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ReProgramming your Life

“Out beyond the world of ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”
Jalal ad-Din …..aka Rumi
ReProgramming sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But the thing is, you have already been programmed subconsciously! Society, your family, your peers have all influenced what you believe to be ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. People are adaptive to their cultural systems in the same way that a baby can learn any language~ because it is our human nature to adapt to our communities, in order to fulfill one of our basic needs; BELONGING.

In Maslow’s heirarchy of Survival, Safety, Belonging, Self Expression, and Self-Actualization,
Belonging is one of the primal needs of mankind. It exists on the instinctual level. Even herd animals need to belong in order to survive.

In order to create the reality you want to live, and find true happiness and fulfillment, you must become AWARE of your initial programming. This is a life-changing and world-paradigm shifting exercise, but one that ultimately allows you to look honestly at your beliefs, your values, your behavior and your ethical standards and MODIFY them to your OWN specifications!!

To begin to live your ideals is liberating, empowering and deeply fulfilling! Your life will become a game which you can Win. You will easily give up the struggle, the drama, the pain, and suffering and the psychic heaviness that accompany this negativity. You will begin to live in a more healthy lifestyle, have more energy and discover a brighter outlook on life.

The only thing you have to lose is your ‘comfort zone’ of unconscious behavior.
Some people can’t face leaving the faith of their childhood, moving out of their parents home or to another city. Isn’t that sad? The same kind of testing of one’s wings is what happens when you step out of your unconscious behaviors and liberate yourself from the shackles of the pre-existing beliefs that no longer serve you.

Most people don’t do this; they live in ignorance of their situation and feel powerless to do anything about the ‘hand that they are dealt’. This fatalist mentality will get them nowhere. They will be easy targets to external forces like the fear-mongering media, political systems and even well-intentioned friends and spouses. To break away from the crowd and discover your own TRUTH is the task at hand.

I urge you to be brave enough to look at your initial ‘programming’ and decide if it still fits the deep, inner needs of your soul today. Do you have any hidden bias’, judgements, or prejudices? List them. Try to discover where they came from; did your parents implant them into your psyche?
Most of our initial programming is done before the age of 3, while our minds are still functioning on the UNCONSCIOUS level. We accept whatever we get as the ‘Truth’.
This is why HYPNOSIS works; the facilitator takes you back to that pre-three year old phase of your life and allows you to discover your reality and ReProgram it in order to serve your HIGHER SELF.  You can also do this your own!!

The Subconscious is very literal. In reprogramming it you must speak in positive terms, in the present tense in colorful language that thrills your inner three year old. Plant pictures in your minds’ eye and animate them! Talk to your inner child with love, affection and adventure!
1. Create Affirmations based on the opposite of your limiting beliefs.
2. Attach them to your body/mind with a physical anchor – such as tapping parts of your body, while repeating your affirmation.
3. Know that what you’re doing works! and
4. be Grateful that you have discovered a way to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Empower Yourself!
Repeat these steps until you feel an Inner Shift. You will feel it as a subtle degree of happiness, lightness and uplifit within your heart and soul.

ReProgramming is safe, effective and necessary if we are to live self-actualized lives. This is the ‘great Spiritual work’ we can each achieve, and when we do, the outcome will be a ripple effect which influences all those we come into contact with.
I wish you Peace, Love and Bright Blessings on your journey~

originally published July 29, 2011

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