discernment about whom to share these truths with. Between the wall and the garden is the balance we must find in order to allow in the gentle gardeners of the soul. Allow those who stand at the gate and knock, if they truly resonate with your spirit…but beware the wolf with sheep’s clothing.

A short ritual for healing; Light a candle and imagine an old flame. In your mind’s eye, see the threads that connected this relationship at one time being neatly cut and retracted. Rub your palms together and place one on your heart and one on your solar plexus to heal places that may have emotional energy leaks. Then take a shower to rinse off any emotional residue that may otherwise get stuck in your auric field. Dab a drop of rosewater on your heart and smile. This releases toxic emotions and comforts your soul. It also blesses and heals the greater good of all concerned.

The past week may have brought a new awareness of ‘true love’ by way of a Summer crush or you may have deepened your appreciation of a long-time partner. May this week give you a chance to grow in both wisdom and discernment during this period of early Summer.
Blessings to you and a basket of goodies for your loved ones~

Posted July 4th, 2017.

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Scorpion New Moon November 11, 2015

Underwater cavern in green and black

Secrets Untold

The New Moon in Scorpio brings a rebirth of the Spirit – which can finally break free of the turmoil of the past year’s parade of eclipses.
Scorpio, ruler of the 8th house in Astrology, governs death, sex and taxes…dark secretive information that could bring down those who have skeletons hiding in their closets. (Think of John Boehner, and wonder WHY he recently stepped down as US Speaker of the House?)

This traversing through the muck has allowed us to purge ourselves of the residue that clings to us and keeps us bound to the past, even if it is to our detriment. To pass through a New Moon in Scorpio allows us to finally, once and for all, be rid of the debris that chains us to situations that no longer serve our highest interests.

It’s time to wash our collective selves free of the past and begin anew.
Go into your deepest self via meditation and get clear about what you really, really want.
Now is the time to claim it!

We have a few weeks to consider our New Year’s Resolutions….but get prepared, because this year we will have a walloping great energy to make monumental changes!

#newmoon #resolutions #scorpio #secrets #rebirth #death #meditation #spirit #8house

Posted November 13th, 2015.

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NEW Moon in Cancer & Grand Water Trine

CrescentMoonDoorThe doors of Imagination are flung wide open and are inviting you to walk through, into a new, lighter, brighter and more joyful future. Right NOW the stars are set to be the most positive combination of the year: consider it your best birthday and winning the lottery rolled into one~ interested? Even if you’ve put aside religious notions, the time is ripe for a spiritual baptism into communion with your Higher Self, to be washed and renewed in Sparkling Potential! Ready for a fresh start? Good! I invite you to come on in, as the WATER is just right…..

The SUN rolls into the astrological sign of the crab every year on the SUMMER SOLSTICE around June  20th. Shortly thereafter, the MOON catches up with the sun, causing the Lunar Orb to become hidden by the EARTH’s shadow. In the dark of the MOON, it is a time for planting new ideas and intentions that you wish to grow over the next few weeks until the next FULL MOON. It’s a perfect time to begin new habits…but this time…………… it’s really juiced up!

Today, July 8, 2013, the outer planets, JUPITER- bringer of luck and expansion, SATURN- ruler of boundaries and time, and NEPTUNE- diffuser of reality, and the ultimate Spiritual ‘fabric softener’ unite in WATER signs, bringing us a chance to wash away any preconceived perceptions we hold of our roles, our regulations, or restrictions— and remove the stains of our ‘shoulds’ from the fabric of our Souls. Especially now that MERCURY is retrograde, it’s a time we can REWRITE the rules that have held us back before. It is an ideal time for ~*Possibility Thinking*~. It’s an amazing time to wish for that which serves our Highest Good and to DREAM BIG for the Magickal Future we wish to create~ it’s available to us right now~ Carpe Diem!!!

For the most accurate of personal intention setting, look to where Cancer rules your natal chart and apply these same energies to the concern of that house. If you are in doubt, focus on these key words and select those which ring true to you now. There are NO wrong choices. You will intuitively know what calls to you most; Nurturance, Self-Love, Angelic Guidance, Acceptance, Affirmation, Abundance, Releasing Rules, Going with the Flow, Walking in Trust, Relaxation, Self-Soothing, Swimming in a Sea of Love, Infinite Magical Possibilities, Wonderment and Awe~ YES YOU!

You can be awesome! ‘Want to try this meditation with me? Let’s…

Wave_BarryBlanchardPhoto RIDE THE WAVE of Possibility~  wherever you are, take a moment now, to relax, inhale and exhale deeply and close your connection to everything outside of yourself. Relax your eyes~ inhale again slowly, feeling the tide of cool breath flowing into and energizing all parts of your body…..focus on sending the oxygen all around your interior and coming to rest in the calming energy of  your heart center. As you continue to  breathe slowly, concentrate on connecting this refreshed, calm Heart Center energy to your bellies Power Center. Hold this quiet calm together as you do when holding your balance, centered and still…(it’s the martial art secret of centering that all power comes from.)

Now, see yourself atop a large wave, belly surfing into another realm that is brighter, bluer, than where you’ve ever been before, that place entices you forward~ there is no going back! You are riding high, in control of the direction you take even as the primal force of the ocean impels you forward~ Capture this rush and pick your destination….WHAT IS IT YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT?! Answer Truthfully. There are No Wrong Answers. As you hold your own power, surf into realms which wash clean any preconceived notions. YOU ARE WILD. YOU ARE FREE. You are ONE with the wind and the surf, and the sun and the stars!! From now on, there will be nothing to stand in your way! You have no time for petty distractions, complications or trials that would try to trip you up…you are on your way~ gliding over them, gliding into POSSIBILITIES that will smooth the way toward the future of your making! What is it you will CREATE?!

*Think on it. Feel it happening. Experience the Emotional connection you have with this positive outcome. Let it RIDE~ Consider all the well-being you will enjoy when Time catches up to this Seed-Thought! Smile! (It’s important to seal good things with a smile) Now release this INTENT to the Universe to fulfill for you, in it’s own Divine Wisdom and timing.*

From now on, the choices you make will come easily and with no second-guessing, by an inner knowing of what is right for you…..The UNIVERSE WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY and Fulfilled! Raise your energy to that which you desire! Pay no attention to the rules of the mundane world that serve no purpose but to restrict you and disempower you; NOW is the moment to allow ALL GOOD THINGS to flow into your life, and through you, to manifest a life IN this world, but not OF this world…..You can manifest when you are focused on the validity and power of the Spiritual world to overcome any kind of irritation or restriction you face~ in your everyday world, the way water flowing over rock will erode and shape it. Intention becomes Thought. Thought becomes Action. Action becomes Behavior. Behavior influences Reality. And Reality is Perceived by one’s own Thought. Keep it High. Keep it Spiritual. Discover All You Seek.

KNOW that you have this same power to create that which serves your higher good…..you have no attachment to anyone else’s perception of you or their rules for you, but you can release anything that binds or restricts your own happiness, now…..by resolving to be kinder and gentler to your inner child…..by nourishing your Self on a daily basis, by vowing to remain awakened with Self-Love, and by choosing to hold a Positive Perception, whenever things happen, that you believe you have no control over. You ALWAYS do!

Wave Rider Movie Meditation: So try to picture this, while remaining steady in your imagined feeling of riding the wave…See a movie in your mind of a time of conflict, and say this aloud; “I see a conflict that has occured in the past and may happen again. I am a calm observer, coming from a place of Unending Love. I see this drama being played out and myself as an actor. I have no emotional investment to the outcome of this interaction except for its peaceful resolution which Honors the Highest Truth of Who I AM. I chose to come from a higher place, with a higher perspective, in order to resolve this situation to the best advantage for everyone. I know that I can step back, out of conflict, worry or even pain, and breathe love, patience and protection into the situation…this will give me time to make the best choice as to how to re-act and re-direct the outcome that I choose, of the infinite, potential possibilities that exist. I am calm, steady and quietly powerful as this interaction occurs because I know that my choices are being created from a higher source, to serve all involved, with Universal Love. This is my will, and so it will be! Amen.”

I wish for you ALL GOOD THINGS including a Positively Fantastic Future of your own making! Namaste’ surfers everywhere~

Wave photo courtesy of Barry Blanchard

Energizing EFT* tapping points may be used in conjunction with the Conflict Movie Meditation-

Emotional Freedom Technique* – see archives for details


Posted July 8th, 2013.

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Spring Equinox 2013

This week marks the Spring Equinox where the Sun moves into the sign of Aries the Ram. New energies are bursting forth, awaiting expression~ just as sprouts are pushing up the soil toward the sunshine.
The phrase “Ready, Fire, Aim” is appropriate now as Mercury just turned direct on the 17th. Words held back may begin to fly as tongues are loosed. Plans once thought risky may be instigated now. Communication *should* improve however, the Asteroid Hades conjuncts the Sun on Wednesday the 20th as well. Emotional dishonesty and addictive patterns may be brought to the fore- allowing for clear insight, especially around home and security needs. Be ready to honestly face those chains you put on yourself that hold you down.
Thursday the 21st Venus enters Aries, the sign of assertion and the Moon enters fiery Leo, so you could expect to hear refrains of “I am woman, hear me roar…”
The most important conjunction that we’ve felt for a long time, however occurs at 2:17pm Eastern, when angry Mars intersects planet of Chaos, Uranus. Expect the unexpected; fireworks, explosions, possible electrical power outages, satellite malfunctions or flight delays. This energy stirs up radical thoughts and contrary opinions. We could come to new paradigms of understanding especially if the net goes down!
As the next day, Saturday the 23rd, signals the appearance of Asteroid Pallas Athena, great strategist and Goddess of War, I’m thinking that something monumental may be occurring politically which forces the masses toward knee-jerk reactions.
Strap yourselves in, it may be a bit of a bumpy ride~ wheeeeeee!

Posted March 18th, 2013.

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Capricorn New Moon – we can be Idle No More

The New Moon at 22* Capricorn is the first since the pivotal 2012 Solstice which brings us a chance to declare what we are going to do with this renewed energy of the 5th sun. Now is the time that we must focus our inner drive toward making a better tomorrow for all sentient beings through our collective efforts.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for awhile now, foretelling changes that are to come in all the traditionally paternal areas of society. There are so many causes for social change that are worthy of our time and efforts. This New Moon is a reminder that we can no longer stay on the sidelines and watch the world growing more and more problematic. Its time to get involved- at whatever level we can. It is time to take a stand!

The power of equality between male and female, of sustenance and nurturance, is what the balanced Capricorn is about. Capricorn, the sea goat will go to any length, be it the bottom of the sea to the highest cliff, to discover truth and implement changes that provide for the even the weakest link. We can act as the Beneficient Father by focusing our efforts on restructuring, providing aid, working through sustained efforts, supporting traditions that serve and restructuring those that don’t. Pluto in Capricorn is about transforming the way it is into a better way for all to provide justice, equality, and liberty~ “Viva la revolution” would be a key-phrase for this New Moon phase.

And with the Sun (ego, the self) and 4 planets; Venus (relationship) the Moon (emotions, hopes and dreams), Mercury (communication), and Pluto (transformation) all in the sign of Capricorn right now, the time is RIPE for change! It’s as if a door has opened for change to occur. The insistence to see these efforts carried through, persistence in the face of obstacles and dedication to compassionate causes are all powerful upsides to this moment and the energy is here to provide us with a jump-start!

At this time when we see the position of the Father, or traditionally paternal institutions crumbling, we need to ACT UP to create changes in banking reform, political reform,  educational reform, decriminalization of drug laws, and the repeal of corporate personhood! We must know and trust that the return of the Mother is imminent through true nurturance of the people rather than multinational corporations. It’s up to us to make it so!

Idle No More, the coalition of First Nations of indigenous Canadians calling for upholding treaties that include representational government  has just formed. I believe this is a wake-up call to the world as a message of equality and human rights everywhere! I see it as the footsteps of the Great Mother stirring in the snow. We can follow her lead.

We must wake up and address Homelessness and Hunger, Domestic and Gun Violence, Affordable Universal Healthcare, including Mental Healthcare, Economic and Educational policies, the elimination of GMO food experimentation and the support of Clean Earth policies. There is so much to do!

Democracy and grassroots movements have the most power to impress real changes into societal norms. We all have to step up, speak up and make a point to do all we can to improve daily life for everyone. We are all in this together as we are all One.

It comes down to a few simple, Universal moral obligations; to Love our neighbors as our Selves. Do no harm. Take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds because we can create paradise as easily as hell. Discover the Mindful Awareness of this Moment. Choose Generosity of Spirit and Intentional Living. It’s not difficult, once you make up your mind to see it’s true, it becomes imperative. There are lots of venues out there, choose some that resonnate with your soul and put your Passions to work!

Believe in Positive Change and BE the change you want to see in the world! ~Namaste’

MoveOn.org     BeTheChange.org     MoveToAmend.org     DemandAPlan.org

www.facebook.com/IdleNoMoreCommunity     ACLU.org     SierraClub.org

Posted January 11th, 2013.

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Neptune planet of Illusion

“It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognized.” -I Ching

The 8th planet on Integrated Practices Kabbalah structure is Neptune; the Illusion, the Maya of perception. This can pertain to anyone’s beliefs or paradigm of reality. The question posed here is, “Can you look into the mirror of your Self directly, without blinking, and see what is really there?”

The exercise that Shadow-work requires is that of unflinching honesty.

To look in the mirror of the Self with compassion, from a non-ego position of the higher self requires courage to see clearly and find the inner strength to rise above self-judgement and to then make adjustments or integration based on Spirit-led guidance.


Posted November 26th, 2012.

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November Solar Eclipse/New Moon Energy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 a total solar eclipse will be visible in the Southern Hemisphere. The energy, however, will be affecting the entire planet and sentient beings everywhere at 3:08pm Mtn time.

The energies of the astrological sign of Scorpio; unburied secrets, research, taboo, sex and death must all be approached fearlessly. Be ready to go within and view your shadow side. When the energies of our prime astrological planets both become hidden, both our sense of light and dark, ego and emotion take a bit of a vacation and can be influenced by the unseen. It’s sort of a carte blanche gift to peek behind the curtain- maybe you will discover who the Wizard of your life really is!

Shadow work is a contemplative study for Spiritual Warriors. Regular meditation is a pre-requisite for this phase of introspection though. To head into the darkness be sure that you call upon your guardians, angels and modes of protection first and keep a few things in mind. How badly are you willing to change your future and your Self? If you are so sick and tired of failing and flailing and are willing to surrender…then you are a good candidate for this months powerful energies of Scorpio.

To call upon the gods prior to delving into the shadows a Spiritual Warrior must need a few things clear in mind;

1. Have a true soul need~

2. Have a clear intention~

3. Have a clear conscious and pure heart~

4. Be willing to lose even that which you’d swear you couldn’t live without.

…a good Health care program is always a good idea as well! jk ~; )

Namaste’ all you Spiritual seekers

and welcome to the silence of the darkness within and around…


Posted November 13th, 2012.

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