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the Eternal NOW

To re-envision TIME is to master it.
When you can become aware of the present moment,
the ‘eternal   now’, and the next  ‘now‘ , and the  ‘now‘  after that…
you’ve taken the first step toward manifesting the future.

Try this exercise today:
Place a large rubber band or loosely tie a string around your wrist.
Each time you look at it, remind yourself to think;
“I AM” – be present to the moment
then SMILE, because you are being given a gift~
It will increase your awareness of being alive in the present moment.
It will increase your endorphin level and relieve your stress.
It will make you more productive in your work.
And it will help you to make more conscious choices
about what you’re doing and how you are using your time.

~When you are awake and alert, you can hear the
still small voice of G*d directing you~
When you make choices from this place of awareness
your life will begin to improve:

~you’ll discover that you have MORE time…
~you’ll start to live in the flow of the Universe and things
will happen more easily, for the better…
~you’ll start to achieve more and appreciate the fact that
you are NOT a victim of your circumstances,
but rather, YOU are the co-creator of your Universe!

Open your eyes. Its time to wake up…
to the Eternal Now~


originally posted January 19, 2012

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Posted in Introspection by kalin on August 19th, 2012 at 11:33 pm.

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