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Wake up Everybody!

The world is falling apart. Insanity runs amok. Congress interferes with retirement plans. Advances toward Universal Health care are criticized. Progress is blocked. Violence is all around us. Now even children are massacred. We’re bewildered. The end of the world must be near?

The hype over 2012 is at an all time high right now and the words seem to fail me. I want to wish you hope and give you inspiration. All I can say is “Hold on – it has got to get better!” Pass this message on to whoever you find that needs it. Look into their eyes, hold their hands and help them understand and believe it. Help them, then go out and make it happen- everywhere you can.

The change that is predicted to come will come, but it seems only after we hit bottom and enough of us turn it around. When the energy is raised it will start the pot boiling. Haven’t you hit bottom yet? We have to step up, speak out, demand social change and empower those who represent us to take action on what we believe is imperative! Don’t be afraid. Act up!

I hope you’re inclined to sign on here to repeal automatic weapons. It’s ridiculous that these are tolerated by our society. http://signon.org/s/SwoYPT 

“The world won’t get no better, if we all just let it be. We gotta change it! Just you and me.”

~and to THANK and inspire you, a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NfCZEmLJ1Y

We can all start where we are and be the changes we want to see in the world. This year our resolutions must be met with resolve. Be present for your loved ones. Do good wherever you can. See something wrong and address it. Get active! Donate your time and talents if you have no cash. Fill the needs you discover. Start something! At the very least, Smile at people and practice random acts of kindness. Reach out.

Its always the right time to reach out.


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