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My Dark Companion

I walk with Him everyday. My beloved.
He’s powerful, silent and strong, with exotic, cool, icy looks.
He’s really out of my league.
I’m flattered at how he stays so close to my side~
or moves on ahead of me to clear the way through a crowd.

He’s polite. Such a gentleman.
I see his suit is a bit old, well worn, but not frayed.
His shoes so polished that I could almost see my reflection there;
but he never stops long enough for me to be sure.

He tells me stories; He’s been around the world, been everywhere,
seen all kinds of people. But never gossips.

He wears a watch on a chain. I notice the hands don’t move,
they’re stuck at half past eleven.

He reminds me of the things I have left to do~
He encourages me to be brave,
to face those things I fear the most.
He is my most encouraging friend, truth be told.

His face is wise and lean and though I can’t tell His age
He is not old.

I take his gloved hand as we sit beside a quiet pool~
the clouds racing over the sky shroud His eyes.

“Darling”, he says, “do you have one last question before we go?”
“Anything at all?”
I can think of nothing. No regrets.
It’s time.

originally posted January 14, 2012 ©KalinArtAndSpirit



Posted in Poetry by kalin on August 19th, 2012 at 11:31 pm.

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