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Mabon- Fest of the Second Harvest

Lots of people may have heard of Harvest Home and almost everyone celebrates Thanksgiving of some sort in the fall, near the Autumnal equinox. Its customary to come together with family and friends after the grain harvest to celebrate and share.

Its the perfect time to share what you have with others; be it extra zucchini, used clothing or just dedicating time to share your interests with others.

Its also time for Taking Stock of who you are, what your intentions are and to set some short and long range goals in life.

We have the resources behind us now, and the Universe is backing our dreams…its up to US to state what they are to ourselves and out loud, to the Universe- and each other, that we might be held accountable.

So go ahead. Dream Big~ The Universe wants us to be Happy. Yes, She really does!


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Chakra of Relationship – Second Chakra

The second chakra, or sacral chakra is located in the lower trunk and is pictured as orange. The third chakra, or solar chakra, is located in the central trunk and is pictured as yellow. (see diagram of Mar 2, 2012)

Both of these chakras deal with our relationships with others. They could be described as our ‘comfort zone’. The place where we make our ‘home base’ or create the nest for the self to return to. It is where we describe our selves, find our id and ego; our unconscious and conscious selves, and where most of our pre-programmed ‘stories’ are acted out from. They are the halls of our self-worth. Our baggage-claim areas where the scoundrels, fear of rejection and the anxiety of exclusion loiter.
These two chakras house our basic need of belonging.
Of course, we are social animals and one of our basic needs is to find belonging in our family, our tribe, our collective group – but comfortable as those groups are, we must grow in order to identify ourselves in unique ways and to understand each other as individual personalities. In order to belong, we must learn to relate.

The second chakra is where we ‘come from’ when connecting intimately with others and also is where we put up walls against the fear of commitment through repressed indifference or callousness. On the positive side, it is where empathy and understanding are derived, where flirtation and sex appeal, creativity and expressions of uncensored bliss dwell. The second chakra is where we demonstrate our wish to be loved and to reach out in connection happens from.
We’re all afraid of being hurt or rejected- if we’re feeling overly defensive, as well as assertive, we may try to hurt others just so they won’t hurt us first, or we build walls to keep our vulnerabilities safe. It’s only human to do so. But it takes maturity and courage to keep these walls short in order to open up, peek over and connect with our neighbors, knowing that hurt can only happen if we perceive ourselves to be destructable.

The key to finding balance here is detachment.
We need to discover self-acceptance and self-love rather than find our self defined as a reflection of others’ opinions of ourselves. Love ourselves enough to be brave enough to walk alone sometimes.

Venusian qualities of having a need to be seen and understood are met through interpersonal contact-
we come to define our needs vs our wants, trust, and honesty through cooperation.
Mercurial qualities of self-expression and validation…rather than repression to conform or define self as a role to be played, and our personal authenticity are found in acceptance by another.
Creativity and artistic expression and sensuality are expressed through our second chakra. When energy is spent on one, the other tends to suffer. Finding a balance creates ebb and flow, give and take.

Relationships require a bit of discernment because those who you choose to associate with tend to become your friends, and act as mirrors of our bad behaviors, teachers of higher behaviors. They help us to see and identify our blind spots, and work through them.
Do the others you spend your time with ‘feed’ you? Serve to your positive growth? Or do they tear you down? Make you feel smaller? Vex, annoy or bore you to the point of ruining your attitude?
Your own Sun’s energy, vitality and power needs to be able to shine!
Choose who you spend your life with wisely. It will influence your outcomes more than you realize.

The third chakra is where we exert our personal power.
Power over/power with is the key phrase of the Solar chakra, our Ego’s home.

We suffer the imbalances between feeling inferior, victimized, persecuted or full of self-hate OR on the other hand, have over-inflated egos, are self-centereed, or over-confident.
Self determination and self control come through being a non-judgmental observer of the ego and its workings. Growth comes only once we can step out of our comfort zones! Take leaps of faith. Surrender your fate to forces you cannot control. Release the  anxiety, fear of the future and lack of control. Believe you will survive even as you step off the prescribed path and onto your own.

Self-determination; how and why you choose to relate to others. Keywords;
desire, sex, procreation, creation, friendship, belonging, socialization, family, tribe, individuality, self-acceptance, mortality, creative urges, desperation, crisis, needs, hopes, dreams, sharing of ideals, world view, identification, confidence, achievement, success, fulfillment and satisfaction.

As the power of kundalini rises along our spine these energies manifest as creativity, self-expression, confidence, personal power, ethical morality and right behaviors. Its where we find the energy to network with others and persist until the job is done.
Namaste’ grasshoppers

originally posted March 16,  2012


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