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The Third Chakra- Personal Power

The Third Chakra is located in the belly an inch or so above the naval and is pictured as bright yellow energy! This is the seat of our adrenal glands, and spleen. Other vital organs influenced by third Chakra energy include the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach, and  small intestine. Our physical health is influenced by our spiritual health and it is in our power to tend to each mindfully.

The Third Chakra is the receptical of our personal power and physical vitality. You’ve probably noticed that when you get upset or angry you go into a “fight or flight” mode? That’s your hormones working on the input of outside forces via your Third Chakra.

When people push your buttons and you become aware that it is happening you can choose to react in a thoughtful and intentional way. If you can stand back from drama and crisis, you gain personal power and control over your life! You do not have to be pulled into it! Step back – regroup – breathe. When you understand that you have choices, you can choose to ignore it, or respond with thoughtful words in a measured and lowered tone of voice and decisive action. If you’ve ever been in a crisis and noticed that time seems to slow down dramatically or even stand still…that is when your higher self has taken over as a detached observer.

This work of a detached observer corresponds best when the second, interpersonal chakra, the third, personal power and fourth, heart energy chakras are working in unison. It is also the place from which our intent can be focused when working with self-defense and manipulation of esoteric energies. For more on energy work, contact me for my basics in metaphysics class.


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