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Saloon Salons; or The Art of Conversation is Not Dead

This fall, my husband and I are going to start facilitating ‘Salons’ in our home, where we facilitate dialogue on lots of metaphysical topics. We’re inviting a few couples now to come and spend two evenings a month socializing in a new way~

Instead of talking about sports, or [God-forbid] work! we’re going to offer up topics to consider ahead of time by email, so that our friends can have some time to ponder the subject and have formulate some thoughts before coming over. Of course, these will be opening questions and convos will go off topic and allow for a wide-ranging, involved discussions that may lead to who-knows-what? Flash mobs and social activism, creation of music and art, and probably a more dynamic community. Watch out world!

Topics we’re considering combine the latest Scientific findings and esoteric Spirituality; ‘the nature of the universe, unified field theory, string theory’, practical applied Kabbalah principals, personality types of the Enneagram, and more general topics such as ‘what is the definition of the Authentic self?
These kinds of ‘adult education classes’ are the kind I teach/participate in at our Unitarian Universalist church, but we hope to start more meaningful dialogue and a comfortable, close-knit group of friends by opening up our home. Of course, alcoholic beverages will be served up to loosen the otherwise tight lipped. We’ll call them “Saloon Salons” 😀

I hope to get permission from the participants to post general comments here about our findings.
I encourage you to try this in your homes as well! Why settle for small talk when there’s so much depth to life?  ~ooohhH! this will be exciting! Stay tuned.

Comment: our first ‘official’ Saloon Salon was held September 10, 2011  on the topic of “The Nature of Reality; parallel universes and cosmic consciousness. A good time was had by all.
Upcoming Salon to be held October 22, 2011 on the topic “How does the Mind affect Reality” using the book, “Biology of Belief” and the latest findings on Matter and Mass. Stay tuned…

originally published August 2, 2011

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Spiritual Evolution

I Know that my Life Purpose is Spiritual Evolution ~ and like the tale of the ‘Goose that Laid the Golden Egg’ – I want to drag as many people with me as want to come along; only because they find something kindled in their hearts and want to follow their curiosity in order to discover their bliss.~

I have always had a deep quest for knowledge about different spiritual and cultural beliefs – you could say it’s my passion to ‘search’ for greater understanding. I have a desire to delve into the questions about what makes us human, and to find deeper insight into our overall purposes in life. I don’t know what instigated this profound search in me to solve the unknown aspects of life, but, as Lady Gaga says, I was ‘born this way’. Curious.

I know it puts some people off, as they would just as soon prefer to go through life having fun and living in the fast lane via extreme sports and stuffing themselves with all pop culture has to offer. But I’ve always been practical – even when ‘getting into trouble’~ Id be the ‘lookout’ 😀 or the one who provided the ladder…. 😉 Even my high school BFF called me a party-pooper. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having fun, it’s just that I find my deepest satisfaction in metaphysical investigation. Digging. Diving deep, like the comorant…finding tidbits of truth in the depths.

I feel like this lifetime has been given me to discover deep secrets, to grow exponentially, to share what I have learned and act as a HOLDER OF LIGHT; to light the way for others to ascend spiritually. This sounds rather like a sales pitch – well, if you are interested, come on along! – there’s room for you here… the more the merrier! We can put our lights together to build a bonfire~ where our souls dance together in ecstasy and laughter and wonderment!  Blessed Be!

originally published July 24, 2011

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