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From Passover to Pentecost; Counting Omer


A tradition from the Jewish Kab’Allah system is to count Omer, for the 49 days between Passover to Pentecost. This prepares the Body, Soul, Heart and Mind to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit. This is a Spiritual practice of review and renewal, which is done every Spring season in preparation of the year ahead.

Using the Tarot cards 1 – 10, of each Elemental suit, we focus on the message of that card throughout the day. Keeping a Journal is necessary to record all the unconscious messages that will arise upon daily contemplation of each Tarot card. Upon 50 days, one’s conscious should be prepared to receive higher messages from Spirit. Namaste’

In the 9 Keys Tarot variation of counting Omer, we start at the lowest sphere of Earth, which has the densest energies of physical being, and count upward until we finish at the Sun sphere, the Higher Self.

Below is a compact diagram of the Kab’Allah glyph:

Creative Energy travels downward from Source into each sphere, which maintains its integrity but gains density, until it comes to physical manifestation in the Earth sphere.

The topmost triangle is the ‘Supernal Triangle’ of Deity. This is said to be above mankind’s comprehension (until the Great Work is done to perfection). My theory is that we, as humans, CAN access this level of consciousness once we have comprehended the lessons of each of the lower spheres and embodied these lessons into our daily lives, which is the purpose of the ‘Counting of the Omer’.

The Energy flows from Source to Uranus, then Saturn, then Sun into Jupiter and so on in a ‘lightning bolt’ shape. Each planetary ‘Sphere’ (Sphera) contains denser frequencies of the same energy.



1. Unity, Potentiality6. Motive, Drive
2. Duality, Cooperation7. Holy Direction, Setback
3. Synergy, Triangulation 8. Eternal Persistence
4. Stability, Stasis, Form9. Vision, Achievement
5. Change, Dynamic Shift10. Manifestation, Completion

9 Keys’ Tarot 40 Minor & 10 Major Arcana cards – Meditate on one card per day:

# SuitKey wordPlanet positionTheme
1 EarthInstinct – ResourcesPotential Manifestation
2 EarthInvestmentJupiter in CapricornDecisions Manifest
3 EarthSynergyMars in CapricornCooperation
4 EarthExpectationSun in CapricornSatisfaction
5 EarthTitheMercury in TaurusNo Fear
6 EarthPrudenceMoon in TaurusComfort
7 EarthEnduranceSaturn in TaurusWork Rewarded
8 EarthAltruismSun in VirgoMindfulness
9 EarthSatietyVenus in VirgoImperturbability
10 EarthManifestationMercury in VirgoWealth
1 WaterIntuition– EmotionsFeelings
2 WaterAgreementVenus in CancerLove
3 WaterCooperationMercury in CancerPartnership
4 WaterReverieMoon in CancerReflection
5 WaterRegretMars in ScorpioForgiveness
6 WaterIntegritySun in ScorpioKindness
7 WaterCompassionVenus in ScorpioSelf Sacrifice
8 WaterSympathySaturn in PiscesPurpose
9 WaterHappinessJupiter in PiscesConfirmation
10 WaterContentmentMars in PiscesPeace
1 FireInspiration– DrivePurpose
2 FireResolveMars in AriesCollaboration
3 FireAssertionSun in AriesAuthenticity
4 FireCompetitionVenus in AriesPatience
5 FireAdaptationSun in LeoHumility
6 FirePersistenceJupiter in LeoCharity
7 FireDecisionMars in LeoMission
8 FireCoherenceMercury in SagittariusAgelessness
9 FireAchievementMoon in SagittariusHigher Self
10 FireCelebrationSaturn in SagittariusSpiritual Unity
1 AirInsight– Universal MindAlignment
2 AirNegotiationMoon in LibraCommitment
3 AirProprietySaturn in LibraPriority
4 AirMeditationJupiter in LibraParadigm
5 AirCoherenceVenus in AquariusShift
6 AirCuriosityMercury in AquariusCreativity
7 AirDirectionMoon in AquariusPurpose
8 AirOptimismJupiter in GeminiAffirmation
9 AirIntentionMars in GeminiMindfulness
10 AirRealizationSun in GeminiPresence
1 MagiSeeker AriesWise Words
2 MuseObserverTaurusUnderstanding
3 LordAgencyGeminiClarity
4 LadyAbundanceCancerNurturance
5 StrengthIntegrityLeoVirtue
6 VirginEssenceVirgoInnocence
7 LoverPartnerLibraConnection
8 ExemplarTeacherScorpioLessons
9 HermitDiscipleSagittariusIntrospection

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Mars rules Pisces Decan iii – Dis/Contentment


Mars ruled Pisces Decan iii – Dis/Contentment

The dregs of the longest Winter recorded history is upon us, or so it seems! But there seems to be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, as to when Covid19 restrictions will lift and life will, in many ways, resemble normal.

Mars, the ruler of this Decan had gone into ‘confinement’ when it moved into this Astrological position due to the location of the Moon’s nodes last March 7, 2020. As of March 27, 2021 it will burst through this position to lift it’s confinement! Mars will ingress into Cancer April 24, bringing along with it action on the home/family front. (See diagram) Red Mars (at the bottom of the blue arrow) moves past ‘headphone’ shaped North Node as the rest of the planets stay trapped between this point and the upside down headphones opposite it, which created a CONFINEMENT shape. [Thanks to NightLightAstrology for the diagram. I don’t have S Node on my program.]

This long period of isolation has caused many of us to suffer from mild cognitive decline due to boredom, repetition or restriction of movement. As this Spring comes into view it’s good for us to remember that our state of mind is up to us to revitalize through ADAPTATION. This is what the wise old owl knows, that “Life is as we perceive it!” 😉 When we start to get dragged down, it’s up to us to take quick action to move our bodies, try new routines and be ready to renegotiate new ways of living, in order to survive over the long haul. We need to be able to FLOW with the changes life presents.

The owl eats mice over the Winter, small birds in Spring and larger prey in Summer and Autumn. He adapts to what the seasons bring his way. And he rests when he must. We can take heed of this WISDOM regarding CHANGE. Look to change as an OPPORTUNITY!

Many jobs will have ended permanently, and we will all be looking to attend the activities we did in the past, with whatever is the ‘new normal’. Much employment will continue to be done online and delivery will remain a viable option for many goods and services. We are adjusting to the Nodes of the Moon being in the AIR signs for the next century. Life doesn’t go backward. We need to lean in OPTIMISTICALLY toward the Future!

For example, Communication methods are changing; tele-working and distance learning will continue to be a boon to the cleanliness of the environment, as people won’t need to drive as often for business. So, not all the changes will be ‘bad’, they’ll just take some adjusting to.

CONTENTMENT is the key word for the 10 of Water Tarot card. The pinnacle of emotional experience. Last Decan’s 9 of Water card told of the pursuit of ‘Happiness’, while this card reflects the next step after Happiness – the warm glow of Contentment. You may, instead, have the feeling of unease, or Discontent that comes as a project is finished, or period of life comes to an end. There is a sense of being off balance while circling back to the Ace of Water card – where all emotions are possible and outcomes look promising again. Regain your balance by learning to lean into change and move forward!

With this last period of Winter coming to an end, we can look forward with HOPE to a new Spring and a new way of ‘doing’ life, post Covid lock-down. May the first blooms of Spring bring a smile to your face and remind you that LIFE GETS BETTER.

(Turn your clocks back 1 hour on Sunday, March 14th) #DECANS #TAROT #MARCH2021


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