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Synchronicity – connecting the dots between seemingly random events.
You think of someone~ and they call you, send you a message, show up online, or show up somewhere neither of you has been before. Do you think, “it’s a small world”?
Is it telepathy? or something else? Precognition?
You need to have a certain amount of money by the end of the week~
You send out a heartfelt prayer, receive a ‘knowingness’ then go to your mailbox and find a check that covers the amount. Is it just Dumb Luck?
You need something material, say a new coat~ Then you go to your friends house and they are cleaning out their closet and ask if you’d like to have their barely worn coat. It fits you perfectly – and you have something in return your friend has been looking for.
This is just too weird~ there must be something going on!Becoming Aware of Synchronicity is learning to acknowledge some of the things our subconscious already knows! Our subconscious is on duty 24/7 and notices Everything there is to notice. We only use a small percentage of our conscious minds, but we use ALL of our subconscious!
So when you get a ‘gut feeling’ you’d be wise to heed it. It’s your subconscious trying to warn you before you get into trouble and to Alert you to Opportunities!
It will help you to connect seemingly random ‘dots’ in order to serve your highest good.
All you need to do is pay attention! Be open and trust your intuition.

Awareness is learning to listen to what the Bible calls the ‘still small voice’. Being aware is being quiet enough in your mind to hear this quiet voice of reason and intuition. Regular meditation will help you to quiet your ‘monkey mind’ that continuously chatters away. Listen to your deepest Self and you will never be guided astray.

Go in Peace and Do Great Things!

originally posted August 24, 2011

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