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Today’s Rune – Is

The Rune “Is” shaped like–> I and pronounced “ice”, is appropriate for today in Denver; we got at least 8″ of heavy, wet snow last night that cancelled most events in the Metro area. Horray for SNOW DAYS! But the mile high sun is doing a nice job of melting it. I hope cities downstream, Kearny NB and KCity are ready for another deluge!

Metaphysically speaking, ‘Is’ represents time to stop, delay, wait, and look at things from a different perspective – so it correlates to the Hanged Man in Tarot as well. Take time to listen for options and possibilities when you come to a roadblock in your life. Maybe that cancelled plane will give you time to pick up a book that can change your life*, or you will meet someone who later turns into a human resource for your career or becomes a dear friend.

The Chinese symbol I call Crisitunity, has the same shape for the meanings Crisis as well as Opportunity. Their culture is old enough to know that there is a silver lining in every situation. Don’t panic. Breathe. Step out of your emotional ReActions and decide which Action is best for this situation. It’s amazing how quickly traffic jams resolve themselves when you are relaxed! An open, receptive mind will allow quiet moments to turn into ‘aha’ moments if we just let them.

*The 99% solution is a book I just discovered that will be released April 15th. It gives pointers for getting your Ideas turned into REALITY using the research done on groups that have repeatedly proved themselves successful. Make Ideas Happen is trending today 3/24/10 #MIH on Twitter.

originally published 3/24/1o

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