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Leo Decan II Victory

August 2 brings loads of good things; Venus just entered the sign of Cancer bringing love and family to the fore. So many people I saw yesterday were acting like love-birds, and why not?

The dog days of Summer are upon us! Have you wondered where that expression came from? Sirius, the dog star, is the brightest star in the sky. It’s found in the constellation Canis Major, and rises this day before the Sun. This was the omen that signaled the annual flooding of the Nile River which supported all life in Egypt. So historically it has been a day of great rejoicing!

Days of sunshine, fun, reunions of friends and family are also featured at this ancient holiday of Lammas – where people celebrate the first harvest of fruits and grain. We can celebrate the blessings we enjoy this day with more of humanity; share with your local food bank, give blood, be neighborly and check in with seniors living near you. Taking care of our weakest links makes us all stronger!

The tarot association of the third Decan of Leo is the 6 of Fire which shows a victorious leader riding his horse, his head adorned with a laurel crown. Take time to celebrate those achievements you have been working toward and all you’ve accomplished so far this year! Celebrate with friends who encourage you to be your best! Bask in the glow of community and shared interests. Joys shared are joys doubled~

As the planet Uranus stations direct today, we hope for a pause in the craziness we’ve felt lately. Uranus will be in apparent retrograde thru January 2 of 2018. That gives us time to reflect on the chaos of the mind. I invite you to OPEN your mind to all possible blessings and inspiration…because it comes to those who expect it!

Appreciate all you have. Lighten your heart. And remember what fills your Spirit with Light.

August 7 we have the Moon at 15* Aquarius, the point of Brotherhood, Humanity, and Fraternity opposite the transformer, Pluto. May the power of the people rise up in righteousness and bring transformation to the world that EVERYONE may enjoy the blessings our Earth brings; through clean air, water and fertility of soil. Let’s work together to acknowledge how valuable our Mother Earth is to our survival~
We can change the world – if we take bold, committed steps to do so on the Environmental front. Fight the good fight for Environmental Protection, Human Rights, Brotherhood of Humanity.
VICTORY is within our grasp now. May it be so!~

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International Water Day

I just finished reading an article on the Care2 newsletter I receive online. It was filled with lots of eco-tips on how to save water, a topic that is close to my heart. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we always had lots of water and regular flooding during the 60s before dams were built along rivers. But even with all the water and beauty it created around me the ideal of preserving healthy forests and river systems, and fighting for a clean environment, was embedded into my psyche. It’s something I’ve never taken for granted. I will call someone on letting their tap water run longer than a few seconds! I recycle everything I can and try to get my neighbors to do the same. It’s just part of being responsiblefor myself and caring for the Earth that I believe everyone needs to address.Moving to the inland high desert called Colorado made me appreciate water even more. There have been many summers here where water usage has been restricted. There are more attorneys in Colorado than any other state in the union concerned with water rights and clean water is a topic everyone should be concerned with no matter where they live.

It’s true, there are lots of horror stories about the state of our oceans and rivers today. Care2 regularly sends petitions that I can add my own comments to then click to send to people in positions of power. One could be cynical about the good it does, but I choose to believe that any positive act filled with intention for the good of all, has power. When many of us act together a synergy is created that can accomplish great things!

I’d also like to address the Spiritual aspects of water. Our bodies are made of mostly water. The blood running through our heart center activates our emotional center, literally and metaphorically.
Consider these questions; How do I relate to others? Do I dump my emotion on people or horde it? Am I always ‘thirsty’ for the drama of emotion? Can I find ways to act with balanced intent and share my emotion by using kind words to others as well as being gentle with myself?
Today, ponder the element of WATER and EMOTION and see if you can find a still, quiet place inside where the water is calm, where you can find a place of reflection.
Bright Blessings!! Happy Water Day!

Originally published March 22, 2010

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