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Runes of the Day

Runes are Nordic symbols representing early archetypal concepts such as the weather, light and darkness, cycles of life and relationships between people and their environment.

I find it interesting that the symbols are familiar to early Hebrew and Greek letters. My theory is that the Viking traders that came through Kiev to the Levant [middle east] learned these symbols through trade, and brought them back to the North country where shaman added to the cultural flavor of these mystical symbols via astral travel.

Today’s runes Ingwaz and Othila represent fertility and homeland, which are appropriate for the first day of Spring!

Inga, as I call it, is a diamond shape and represents potential and possibilities. Named after a very old god who predates the Germanic tribes, it is a phallic symbol that can be applied to either sex; the head of the penis or the vagina. It represents the magnetic charge, and inner heat of attraction, the object of which is fruition.

So today, it is a good time to plan things, start new projects, clean up the house and freshen the linens. Bring in some fresh flowers and take a walk outdoors. Listen to see if you can hear songbirds that have returned with the melting snows. Feel the potential of being alive!

Othila, the rune of the homeland, is a diamond shape with the two lower lines extended, and expresses our primal connection to the Earth. It reminds us that we should become aware of our place on the planet and dedicate ourselves to improving mankind’s lot while we are here, rather than just taking what we want.

Choosing to simplify your lifestyle by recycling, using and reusing the things you have, giving to charity and using public transportation are a few ways of paring down your carbon imprint on the Earth.

Gardening and buying organic foods are ways to become more self sufficient and support local farmers. Petitioning for clean air, water and food are ways you can add your voice to help send a message to your representatives in government.

Consider your actions and their repercussions as to how they will affect you, your local circles of influence, and into the future generations, BEFORE you act, as chief Joseph of the Nez Perce advised.
Walk in beauty, Walk in Peace!

Recommended reading; The Book of Runes by Francis Melville, Barron’s pub.2003

originally published March 21, 2010

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