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Metaphysics & Perception

My definition of Metaphysics is this:
the study of applied psychology which acts
through universal laws.

I still dont know all the Universal ‘laws’ that exist
but an important one is the Law of Attraction.
We must be aware of our thoughts~

Thoughts become things because
your perception affects all things around you;
*Learn about your Self.
*Observe your behaviors/habits,
*Learn to determine when your perceptions are ruling you
rather than you ruling them!
*Choose your actions rather than reacting.
*Smile because you know you are eternal and all this drama will pass…
It will allow you to Choose the Good Stuff and Live Happily.
The Universe wants us to be Happy~

All of your emotions make ripples in the aether…which in turn,
affect your subtle bodies as well as your physical one.
Look for the good in life and surround yourself with others
who do the same…there is peace and integrity out there~
our challenge is to learn to see it! especially when times are hard
and we are suffering. But we can do it!

Our lifetimes are like classes where we
create learning experiences for ourselves,
which help our souls grow in wisdom,
allow us to find our place, and hopefully,
integrate into the collective conscience and give back to it~
Those who are at peace in their core Self,
are clear in their intention and determined to do good,
achieve their goals and create a fulfilling reality.

Become a *Carrier of the Light* – then share it
with those who will listen – and demonstrate it
for those who wont!

Don’t sit in the back row, with your head down…
sit up front, raise your hand often, give it your best.
You get out of Life what you put into it!!

Wishing you All Good Things,

originally posted January 20, 2012

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the Eternal NOW

To re-envision TIME is to master it.
When you can become aware of the present moment,
the ‘eternal   now’, and the next  ‘now‘ , and the  ‘now‘  after that…
you’ve taken the first step toward manifesting the future.

Try this exercise today:
Place a large rubber band or loosely tie a string around your wrist.
Each time you look at it, remind yourself to think;
“I AM” – be present to the moment
then SMILE, because you are being given a gift~
It will increase your awareness of being alive in the present moment.
It will increase your endorphin level and relieve your stress.
It will make you more productive in your work.
And it will help you to make more conscious choices
about what you’re doing and how you are using your time.

~When you are awake and alert, you can hear the
still small voice of G*d directing you~
When you make choices from this place of awareness
your life will begin to improve:

~you’ll discover that you have MORE time…
~you’ll start to live in the flow of the Universe and things
will happen more easily, for the better…
~you’ll start to achieve more and appreciate the fact that
you are NOT a victim of your circumstances,
but rather, YOU are the co-creator of your Universe!

Open your eyes. Its time to wake up…
to the Eternal Now~


originally posted January 19, 2012

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My Dark Companion

I walk with Him everyday. My beloved.
He’s powerful, silent and strong, with exotic, cool, icy looks.
He’s really out of my league.
I’m flattered at how he stays so close to my side~
or moves on ahead of me to clear the way through a crowd.

He’s polite. Such a gentleman.
I see his suit is a bit old, well worn, but not frayed.
His shoes so polished that I could almost see my reflection there;
but he never stops long enough for me to be sure.

He tells me stories; He’s been around the world, been everywhere,
seen all kinds of people. But never gossips.

He wears a watch on a chain. I notice the hands don’t move,
they’re stuck at half past eleven.

He reminds me of the things I have left to do~
He encourages me to be brave,
to face those things I fear the most.
He is my most encouraging friend, truth be told.

His face is wise and lean and though I can’t tell His age
He is not old.

I take his gloved hand as we sit beside a quiet pool~
the clouds racing over the sky shroud His eyes.

“Darling”, he says, “do you have one last question before we go?”
“Anything at all?”
I can think of nothing. No regrets.
It’s time.

originally posted January 14, 2012 ©KalinArtAndSpirit


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What Do you Really Need?

What do you really NEED?
There are lots of things we believe we need; a certain amount of money to pay the mortgage and bills, certain kinds of food and clothing. We might want the latest upgrade to our computers or gadgets that make our life ‘easier’, but once we have them~ we find we can’t live without them!
Like, how did we ever live without a cell phone or Facebook?!

Im not saying that we need to be ascetics, but there are places we can cut back, cut down on consumption, reduce, reuse and recycle.
There are ways we can reclaim our TIME, our independence and self-sufficiency- without suffering-
all the while enriching our Quality of Life.

Consider your lifestyle: are there things you could change or do without, in order to satisfy the deeper longings of your soul? I won’t list too many here, because these things are personal, and individually, we need to look at our own behaviors to understand the true motivation behind our actions, but for example; *What need do those ‘latest’ new shoes fill? Do they make me feel prettier, more important, more loved and supported? Are shoes the best thing to fill that need?
*Is this new piece of jewelry really necessary, or does it just make me feel more worthwhile?
*Do I really need to buy these brownies? The answers may be ‘yes, occasionally I want to treat myself’, but the important point is that we pause to reflect, not act automatically out of habit or via an unconsciousness impulse.

Many people are unemployed today, and as a society, we are starting to realize that big homes, big cars, lots of money and possessions are not as necessary as we believed them to be. In times of struggle, there are always silver linings in the clouds. Look for them!

*Look inside to discover what the basics are that you need to feel content, safe and good about yourself. Can you pare-down and redefine what is important in your life?
The happiest and most fulfilled people are those whose needs are well-met, because they are simple!

DISCERNING the difference between something we want and something we need takes awareness and attention. When we live up to the higher goal of fulfilling our true needs, we become more successful in the Pursuit of Happiness.

May you Be Well.
May you Live Well and May you be Happy!

originally posted January 11, 2012

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Giving Back

There come times in our lives when we feel we’ve mastered a skill, or had an insight that illuminates our way of seeing things, and we feel we just *have* to share.
Have you ever felt it?

Many times, this kind of ‘push’ to share, to give back to the community, comes at an age of maturity, ~but not always. The earlier one learns ‘to return’, the easier it becomes, for the rest of his/her life.
Think of the young music student who helps a younger peer to improve their skills!
Think of a sixth grader helping a first grader to learn the joy of reading!
Then think of the grandmother, teaching her granddaughter to knit…
These are joys shared, which serve the greater good of everyone.

Finding activities that feed our soul are important things to do – throughout life.
So you have a job or career that provides your income, but what do you do in your down time, that feeds your soul? What is that spark of creativity, nurturing, teaching, or guidance, that come naturally to you, that you can contribute, give you a sense of accomplishment and pride?
Maybe this passion can be turned into a vocation;
What are your biggest dreams?
What would you do if you Knew you could not fail?
This is the Bliss we should all learn to follow.
To Live Large. To be Fierce!

Volunteering skills that only you have, can reinvigorate your Spirit and keep you charged up.
Many places are looking for people who may have lots of interest, if not a lot of experience, to teach a beginning course….in art, photography, home repair….coaching sports or guiding apprentices.
Sometimes a volunteer position is just enough to lead you into a new career.

*Do you have skills that are uniquely yours or you feel may help someone else through a rough patch?
Can you organize things or do new computer protocols come easy to you? Great, then share that with those of us who are left baffled!

*Do you have it in you to spend time with loved ones, to lend a listening ear, or hold a hand of someone who is craving companionship? Sharing just a few moments a week may be all someone else needs to stay ‘charged’ themselves.

Finding ways to Give Back to your co-workers, neighbors, family and friends creates small but intimate connections that not only serves another, but feeds the Spirit Within!
Remember, Your Spirit needs to be Fed too! <3

originally published January 10, 2012

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Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight the moon becomes full in the constellation of Cancer.
The moon is *exalted* or most comfortable in the watery abode of Cancer, the Crab…where its emotionality and fluidity are most easily expressed; so don’t be surprised if you have felt overly sensitive in the days prior and after a Cancer moon, which happens 9 to 10 times a year-
and especially the Cancer Full Moon!

The Cancer Full Moon contains the frequencies of the Great Mother; nurturance, sustanance, protection, caring and love. Tonight is a good time to meditate on the fullness and abundance of the Mother aspect of G*d. How does the Universe provide for you? How do you nurture yourself?
Can you do your domestic chores with love in your heart for yourself and the way you take care of your own needs? Do you allow yourself to indulge in self pampering and rewards for work well done, or do you shun all forms of hedonism? Or, on the other hand do you go overboard on the hedonism aspect of self-indulgence or self-serving behavior? It’s important to reach a balance.

Did you know that the Sun is always in opposition to the Full moon? It makes sense, if you think about it, astronomically. The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn tonight. Capricorn energies include the Great Father, the provider, protector and defender. Capricorn, the sea-goat, is an archetype of the Great Search, as the sea-goat plumbs the depths as well as scales the heights, of our subconscious terrain. Capricorn has to do with traditional ways of doing things, institutions and paternity. The song, “That’s Just the Way it Is” comes to mind. It’s time to tear down the walls of traditions that no longer serve the interests of the people they were designed to serve! Can we open our hearts and minds to creating new ways of thinking about education, banking, insurance, health care and marriage? Creating a new paradigm that serves all of mankind is the Great work of our time!

Capricorn begs us to ask ourselves, How do we face our deepest fears? Do we contain the Courage to Continue when all looks dark? Do we feel the Loving presence of the Divine behind us in all our endeavors? What does our inner Self feel protected by? Do we wear masks or does our light shine forth from within?

The combination of the energies of the Great Mother meeting the Great Father reminds me of a powerful work I did in 1989.  I found a book called, “Reparenting Yourself“. I think very few of us believe that we had/have ideal parents. I always felt like I had another ‘real’ parent who dropped me off on the doorstep of a pair of very young, inexperienced people, neither of which were ready to become my parents. My mother didnt need to tell me, but she did, that I was more mature than she was, [when I was in grade school] and that she would never grow up! A tinkerbell, if there ever was one!

The basics of Reparenting is to use your imagination to develop a character, in all her fullness, of the mother you wish you would have had. You can use magazine images, feelings, sensations, and all of your senses, to create this ideal parent.
Then you are to dialogue with her. Tell her all of your worries, cares, concerns, wishes and regrets. Tell her what you really NEEDED as a child and young adult. Feel her embrace you with everything you have ever wanted from a mother, a mentor and a Goddess.
Imagine the life you would be leading today if she were there for you now ~ then go LIVE IT that way!   <3

Do the same thing for your ideal Father. What would he have looked like? Sounded like? What advice would he have given you? What financial, emotional and physical support would he have lent you?
Dialogue with the ideal Father, the holy Father, the God. Tell him what you expected of him as a child, what you wish for today and what archetypal energies of his, you want to live on, in you, as his legacy……and then~
go LIVE that way! <3

Tonight, stand under the light of the Full Moon.
Fill yourself with the balanced energies of the Great Mother and Father.
Feel their embrace around you. Feel them living within you!
And become the ideal you wish to be!
Walk in beauty. Walk in truth. Walk in Love!

January 8, 2011

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Words of Wisdom

The following is on a plaque Im gifting to one of my women’s circle friends tomorrow at our gift exchange party. It’s a ‘pirate party’, so I might end up with my own gift at the end of the day~
I love these ladies, they’re my *aunties* of choice. Naughty and nice, full of wisdom and life experience~ a blessing to know, each and every one.

~Words of Wisdom~
Life is what you make it!
Live with Intention! Do what you love! Celebrate diversity! Keep learning!
Play with abandon! Tell silly jokes! Keep confidences! Listen carefully!
Always say please and thank you! Be generous! Seek wisdom!
Go out of your way for someone you barely know!
Stand up for the little guy! Keep your mind open!
Tell your friends you appreciate them! Share your passions!
Read to a child! Throw your head back and sing!
Never, ever give up!  -anon

Namaste and Happiest of Holidays~ Genie

originally posted December 8, 2011

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Leveraging the Universe- Book review

Yesterday a RL friend posted to my FB account an announcement that Mike Dooley’s latest book, “Leveraging the Universe: 7 steps to Engaging Life’s Magic” had just been released and that HE himself would be in Denver, signing copies today, at the LoDo Tattered Cover Bookstore!
All I had to do was say YES, get myself down there by 6:30pm with plastic.
Mission Accomplished!

Not being one to let a golden opportunity slip by, I jumped at the chance to meet one of my inspirational heroes! I follow Mike on Twitter and receive his daily “Notes from the Universe” in my email account. He’s someone I look forward to ‘hearing from’ every day!!

The upbeat, irreverent and heart-felt messages Mike sends out has really changed my perspective to finally *embrace* his positive daily affirmations. Doing so has given me a new appreciation for a ‘personal relationship’ to the Universe…something churches/temples and synagogues espouse to regarding aspects of their Supreme Being/s but never really became a reality for me. [skeptic that I am]

The messages that “The Universe” sends out daily are so full of warmth and love that one can’t help feeling being touched and hugged in a personal, squishy way! AND I am able through this blog to inspire other people in my network to do All Great and Good things in their lives as well! So I serve as a link in the chain as a carrier of light and positive energy 🙂

I just got my copy of the book purchased and signed- so I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet- but count on it! All of Mikes other books have been FANTASTIC and come highly recommended by this blogger.

The BEST parts of the night, tho, were all of the synchronicities I met up with: I drove straight down to the building, not worrying if Id make it there in time or not, stopping only once- found a parking spot right across the street, got to pay with my debit card, waltzed into the bookstore, bought a copy of the book, got in a quickly moving line and found an empty seat…all within 30 minutes!

Then, after the presentation, a woman seated behind me swapped her numbered ticket with me, bumping me up 75 spaces! I passed my ticket to a woman seated near me, bumping her up 100 spaces from her spot and got to meet and speak with Mike! As I expected, he was just as warm and personable as he is in his videotapes online- only a bit less goofy. He had 300 people to sign books for after all, which makes for a long day. I had my business card stuck in my book, so he could read the spelling of my name and at the last minute decided to let him keep the card – what the heck!? if he actually takes the time to read this blog, and likes it, who knows where that connection might lead? I know I’ve still gotta DO the basic footwork in order to MANIFEST my BEST REALITY!
An THEN, on the way home, Universe allowed me to breeze thru all of the stop lights, and upon turning on one of the last major streets near my home, my favorite instrumental song *of all time* CLASSICAL GAS played on the radio! <3 (Thank you Mason Williams) <3 I cranked it up and sang along to it at the top of my lungs as my left hand flew thru the breeze testifying to the world that the Universe is So Good! *BIG smiles and a heart full of love*

and THANK YOU UNIVERSE for always being there, supporting my dreams and keeping it real!
Over and out.

~Other books by Mike Dooley include:
Notes from the Universe, More Notes from the Universe, Even More Notes from the Universe,
Choose Them Wisely (Thoughts Become Things)
Infinite Possibilities
Manifesting Change
~and Audio Books;
Leveraging the Universe & Engaging the Magic
2012: Prophecies and Possibilities

original posting September


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Seasonal Detox Time

It seems lots of people are getting sick right now. Either the flu has come early or people are responding to the typical stressers which arrive at the changing of the seasons. My guess is the latter.

Especially at the Fall and Spring Equinox times, people’s bodies naturally start to fend off the changes in temperature, new pollens in the air and the changing of daylight hours. These stressers can cause the body to react by showing symptoms of illness, in order to purge the body of accumulated toxins.
So… the best thing to do this weekend is a detox plan.
Disclaimer: The information is intended to educate, inform, amuse, and inspire you on your personal journey towards optimal health. It is clearly not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is definitely not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are under the care of any health professional, discuss modifications in your diet, lifestyle, exercise program, nutrition and never discontinue or reduce prescription medications without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.
A day or two of detox is a great plan which helps ease you into the next season. Continuing the basics of this plan into your normal routine is something to aspire to.
My plan is to stop taking anything harsh into my body; no cigs, no alcohol, no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no white flour- AND to eat more local veggies, add more purified water. The top detoxifying veggies are; broccoli, garlic, spinach, cabbage, sprouts, blueberries, ginger and tumeric. So it looks like Indian food is on the menu! : ) That’s a Good Thing~ I love it!

I plan to exercise more; 45 minutes a day minimum, via walking, stretching, Tai Chi, dancing etc. and to take detox baths made of 1 cup of baking soda/1 cup of sea salt, a bit of Epsom Salts and assorted essential oils that I soak in. Did you know Epsom Salts are actually magnesium, which is good for your heart and muscles? It relieves pain and soreness as well as detoxifies and re-balances the body.

Since your mind recreates the perceptions and feelings it experiences into your body, it’s also important to create non-stressful situations for your spirit. Fasting from the mundane cares of the world, avoiding news reports, gossip and television shows, is also important to the health of your soul!
Create peaceful calm situations; take a walk in nature and really LOOK at the beauty in the colors of the changing leaves, the blueness of the sky, the path of the clouds, the texture of the tree bark and stones at your feet. Breathe in deeply of the breeze. Sit next to flowing water. Feel the warmth of the sunshine on your back. Appreciate the time you create FOR YOURSELF and be glad to experience being fully alive!

Most people probably dont know that in Biblical times people took a day, on or before their Sabbath, to fast and purify their bodies, before they entered their temples. A day of fasting and contemplation is a good practice, especially now, during the changing of the seasons. Treat your body like the temple of the soul that it is, and it will repay you with health.
Blessed Be your body, your mind and your soul!

read more at http://www.care2.com/greenliving/30-ways-to-detox-your-home-body.html

original posting September 24, 2011


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Lucid Dreaming

Repetitive Dreams- have you ever been dreaming and then realized that everything seems familiar? Then have you realized that you are currently having a repetitive dream? Great! That’s the time to take the bull by the horns and steer it toward the outcome you wish to occur! I’ve done this many times.

I’ve had a repetitive dream of being on the West Coast in a tsunami zone and a very high wave hits against the glass of a hotel restaurant. I realize that is dangerous and alert others. Sometimes we’ve escaped to higher ground other times I’ve drowned.
Now… when I see the waves, or it’s variation, deep swirling water, I have the choice to be the ‘director’ of my dream and move it as I want it to go, then take an action that will change the outcome in a more positive fashion. Taking a proactive stance while being aware of the fact that you’re dreaming is called a Lucid Dream state. I’ve gotten to the point where now, I see the waves and say “not tonight” and stop the dream right there and wake up.

As I wake up, I analyze what is happening in my waking life that would trigger my subconscious to send me that message. For me, deep waters symbolize deep emotions that are overwhelming me in my waking life. So I sit up, turn on my flashlight and write in my dream journal as much detail as I can remember. It’s surprising how many details I can recall at that moment that would be forgotten if I tried to recall it in the morning.
After I’ve taken notes, I tell myself that I’ll do more inner work on it in the morning.
It helps me relax enough to go back to sleep and rest well.
I’ve worked through it so often that I haven’t had that dream for quite a while now~ but if it comes again, I won’t be afraid of it – I’ll deal with it and know I can handle it effectively either right then, in a lucid state and/or do more conscious work on those issues in the daylight – after breakfast, when the rational side of my brain is ‘on duty’.

When you become aware of your Lucid Dreaming state it is really empowering. You can do anything you want to do to manipulate the outcome – however impossible.
Try it tonight! Plant a seed thought as to what you will do WHEN you become conscious that you are dreaming. That’s the first step. When you realize you’re dreaming, ie you’re flying or doing something impossible in waking life, it may prompt you to take action to move the outcome in a direction you wish. Stop and look at your hands or feet. Make mental notes of where you are and what you’re doing. Look at things until they come into sharp focus via concentration.
Try to read what’s written, say it aloud and make a point to wake yourself up to write it down!
(Ive been dreaming of tweets lately!)
Be AWARE and take an action that empowers you and harms no one else!
It’s great fun – and can be done with practice. It will confirm to you that YOU are the master of your destiny, in the dream world AND the waking world!
Sleep well,

originally posted September 17, 2011


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