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I do not crave material things,

just basic needs met,

and happiness.

Simplicity. Quality. Integrity.


Playing like children. Remembering fun.

Chalk on sidewalks, colored glass in the sun.

Watching spiders spin and birds flying high.

Imagining shapes as the clouds pass by.


Sensuality. Music. Artistic expression.

Whispers in the dark, a Midnight confession.

Playfulness. Sweetness. Beauty and Truth.

Laughing at things that are a bit uncouth!


Friendships that are loyal and true.

Colors that come in every hue.

Paying it forward. Selflessness.

Sharing and Caring. A soft caress.

Kindness and sometimes gentle teasing.

Undulating green hills whose shapes are pleasing.


Honesty. Best efforts. Sincerity.

Cozy warm fires and a cup of tea.

Catching sky colors before they flee.

My baby child on his Grandmother’s knee.


Freedom of road trips over wide expanses

that wash away thought as the miles tick by.

The crackling of geese wings, so low they fly.

To see Understanding in my friends’ eye.


::Long Strong Hugs::

Courage to do what must be done.

Idealism. Devotion. Love that’s not won.



@GenieDjinn 2011 all rights reserved

Late summer/early autumn impressions



Posted in Poetry by kalin on August 19th, 2012 at 6:16 pm.

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