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Beltaine – Sacred Marriage Within

Beltaine is the Earth holiday that occurs roughly 6 weeks after the Spring Equinox.
As the young animals have been born at Imbolc, [Feb 2], and awakened upon Oestara, [Spring Equinox], this holiday, Beltaine, [May 2] celebrates the sacred marriage of the god and the goddess. This can be considered metaphorical or symbolic, but also ties into the cycle of the seasons on Earth as well as the psyche of mankind.
A metaphysical view allows for the marriage of oneself~ which may happen at any time, but is especially appropriate to remember this weekend as the Full Moon in Scorpio [psychic depths] wanes and Chiron[the wounded healer] passes the asteroid, Astarte, [signifying passionate love].

Carl Jung pointed out that the psychological marriage of one’s soul is possible as an outward man has an inner woman, his anima, likewise, the outer woman has an inner man, her animus. It is my belief that we are each emotionally ‘bisexual’ at our core and the more enlightened we become upon reflection of our inner Self, the more we can embrace others in their own fullness. To me, transsexuals are people who have become totally honest with themselves and are expressing the side that their soul relates to, rather than the one they are physically born into. Bisexuals are open to embracing the soul of a lover, independent of their physical attributes. Reincarnation states that we are reborn many times into many bodies, of each sex, so that we may experience the fullness of humanity. There should be no shame in knowing the truth of oneself. Expression of authentic Self should be embraced by us all.

I offer this meditation in the hopes that you will meet and embrace the wholeness of your Self:
Beltaine Meditation: [You may want to record this and play it back during meditation. Be sure to include plenty of #pauses, so you can fully experience this inner journey]~
Find a time and place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.
Get comfortable and cover yourself with a blanket. Sit or lie down.

Close out all outside thoughts~ focusing your mind on an inner point between your eyes, known as the third eye chakra point, in the center of your forehead#. Relax and breathe deeply a few times, shake your hands or wiggle until you are totally comfortable and relaxed#….
Now~ imagine a beautiful secluded spot in nature, maybe it’s a wooded glade or a meadow awash in wildflowers, or a deserted cove at the ocean or lake#. Walk to a place where you can sit down on the soft grass or atop a flat boulder and feel the sun’s warming glow embrace your body#. You are safe here. This is your eden. All around you is beauty and serenity. All is calm and quiet and peaceful.#
As you look down, you notice a small pool of clear water, the pebbles clearly visible on the bottom. You may hear a trickle of water, or a call of small birds.# Feel the warm breeze stroke your face and stir your hair.# Imagine this place in as much detail as possible. Take your time and relax.# What do you notice?#
~Enjoy the sensuality of nature embracing you, her dear child.#
As you look again into the pool it has become still and you see a face in the water.# It becomes clearer and clearer. It is a reflection of your face, but now it is changing into that of the opposite sex.# See your features soften and change into the anima or animus of your soul. This is your true Soul mate. This is your Self showing the side you normally don’t see.# These eyes pierce into your own eyes and a smile forms on the lips of this reflection.# Feel the love you have for this being.# Feel the connection between you and this reflection.# Consider how your life would be different if you were born the opposite sex?# Feel the desire and pride you have for all of the lovely attributes this reflection shows you; it’s strength, it’s power, it’s beauty and grace, and feel that same desire for you returned. Spend a few moments communing with these thoughts.##
Now, name these attributes and feelings quietly to yourself. Repeating, “I AM _strong/beautiful_.” [attribute]# and repeat until your core resonates the truth of these statements.##
These are the affirmations you are making to your whole Self. As with wedding vows, tell yourself that you will remember for the rest of your waking life, the health and wholeness you feel right now<3 #
Now take your hands and dip them into the water, scooping up fresh, cool water in your cupped hands, and drink it in! You may drink until you feel satisfied.# With each sip, you take in the opposite side of your Self. # With the intake of your opposite side you have wedded your male and female parts into ONE. You are now whole.##
Know that it is okay to love yourself – or be ‘in love’ with yourself; It’s called Self Esteem and is healthy as long as you remember to also share this love with your loved ones, the circles you move in, and outward to the rest of humanity.#
Take a few more deep breaths# and feel the energy of love radiate throughout your entire body. #
Feel your heart center warming and overflowing with the energy of love.# Feel this joy and happiness that fills your being overflow from your heart center into the world. See it wrap the world in its embrace. And feel Peace#
Recognize that we are all One, made of the same material, feeling the same emotions, needing the same love and feel a part of that wholeness.# It is available to you at any time.#
Draw it down into your toes and out into the Earth.# Take a few more deep breaths and return to focus on the weight and solidity of your body. When you are ready, open your eyes.
Run your hands over your body, embracing your head, your face, your shoulders….If you feel tingly or spaced out, place your palms onto the floor and breathe to ground your energy into the Earth.#
Give thanks for this quiet, meditative time you have spent meeting and embracing your double.#

Remember that you can be strong and gentle, calm and assertive, take action and reflect, in equal abundance. You are a unified being, full of the energy of both Yin and Yang, male and female energy and as such, can more fully experience the world. Bright Blessings to You!
~Namaste! The Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in You!
~Peace and Blessings~

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