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Basic Metaphysics

Meeting Your Muse – 1 hour podcast –
Introductory class on opening to channel creativity through a guided meditation journey. (details being implemented – check back soon!)

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An Introduction to Earth Based Spirituality – 13 weeks
Defines for the curious, many misconceptions of modern Pagan practices, explains the cosmic wheel of the year, its annual festivals and typical rituals. Written information with weekly homework assignments and chatroom discussions.

Informal Openchat Wed 7pm Mtn Sept 12 and 19 prior to class- Everyone Welcome!

Class info will be posted Sundays, Sept 23 – Dec 9, 2012

Group ClassChats 7pm Mtn every Wednesday Sept. 12 thru Dec. 12, 2012

Email Kalin@KalinArtAndSpirit to sign up by Sept 15, 2012! Please include a letter of introduction (see form below) $130 USD

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Introduction to Intuitive Astrology – 6 weeks
Basic principles of astrology are introduced, including the Planets, Houses, Signs, Aspects and Transits so that the beginning student has a workable understanding of how Astrology works. Students are encouraged to work with their own natal (birthtime) chart in order to learn to interpret daily activities of the planets, much like a weather forecast. Written information with weekly chatroom discussions and vip homework assignments.

Group AstroChats 7pm Mtn every Tuesday Oct. 9 – Nov. 20, 2012

Class info will be posted Sundays, Oct 14 – Nov 18, 2012.

Email  Kalin@KalinArtAndSpirit to sign up by October 1, 2012! Please include a letter of introduction (see form below) $85 USD

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*Letter of Introduction: Subject line; CLASS name, please include your Full name, chat nickname, email address, birthdate 00/00/0000, and short letter of introduction regarding your background/interest in the subject matter. Mail to Kalin@KalinArtAndSpirit by the date listed. Thanks!

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