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Imbolc’s stirrings

The Earth is stirring, can you hear it? You have to put away all of your electronics; tv, phones, walk away from the email and the tweets. Walk outdoors. Walk slowly to hear it. Hopefully you will find the sky covered in a soft, grey blanket that will muffle the sounds of mankind…until you can hear the gentle stirrings under the soil.

Its been six weeks since the mania of the holidays has past. Hopefully you have recovered, without falling ill~ which is the case of many who don’t listen to their bodies’ inner voice and keep pushing past their limits – or have overindulged in the temptations of the sweet and sticky.

Six weeks have passed and the time of first evaluations has arrived.
How has your year started? Have you put in place the structure that will serve you? Without judging yourself for perceived failures, what can you resolve to do NOW that will make your life more joyous and easy? Pledge to your Self to do that, and look toward the future with the Sun’s growing light on your face!

Imbolc is the fire festival which marks the first stirrings within the Earth and all its inhabitants. Traditionally, the ewes of the Celtic lands would begin to feel the movements of their unborn lambs and give birth at this time. Imbolc literally neans “in milk”. As the sun’s tilt would warm the land, allowing crocus and snowbells to push forth from under the snow and mouldy leaves, the entire world would recognize the beginnings of a new cycle. It’s the time of a gentle awakening.

It’s time to go within and listen for the still, soft voice of higher Spirit whispering to your Soul. We all *know* what is true, and beautiful and right…it’s just that we tend to hide away from our truth, get busy with sights and sounds of daily life. We tell our Selves that we will get back to quiet thoughts later. But most of us do anything to distract our Selves from our knowingness…in order to make our living in the world, or keep us from facing the shadows hiding beneath our skin.

How about this? Instead of waking to an alarm clock and hurrying about…why don’t you promise yourself precious TIME to lie still and listen? This past Saturday was the Solar date of Imbolc and next Saturday night is the New Moon in Aquarius and the Lunar date of Imbolc. Consider how much a truly *deep rest* could serve you – and help revive you! As you go deep within, visualize all that could BE in your life. Allow your mind to drift into daydreams, picture all that makes you feel happy and secure, pleased and fulfilled. Allow yourself to receive all good things that the Universe has to offer you because the Universe WANTS you to be Happy! Yes, She really does! ~:)

If we only knew how important our thoughts and imaginings were~ we would never embrace negativity again! Thoughts become real by the power we give them, so give your Self only the BEST that life has to offer!! After all, it’s your story, it’s your time to shine!
Namaste’ Be Well~

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