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The 9Keys Tarot features a flurry of Hummingbirds buzzing around a nectar filled potion bottle feeder…

HUMMINGBIRD – 6 of AIR – ALCHEMY – Jan 30 – Feb 8

Keywords for this second decan in Capricorn: #Curiosity #Magic #Change #Obsession #Inspiration #Investigation #Alchemy #Journey #Insight #Mercury #Freedom #Flight #STAR #StarQuality #Recognition #Awards #Cazimi #Blessings #Aquarius #Air

Planets and Transits in the second Decan from 11*- 20* Aquarius;

Dates of Import: Jan 1 Mars squares Pluto –Images of Warlords, Activists, and Judges meeting up to decide hard truths under this energy. Perhaps conversations go deeper than usual now? What is the motivation behind the decision? Are precedents being set? Why? Discussions can easily turn sour as debate becomes uncivil. Mercury in Aquarius wants the freedom to fly in the direction of one’s choosing. As an aside, the Manafort Trial will be underway in the US, so watch as planetary disruptors sneak their way into the spotlight.

Venus enters Capricorn – On Sunday, Jan  3 Mars aligns with Eris, asteroid/goddess of discord, as Venus enters the sign of Capricorn. No faint, hothouse flower here, she comes in ‘Warrior mode’ to right wrongs of injustice all month long. Let’s hope her shields hold.

New Moon Jan 4 at 15* Aquarius – Monday, Jan 4 we see the critical point of Aquarius activated with a New Moon! This is the best time to set intentions for change, freedom and BIG DREAMS! Give voice to whatever lights your ‘inner fire’ and send your energy out into the world to make it happen! Dare to be the STAR of your own Life! ~Unusual ideas, rebellion, freedom, eccentricity reigns now like a Mardi Gras King. Look for new friends who embrace the ‘unusual’, like Astrology, and you will be delighted!

The Tarot of 9 Keys 6 of Air card features a dozen Hummingbirds feeding on sweet potions and nectars of ambrosia. This is the time to claim your Spiritual birthright and reclaim your native powers of discernment, efficacy, tact, and diplomacy so that you can slide right up to the podium for recognition as a STAR while the chaos rages around you. Picture the chaos of an Academy Award announcement while a fight breaks out in the crowd. You will still walk up to the podium to claim the reward you’ve earned, but your “Thank you speech” may not be heard. Think of a hobbit diving under the legs of a strongman as he is pursued…make your well-timed getaway, or realize the WISHES you’ve been desiring for a long time. This is the energy of the Hummingbird. The flurry of brightly colored wings will deflect negativity from you as you deftly claim your prize.

Astrological changes this decan: Mercury rules this decan that starts out with the Moon in Sagittarius, bringing a philosophical bent to the day, which is followed by the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune. “Making dreams real” can be the motto of this year’s decan. Mercury will be in Aquarius so thoughts have a ring of the unusual, and are specially charged due to Mercury’s Cazimi position to the Sun on Jan 29. Mercury acts as a Trickster as he runs up to steal the Sun’s glory, he is hidden for a moment, but then appears on the other side of the Sun, hands full of blessings, and brings us gifts of genius proportion. Prometheus would be proud to call Mercury his son. New inspirations that you’ve received lately should be followed up on NOW! Odds are in your favor for Success!! But act quickly to implement your plan as challenges are on the horizon.

When I say ‘Now’ I mean immediately as Venus enters February in Sagittarius conjunct to the major benefic, Jupiter, but leaves this lap of luxury for the stone-cold bench of Capricorn, which is in turmoil, in case you haven’t noticed. The structures that have supported us are crumbling, and Venus, the planet of desire and comfort will be doing ‘Super-Woman’ work all month. Be prepared to have freshly ironed capes in reserve.

Overall Message: Strike while the iron is HOT! Take and make opportunities to socialize, make strategic plans to achieve your goals and enjoy the relative quiet this decan brings. Look for little things to brighten your day. Pay attention to intuitive hints and keep them in your pocket.

Citation: Austin Coppock’s #36Faces – 6 of Air; Mercury in Aquarius = Star symbol

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