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Happy Ostara everyone!

It’s about time for Persephone to make her triumphant return to the above-world and bring more light and warmth to mortals in the Northern Hemisphere.

Her sentinels buzzed me yesterday as I was sunbathing in a red pulli, so I offered them honey that had crystalized over the winter, hoping they would bring their siblings along soon for a garden party. It’s always lucky to provide the first bees of the season with succor.

That was yesterday, when it was in the mid 60s. Today it’s in the low 30s, with enough snow and wind that events around town have been cancelled and we’re inside snug & warm. Hurray for Snow days!

Not to worry, it’s just Springtime in the Rockies~ for 300 plus days of sunshine, we learn to tolerate a few snow squalls this time of year. It’s good for the soil, the sprouting plants and the beeeees.

originally published Friday March 19, 2010

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