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Giving Back

There come times in our lives when we feel we’ve mastered a skill, or had an insight that illuminates our way of seeing things, and we feel we just *have* to share.
Have you ever felt it?

Many times, this kind of ‘push’ to share, to give back to the community, comes at an age of maturity, ~but not always. The earlier one learns ‘to return’, the easier it becomes, for the rest of his/her life.
Think of the young music student who helps a younger peer to improve their skills!
Think of a sixth grader helping a first grader to learn the joy of reading!
Then think of the grandmother, teaching her granddaughter to knit…
These are joys shared, which serve the greater good of everyone.

Finding activities that feed our soul are important things to do – throughout life.
So you have a job or career that provides your income, but what do you do in your down time, that feeds your soul? What is that spark of creativity, nurturing, teaching, or guidance, that come naturally to you, that you can contribute, give you a sense of accomplishment and pride?
Maybe this passion can be turned into a vocation;
What are your biggest dreams?
What would you do if you Knew you could not fail?
This is the Bliss we should all learn to follow.
To Live Large. To be Fierce!

Volunteering skills that only you have, can reinvigorate your Spirit and keep you charged up.
Many places are looking for people who may have lots of interest, if not a lot of experience, to teach a beginning course….in art, photography, home repair….coaching sports or guiding apprentices.
Sometimes a volunteer position is just enough to lead you into a new career.

*Do you have skills that are uniquely yours or you feel may help someone else through a rough patch?
Can you organize things or do new computer protocols come easy to you? Great, then share that with those of us who are left baffled!

*Do you have it in you to spend time with loved ones, to lend a listening ear, or hold a hand of someone who is craving companionship? Sharing just a few moments a week may be all someone else needs to stay ‘charged’ themselves.

Finding ways to Give Back to your co-workers, neighbors, family and friends creates small but intimate connections that not only serves another, but feeds the Spirit Within!
Remember, Your Spirit needs to be Fed too! <3

originally published January 10, 2012

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Posted in Daily Practices and Muse-ings by kalin on August 19th, 2012 at 11:27 pm.

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