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Leo Decan II Victory

August 2 brings loads of good things; Venus just entered the sign of Cancer bringing love and family to the fore. So many people I saw yesterday were acting like love-birds, and why not?

The dog days of Summer are upon us! Have you wondered where that expression came from? Sirius, the dog star, is the brightest star in the sky. It’s found in the constellation Canis Major, and rises this day before the Sun. This was the omen that signaled the annual flooding of the Nile River which supported all life in Egypt. So historically it has been a day of great rejoicing!

Days of sunshine, fun, reunions of friends and family are also featured at this ancient holiday of Lammas – where people celebrate the first harvest of fruits and grain. We can celebrate the blessings we enjoy this day with more of humanity; share with your local food bank, give blood, be neighborly and check in with seniors living near you. Taking care of our weakest links makes us all stronger!

The tarot association of the third Decan of Leo is the 6 of Fire which shows a victorious leader riding his horse, his head adorned with a laurel crown. Take time to celebrate those achievements you have been working toward and all you’ve accomplished so far this year! Celebrate with friends who encourage you to be your best! Bask in the glow of community and shared interests. Joys shared are joys doubled~

As the planet Uranus stations direct today, we hope for a pause in the craziness we’ve felt lately. Uranus will be in apparent retrograde thru January 2 of 2018. That gives us time to reflect on the chaos of the mind. I invite you to OPEN your mind to all possible blessings and inspiration…because it comes to those who expect it!

Appreciate all you have. Lighten your heart. And remember what fills your Spirit with Light.

August 7 we have the Moon at 15* Aquarius, the point of Brotherhood, Humanity, and Fraternity opposite the transformer, Pluto. May the power of the people rise up in righteousness and bring transformation to the world that EVERYONE may enjoy the blessings our Earth brings; through clean air, water and fertility of soil. Let’s work together to acknowledge how valuable our Mother Earth is to our survival~
We can change the world – if we take bold, committed steps to do so on the Environmental front. Fight the good fight for Environmental Protection, Human Rights, Brotherhood of Humanity.
VICTORY is within our grasp now. May it be so!~

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Lugh – a Time to Feast

The Festival of Lughnassadah is a cross-quarter celebration held 6 weeks after the Summer Solstice~ around August 2nd.
It is the harvest of the first fruits and grains. Mabon is the second harvest of September 20th and Samhain the third, on Halloween.
Lugh, a Germanic sun-god, was also worshiped by early Celts around the beginning of August. Some say the word Lugh, means sun or the month of August.

Typically a bountiful time when everything is being produced, fresh fruits and breads are eaten in sacred festing.
Breads woven into braids represent the triple goddess, Mother, Maiden and Crone are shared~ as is fresh grape juice rather than wine – which is served at later seasonal celebrations.
The first (or last) ear of corn is saved, decorated as a pregnant woman and held in the pantry as a good luck charm over the winter. The seeds are then used the next Spring to plant.
So, symbolically, it’s a good time to check one’s savings account and put aside a little extra to cover the lean times.

Sometimes, Lughnassadh is called the feast of sacrifice, and is rumored to have been when ancient Kings were slain for the good of the tribe, the land and it’s fertility. Thus we have mythology of slain sun-gods like Egyptian Osiris and movies like ‘Wicker Man’ retold and shown at this time of the year.

The ancient Oak and Holly King ritual where the Holly King, crowned at Yule, dies for the benefit of the tribe by the sympathetic magic of spilling blood and semen into the Earth for its fertility is customarily acted out in theatrical performances today as modern Pagans do not believe in actual blood sacrifice.
The Oak is a tree sacred to Druids and one who is ‘Oaken’ is known as the supreme ruler as the season progresses into the dark half of the year. The Oak King will relinquish his crown to the new-born Sun King, borne at the Winter Solstice and the cycle repeats.

Even as fruit is destroyed by its picking so we offer ourselves and our service to the good of our own people at this time. It’s a good time to re-dedicate oneself to service of the Lord and the Lady and care of the Earth.

Lughnassadah is a time of Gratitude, great feasting, athletic competitions, fellowship and fun.
Everybody let the good times roll! Soothe your soul by calling a friend and taking them to lunch~
Count your blessings and share what you have with everyone, because we are all one.

originally published July 30, 2011

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