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Some of my very favorite books on METAPHYSICS: Beware, these may open your mind and propel you into realms you have never even imagined. But they are wonderful doorways…


Biology of Belief- Bruce H Lipton

The God Code- Gregg Braden

The Divine Matrix- Gregg Braden

The Fractal Code- Gregg Braden

The Master Key- Charles F Haanel

The Power of I AM- John Maxwell Taylor

Ask & It Is Given- Esther & Jerry Hicks

Be Here Now- Ram Dass

Power of NOW – Eckhart Tolle

In Search of Zarathustra- P Kriwaczek

Gurdjieff- J Shirley

Science of Mind- Ernest Holmes

Wisdom of the Elements- McArthur

Each are a *Treasure* in their own right! Book reviews to follow~

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