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Butterflies and Dragonflies

I realized today

that a butterfly is a thing of beauty,

that I don’t need to try to capture it on film.

It’s not in their nature to sit still

and wait for me to focus~

it is their nature

to fly!


They have struggled to become what they are.

A complete metamorphosis

changed in form,

dissolved, reconstructed, reconfigured




I am amazed at their delicate design

powdery, frail, so fragile

and their colors, so vivid and bright.

Un natural creatures

in this world of green and brown.

Seemingly not aerodynamic

and yet, they fly.


I have never seen a butterfly die

tho I know they must

go somewhere, to turn into dust,



I have seen a dragonfly die.

It landed on the topmost branch

wrapped its feet around the stalk

shook its wings a few times

rested, relaxed,

and did not move again.


Frozen in time

it left peacefully, gracefully

and without ado.

I hope I can go as gracefully

and peacefully

when it is my time.




Butterflies struggle to become what they are.

Don’t try to capture them. Now is their time to fly!

@all rights reserved 2011

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Posted in Poetry by kalin on August 19th, 2012 at 6:22 pm.

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