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Chakra of Relationship – Second Chakra

The second chakra, or sacral chakra is located in the lower trunk and is pictured as orange. The third chakra, or solar chakra, is located in the central trunk and is pictured as yellow. (see diagram of Mar 2, 2012)

Both of these chakras deal with our relationships with others. They could be described as our ‘comfort zone’. The place where we make our ‘home base’ or create the nest for the self to return to. It is where we describe our selves, find our id and ego; our unconscious and conscious selves, and where most of our pre-programmed ‘stories’ are acted out from. They are the halls of our self-worth. Our baggage-claim areas where the scoundrels, fear of rejection and the anxiety of exclusion loiter.
These two chakras house our basic need of belonging.
Of course, we are social animals and one of our basic needs is to find belonging in our family, our tribe, our collective group – but comfortable as those groups are, we must grow in order to identify ourselves in unique ways and to understand each other as individual personalities. In order to belong, we must learn to relate.

The second chakra is where we ‘come from’ when connecting intimately with others and also is where we put up walls against the fear of commitment through repressed indifference or callousness. On the positive side, it is where empathy and understanding are derived, where flirtation and sex appeal, creativity and expressions of uncensored bliss dwell. The second chakra is where we demonstrate our wish to be loved and to reach out in connection happens from.
We’re all afraid of being hurt or rejected- if we’re feeling overly defensive, as well as assertive, we may try to hurt others just so they won’t hurt us first, or we build walls to keep our vulnerabilities safe. It’s only human to do so. But it takes maturity and courage to keep these walls short in order to open up, peek over and connect with our neighbors, knowing that hurt can only happen if we perceive ourselves to be destructable.

The key to finding balance here is detachment.
We need to discover self-acceptance and self-love rather than find our self defined as a reflection of others’ opinions of ourselves. Love ourselves enough to be brave enough to walk alone sometimes.

Venusian qualities of having a need to be seen and understood are met through interpersonal contact-
we come to define our needs vs our wants, trust, and honesty through cooperation.
Mercurial qualities of self-expression and validation…rather than repression to conform or define self as a role to be played, and our personal authenticity are found in acceptance by another.
Creativity and artistic expression and sensuality are expressed through our second chakra. When energy is spent on one, the other tends to suffer. Finding a balance creates ebb and flow, give and take.

Relationships require a bit of discernment because those who you choose to associate with tend to become your friends, and act as mirrors of our bad behaviors, teachers of higher behaviors. They help us to see and identify our blind spots, and work through them.
Do the others you spend your time with ‘feed’ you? Serve to your positive growth? Or do they tear you down? Make you feel smaller? Vex, annoy or bore you to the point of ruining your attitude?
Your own Sun’s energy, vitality and power needs to be able to shine!
Choose who you spend your life with wisely. It will influence your outcomes more than you realize.

The third chakra is where we exert our personal power.
Power over/power with is the key phrase of the Solar chakra, our Ego’s home.

We suffer the imbalances between feeling inferior, victimized, persecuted or full of self-hate OR on the other hand, have over-inflated egos, are self-centereed, or over-confident.
Self determination and self control come through being a non-judgmental observer of the ego and its workings. Growth comes only once we can step out of our comfort zones! Take leaps of faith. Surrender your fate to forces you cannot control. Release the  anxiety, fear of the future and lack of control. Believe you will survive even as you step off the prescribed path and onto your own.

Self-determination; how and why you choose to relate to others. Keywords;
desire, sex, procreation, creation, friendship, belonging, socialization, family, tribe, individuality, self-acceptance, mortality, creative urges, desperation, crisis, needs, hopes, dreams, sharing of ideals, world view, identification, confidence, achievement, success, fulfillment and satisfaction.

As the power of kundalini rises along our spine these energies manifest as creativity, self-expression, confidence, personal power, ethical morality and right behaviors. Its where we find the energy to network with others and persist until the job is done.
Namaste’ grasshoppers

originally posted March 16,  2012


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What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes. ~ Cicero

“The Freedom to be ourselves lies inside us all. The courage to pull it off is all we need.” -GenieDjinn

I recently had a landmark birthday and decided to myself that from now on I was going to say what was on my mind- no holds barred. I haven’t quite got there, yet. But I’m working on it.
Blogging is one way I can say anything that comes to mind…Tweeting is another. And yet.
Even when I dream, I have a hard time allowing myself go places I’d like to.

Society programs us to live within the box, play by the rules, so we won’t stick out, so we’ll fit in and be accepted. But how do we get around that, and live an authentic life? What if we know we won’t be accepted by the crowds we associate with? How do we find the courage to speak our mind, to go against popular opinion or ‘come out’ as to something very private, like our sexual orientation or true beliefs?

Knowing that being true to oneself will alienate others and possibly even force you to quit groups you associate with or face public ridicule or threats to your safety is a dangerous proposition. Fitting in is comfortable, but living true to oneself is the most Free a person can be. It’s worth the risk.

No one can know the Truth that lives inside your mind, but you.
Allow it and you’ll flourish. Repress it and you damage yourself.
We have to decide who is more important, our Selves, or other people.
Like a friend of mine said, “The people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind, don’t matter. Your true friends will always love you.”
Now to just stand by it. Authenticity.

originally published August 2, 2011

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You & Your Universe

~the MUSE tells me “It’s about the relationship between you and your universe.” Where do you fit in? Should you fit in??! 😉

I admit, I have authority issues. I fear authority and I resent it. I am a conscious objector, as are my sons. I just don’t want anyone telling me what is best for me and definitely NOT telling me what I have to do with my life. I’ve chosen a comfortable, bohemian lifestyle, filled with music and art, philosophy and creativity. Weird thing is, I’m not of the leisure class! I just live that way. You can too.
~Go to your public library, check out a book and read it~ Join groups to discuss ideas… There are tons of interest groups via MeetUp~ Visit art galleries~ Sing~ Dream~ Dance~ Draw~… You can draw with a stick in the dirt, but e’spress yo’self! Do it to it!

When we started to run into snags with the public school system, I took it upon myself to investigate options. What I discovered is that it is legal in all 50 states to homeschool your kids. I read up on it. I decided to write MY OWN curriculum, based on what I value in education; a solid foundation that fast tracks to the university level with a bunch of practical skills thrown it. I made it individualized to suit both kids’ learning styles.
This is not to say that I don’t support free public education. I think it’s imperative that everyone have access to knowledge and learn how to reason well. I still pay taxes for my local school district and always vote ‘for’ school levies. I want everyone, especially those who can’t afford private school, to get a sound education. It behooves us all to pull up those we can, as we reach out to a hand above ours!

I LOVE sharing the things I’ve learned in life with others and was one of the reasons I chose to have kids in the first place. I wanted to be able to give them the benefit of my experience as well as allow them to flourish in their native ways. I also love teaching metaphysical subjects to others. When one venue was no longer available, I decided to make lemonade = I went online. HA! Maybe I can reach more people and make contacts THIS way?! One can hope.

Even tho I resist authority having too great a sway over my life, I am grateful that I live in a democratic society where one’s opinion can be heard by a representative. It’s not perfect, but at least we can create a stir when enough of us decide to cooperate in changing for the benefit of all involved. I think that in this way civilization advances. Rules should be flexible enough to change when the majority believes that change is needed.

My one caveat is “Question Authority”! Don’t be a sheep. Don’t sign on the dotted line without having read the small print. Try to remember to set clear boundaries and speak up if they have been crossed. Have the courage to truly look at your conscious and sub-conscious beliefs. TEST the rules you impose on yourself and decide if those rules still serve your best interest. If not, adopt new ones.
Act, don’t ReAct. Be flexible in your perception of reality! Intelligence is the ability to adapt to one’s environment. Your survival is dependent upon it. March to the beat of your own drum, as long as you keep your windows rolled up. Set your sites on the high way and ‘Keep on truckin’~
originally published April 1, 2010

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