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Spiritual Laws of Superheroes- book review

This is a wonderful book by Deepak & his son, Gotham Chopra.”Spiritual Laws of Superheroes” Harper One, ISBN 978-0-06-205966-6

Dont be put off by the cover, you’ll find its full of really. deep. stuff.
In ‘Superheroes’, Life’s Deepest Secrets are presented in a light, easy to read way.The introduction explains how this angle of presentation came to be~
as a retelling of timeless Archetypal stories via comic book prototypes.
It also gives us a glimpse of the private father/son world and
heartwarming bond between Deepak and his son, Gotham.It basically is a condensed version of All anyone ever needs to know to find enlightenment/contentment/power & peace in life. -my review.Thumbs up

I like it so much I’m recommending it to everyone, from every background;
it’s easy to read, and is a great way to wrap your head around deeper issues
even if you’ve never picked up a ‘Deepak Chopra book’ before!

It uses Superheroes to explain the Archetypal Laws of Balance,
Transformation, Power, Love, Creativity, Intention and Transcendence,
that we can develop in order to live the life of our dreams!

Keep your eyes open for it. It may be in your library already
or you may want to download it to your ipod.
If/when you see it, in the grocery store or on a bookshelf,
pick it up and buy it!    Peace

~Oh and don’t forget to play every day too~

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Making Progress

You know you are making Spiritual progress when things fall apart and you stay centered and calm in your Inner Self. Knowing what makes you feel calm and safe is the first, and one of the most important things to learn about yourself. Go there. Seek it out. Then practice being centered, calm and safe. Everyday. This is first chakra work.

When people push your buttons and you become aware that it is happening ~and choose to react in a more thoughtful and intentional way~ you gain personal power and control over your life!
You do not have to be pulled into the drama! Step back, regroup, breathe. When you understand that you have choices, you can choose to ignore it, or respond with thoughtful words in a measured, and lowered, tone of voice. This work corresponds to the second, interpersonal chakra, the third, personal power and fourth, heart energy chakras.

Deepak Chopra says, “When someone else makes a mistake, it is their responsibility to correct it. It is your responsibility to handle how you feel about it,” which is absolutely true. When we try to not take things personally, which is advocated in Don Miguel Riuz’ book, “The 4 Agreements,” it becomes easier to allow slights to be overlooked. Letting things just “Go” makes for an overall happier life.
And isn’t that what we all want?
Be Well. Be Happy!
: )
Cultivating a rich inner garden will help you to stay centered and harmonious in the midst of change -Deborah Ingerman : )

originally posted August 15, 2011

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Healiing Addictions

* Disclaimer: The following article is not meant to supplant licensed professional treatment for serious medical conditions. *Addictions are habitual patterns of reacting to stimuli.
An addiction is something that once was pleasurable, but is now painful.

It doesn’t matter how large or small that stimuli might be, when we react to perceived NEEDS based in FEAR we feed our addictions.
Addictions can be anything from the emotional need for approval to the physical need of a drug.
All addictions can ruin your life, because even thoughts can sicken and kill. The more repeated this behavior becomes, the deeper the rut is made in our minds’ synapses, and the harder it can be to change!
For example, studies show that anger is addictive. A person feels they are ‘doing something about’ the problem that bothers them by becoming angry. In actuality, people get so worked up in anger that they can’t think clearly about their options to solving problems!

The power of addictive thinking is that you believe you are stuck in a place of victimization and that there is no way out. There is always a way out! It is to change your perception. This is the message of “The Hanged Man” tarot card. Standing the world on its head will show you how silly you are to think you are ever stuck! If you hang upside down from a tree branch you can watch the coins fall out of your pocket the way your negative beliefs can fall out of your head! Do it! Be silly. Consider the opposite of your negative belief to be true! It is possible that you have been deceiving yourself. To consider that maybe your painful situation is a lie is better than remaining stuck in a funk!

What the mind thinks on, the body produces in each cell.”
This cellular awareness is confirmed scientifically in Bruce H Lipton‘s, “Biology of Belief.”
Releasing our dependency on negative thinking patterns is important toward living a healthy life.

Hearing that ‘you are the creator of your reality” may not sink home at first. But reality shifts as you do, and when you change, your reality responds, by shifting with you!
~Quoting from an excerpt from a Care2 article;
“The reason everyone doesn’t notice this is that the ego-based world with all its demands, pressures, drama, and excesses is highly addictive, and like any addiction it needs a daily fix as well as denial that there is any way out.
By giving your allegiance to the one reality instead, you won’t end the addiction immediately, but you will begin to starve it. Your ego and personality, which give you limited awareness of who you are, will be put on notice that ‘clinging and grasping must come to an end’.
Adapted from “The Book of Secrets”, by Deepak Chopra’
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/which-reality-is-real.html#ixzz1S0tIGJyf

In her paradigm breaking book, “You Can Change Your Life“, Louise L Hay claims that illness can be cured by changing our negative thoughts. I’ve noticed this pattern in people I’ve known; a person who clings to hatred and resentment gets Cancer, a person stuck in guilt and sorrow gets Multiple Sclerosis. Depression can lead to Fibromyalgia and stress can lead to IBS, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure, among other health issues.

This may not be the prime cause and you may not agree with me, but I’ve seen this happen. The ‘victims’ of these diseases don’t want to hear that they’ve had a hand in allowing their bodies to degenerate, but if they can change their minds, and become determined to beat the disease, the MIND/BODY can spontaneously begin to regenerate and heal. I do have first-hand experience in this!
Louise L Hay gives prescriptions to end negative self-talk by repeating its opposite affirmation and believing it will work.

A process I use to help reinforce affirmations is called NeuroLinguisticProgramming, NLP aka “Tapping”. Books I recommend if you are interested in following up by learning this technique are, “Tapping the Cure” by  Roberta Temes Ph.D. and “Tapping The Healer Within” by Roger Callahan. This technique heals trauma, anxiety and PTSD ~ and you can do it yourself! at home!

The last book I’ll recommend today is “Soul Mind Body Medicine” by Dr Zhi Gang Sha. Dr Sha’s message is to send LOVE into your PAIN. Understand how it came to be and why your body thinks it may be necessary! Thank it for trying to protect or serve you, then send it love-energy by slow, deliberate breathing and focusing on that body part. Release pain by saying something like, “I love you knees. You serve me well. I need you to be strong and healthy to be my best self. Please accept my heartfelt love and heal yourself! Do a good job! Thank you!”
I repeated this process only twice in a row, over 30 minutes, and it cured a fairly intense migraine. So again, I know it does work!

Becoming aware of negative beliefs that no longer serve you and facing your fears is the first step toward healing any addiction.
May Peace be IN and with you! Namaste

originally published July 13, 2011
Further Reading: Biology of Belief, Book of Secrets, Soul Mind Body Medicine, Tapping the Cure, Tapping The Healer Within, You Can Change Your Life

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