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Is Astrology Predictive?

I find it rather incredible that the stars seem to reveal the events of our lives. When I check on events of the past in someone’s chart I can clearly see what was happening in the heavens at the time. It reads like a story. The circumstances were set up for certain kinds of events to happen and they DID. It’s far more than coincindence. But is it FATE?

Naysayers would tell you that you can read whatever you wish into the past~ but when I compare many charts and many events, they lay out distinct patterns in everyone’s charts. That’s when I start believing the validity of the patterns and the practicality of using astrology to predict probabilities for the future.

I know certain astrologers believe that our personality patterns are somewhat ‘fixed’ by our natal chart and that if we continue in acting out our programmed behavioral patterns, we will walk right into the events that the stars predict~ and fall. I’d like to think we have more wiggle-room for choosing our own destiny, but sometimes, I’m not so sure how much influence we have over scenarios that are set up for us. The best we can do is to walk onto the scene dressed appropriately.

I don’t think the stars compel our fate, but there is a sort of ‘pattern to things’ that’s like listening to variations on a theme, in a musical composition; You can tell its there but you don’t know how it will resolve each time. It’s why I believe in astrology and have a metaphysical perspective about ‘creating our own reality’. I believe we can create a better outcome when we are informed of the landscape that lies ahead of us and have an accurate weather forecast.

I like digging for these archetypal patterns – to me there IS an underlying shape, structure and pattern to it All…which explains to me life’s meaning and the lessons we’re here to learn. I go everywhere with my eyes open for it. I feel very excited, a tingly contentment, when I discover new patterns. Even the ones I can’t yet verbalize. I can find them most easily in astrology.

I know “meaning” changes based on one’s Perspective of the Moment, so I try really hard to stay in Higher Self’s perspective as a Detached Observer to have a better experience~ especially if I know it may be something trying that I have to endure, (like the potent energies we are experiencing right now between the outer planets’ call for revolutionary change – it’s like knowing conditions are right for an avalanche; we can survive by knowing where the snow is loose and avoiding walking that path.) That kind of viewpoint really helps to change hard lessons into ones that teach me something and gives me a strategy to use events to my advantage rather than become overwhelmed by life’s storms and snowy conditions. If I understand that everything I experience is for the growth of my soul, then I can more easily accept lessons that seem harsh.

Knowing which patterns the planets are setting up is kind of like knowing the weather forecast; knowing that it will be overcast with a 80% chance of snow for the next three days, helps me prepare for possible outcomes by putting on my psychic overcoat – the one with the fur lining!

Astrology is a difficult art and an imperfect science, because it has many layers to interpret, but when I get it ‘right’ I feel like I may have helped someone prepare for possible outcomes. That’s about the best we can do for each other, isn’t it? If we’re all climbing the mountain, and a blizzard comes along, we can shout to others our location and warn them of crevices or lose snow we’ve come across. Eventually we might even discover that they are ahead of us on the mountainside and have put up a shelter for us. We all have a better chance at survival when we share what we know.

Namaste’ to climbers of all kinds~

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