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Seminars – “Integrated Spiritual Practices” with Kabbalah

I believe that a peaceful and happier life is possible when one can discover and stay in their spiritual center. I encourage people to look within, and integrate their shadow side, using the courage of a Spiritual Warrior. I’m writing a workbook entitled, “Integrated Spiritual Practices,” which combines almost all of my favorite studies with current psychology, to help people better understand their motivations and work through their psychological blocks, in order to co-create and attract all good things into their lives.

I offer this Seminar to the advanced and dedicated student of Metaphysics. Tarot, Astrology and/or Kabbalah basics are recommended prior to class, but not required.

In “Integrated Spiritual Practices” I draw on Astrology, Tarot, Jungian psychology, elemental energies and the Enneagram to teach the Great Work of spiritual growth for empowerment, transformation & enlightenment.
My coursework includes the use of the Kabbalah to understand the self & the shadow
and how to put those insights gained to work in the world effectively.
The Seminar includes an in-depth study of the spheres of Kabbalah, their meaning in our lives, and how they reflect our Chakra energies, as well as information about our personality types based on the Enneagram and psychology.

Practical methods to implement this information into our daily lives will help us to climb “The Tree of Knowledge”. This wisdom is presented in a way that YOU as a unique individual, can be empowered to live a dynamic, intentional and fulfilled life!
Class is recommended for adult students over the age of 30.
Please write me for more information and a personal conversation if you are interested. Thank you!

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