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Hardwired to Lead

Alexia Parks has written a book based on a new study~

New science suggests that when women and men face danger, their brains are hardwired to produce very different reactions. Men do the traditional fight or flight, but women move toward danger to tend to or befriend it, says author Alexia Parks. “They diffuse conflict. So if you want leadership in a volatile, complex world to include complex thinking and the ability to negotiate and collaborate, women are natural leaders.” (says her publicist)

I’m just passing this along. It inspires me to hear again what I’ve known all along!

So if we are to birth a new world, we need midwives beside us. Let’s lift up that which is compelled to nurture and support, love and defend the greater good of us all. Namaste’ baby!

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  1. kalin

    The Divine Feminine is not just a female attribute. It is the half of each of us that is nurturing. Read more about integrating your inherent Male/Female in my earlier blog;
    Beltane; Sacred Marriage Within http://kalinartandspirit.com/?cat=108

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