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A small selection of my very favorite selections of Astrology Books:


How to Read your Astrology Chart- Scott Cunningham

Making the Gods Work for You – Caroline Casey (Planetary descriptions; Planets as actors, fun and engaging)

Astrology for Yourself- Douglas Bloch & Demetra George

Spiritual Astrology- Jan Spiller & Karen McCoy (Empowering)

Astrology, Karma & Transformation- Arroyo (Person centered)

Astrology, Psychology & the 4 Elements- Arroyo

Chart Interpretation Handbook – Arroyo

The Astrology of Fate- Liz Green (Mythology stories)

36 Faces- Austin Coppock (Decans & ancient symbols)

Hellenistic Astrology- Chris Brennan (Comprehensive Greek translation with modern interpretation)

Handbook for the Humanist Astrologer- Meyer

Planets in Transit- Robert Hand

Psychology, Astrology & Western Magic- Luis Alvarado

Astrology Looks at History- Noel Tyl (Eye opening!)

Vocations- Noel Tyl


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