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Pathworking the Kabbalah – 12 weeks
Using a Tarot Deck of your choice we will interpret the cards as we travel the path of the ‘Enlightened Fool’ from the Earthly realm to all higher realms above. Gain insight as to your current situations and past by understanding Archetypal energies that we all live with. Peer into the direction of your potential as you begin to use your knowledge to create the life of your dreams! Classes begin THURSDAYS Jan 3, 2013 7pmMtn. Sign up to receive printed materials and your passcode to our next class by mailing your info* before December 15, 2012.

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*Letter of Introduction: Subject line; CLASS name, please include your Full name, email address, birthdate 00/00/0000, and short letter of introduction regarding your background/interest in the subject matter. Mail to Kalin@KalinArtAndSpirit by the date listed.

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