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About this Site

KalinArtAndSpirit.com is a dream that is about to come true~ To serve people interested in learning about various aspects of this ‘Human Condition’ and exploring their spirituality in an open and friendly environment.

For years I’ve wanted a place where I could corral all of my interests, creative output and thoughts so that I could share it with the world~ and now you can find information from many other like-minded people right here!

I have mixed media artwork on display (and for sale), my blog archives are posted here and now I will help others use this space as a way to reach a larger audience with their spiritual, creative, metaphysical and artistic input as well!



All open-minded, curious and kind folk are welcome here!

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  1. Nice site, Kalin! Did you do all of the design work?

  2. kalin

    Hey Donna, The wordpress.com platform had lots of designs to select from; I chose one from Wayne…
    but all the photos and layout choices were mine. Kudos go to my MisterMagic too! ~:)

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