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The 4 Queens

Goddess energy comes in many forms and expressions, from the Great Mothers like Demeter to the Destroyers like Kali. Goddess energy is expressed as the Lover and the Wise Sage, the Debutant and the Wife. Goddess energy serves both women and men, in their search for self-expression and fulfillment. Today I’ll explain how the Archetypes of the 4 Queens of the Tarot may typically show up in your life.

Queen of Swords [Diamonds] is represented by the element Air, which signifies inspiration, knowledge, insight, and oversight. She is emotionally balanced and wise from life’s experiences. There has been much sorrow and conflict in her life but she can still see humor in, and gains wisdom from all experiences. She has an analytical mind and is intelligent with much common sense. She will be honest and direct with you and makes a good leader.
She may be a writer, poet, composer, literary agent, newspaper reporter, talk show host, or a community organizer. She always has good ideas and you would do well to heed her unsolicited advice. She is such a perfectionist that she can conceal her true emotions in order to meet her ends. She will often say what people want to hear, in order to maintain the status quo and not rock the boat.

Queen of Wands [Hearts] is represented by the element of Fire, action, passion, courage and determination. She is popular and outgoing, healthy, fit and fashionable. She is a methodical planner, creative, competent and decisive. She is usually very kind, cheerful and easygoing and will be supportive and protective of others. You may find her in your life as a salesperson, a fund raiser, or a political advocate especially for children and the under privileged. Don’t rile her or she will become controlling, manipulative and vindictive. She can be very envious and cause trouble for people she sees as potential enemies.

Queen of Cups [Clubs] is represented by the element of Water, emotions, dreams, fantasies and illusions. She is attractive and romantic, often getting her way with just a smile. She is typically the perfect wife and mother who bakes cookies and cakes from scratch. She may be a childcare provider, a cook, a baker or a nutritionist. She is kind and sympathetic to the feelings of those around her and has a beneficence which brings much good to people’s lives. Because she gives so much of herself, she often feels neglected and unappreciated. She can become manipulative and controlling when she feels threatened and use guilt trips to get her way.

Queen of Pentacles/Coins [Spades] is represented by the element of Earth, stability, generous, fair and balanced in thought, word and deed. She is intensely loyal to her friends and family, dependable and helpful to others in need. She is sympathetic to social justice concerns and well organized. She can have strong opinions and be narrow-minded and hold a grudge if she is crossed. She tends to hoard material goods but may barter them if it is in her best interests. She may be a stock broker, investor, banker, grocer or shop owner.

Ideally, we should strive to be a combination of all of the above attributes in their most positive expressions; intelligence and foresight balanced with courage to take action. Of strong opinion or feeling balanced with generosity to share the wealth you possess. Equanimity is the central key to being a strong and powerful being – male or female. Namaste!

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck reference
originally published April 16, 2010

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