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Leo Decan III – Love or War

According to the traditions of Tarot, Mars rules this third Decan of Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign and Mars rules the element of fire which encourages heat, struggle, aggression, and power in this 10 day Decan which starts August 12.

The energies of being rigid in one’s belief system and not backing down, unfortunately, are being tested during this time period, from August 12 – August 22, 2017, as Mars rules this heated time of year. We are asked to decide on acting from a place of LOVE or from Fear.<>

Coherence and Achievement of the people, rather than the leadership, was indicated by the last Aquarian Full Moon eclipse of August 7, 2017, so this also flavors the following Decan. When a Leo Sun faces down an Aquarian Moon, there is a conflict between the WILL of the the leadership and the people.

The Tarot card associated with this decan is the 7 of Fire, which traditionally indicates struggle, and on my cards is a skunk who needs to make a decision; “Do I spray or do I go?” We are on the brink of that decision now.<>

In the traditional Toth Tarot, the path of Fire cards eventually leads to Oppression, as the 10 of Fire Tarot card, yet, there are three steps in between which are Swiftness, Strength and Unification in the face of adversity. Does this indicate #Persistence? I believe so!

The most powerful astrological event happening this year, the US Total Solar Eclipse, occurs during this decan at 28* Leo. The Sabian symbol of many birds on a branch, indicates a multiplicity of potentialities of which we are to not become overwhelmed. It’s time to stay focused and rise up in common pursuit of benevolence. <>

Eclipses, historically, have indicated the removal of a leader. Humpty Dumpty may fall, but more importantly, we as horsemen, must discover how to reassemble a unified, cohesive whole once again. // This is to be our next step in the process of progress for ALL in our human spiritual evolution.//

In my 9 Keys Tarot, the Fire suit indicates WILLPOWER which can be the ultimate expression of “power-with” used for the benefit of the greater good, not only one’s personal “power-over”. The steps toward it from the 7, which is Decision, are 8-Coherence, 9-Achievement and 10-Celebration. I believe we will see this by the end of this year.<> We are truly Stronger Together!

When the passions of the 4th Chakra, LOVE, overcomes the lower desires of the Will, 3rd Chakra, we can create a unified peace in the land and Celebrate it with all mankind. May it be so!! Namaste’

“When the POWER of LOVE overwhelms the love of power, the world will know PEACE.” – Jimi Hendrix


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Partnerships & Friendships

So the Universe is giving me a message loud and clear this morning.
You are on your own, girl. Show me whatcha got!”

Lesson: There is nobody else that is on the path I walk. People who I thought were my partners, spouse and friends all have their own agendas. The things I feel are most important pale in comparison to their own goals- even when I believed we were working toward the same things.
Universe says, “If there’s something you know you must do; get started. Do it. Pursue it. Follow your heart and keep listening to your Spirit to guide you.”

I am a person who wants to blend and merge with others…Enneagram subtype is called 1:1, aka the Lover. I am a lover of people. I want to become partners with others in order to support each other and get more accomplished than one can do alone. Ive experienced the joy of synchronicity and friendship in the past. It blisses me out more than words can express. And yet,
I know I can’t depend on other people to make me happy….even when helping other people is what I am here on Earth to do. It’s quite a conundrum. :/ *sigh*

This loving kindness that spills from my soul, Ive found lately, drives some people away.
A friend said to me, ” You Love too much. You need to be less enthusiastic in your loving.”
I shake my head – feeling a bit discouraged.
Im only following what a great teacher is said to have told his followers, “Love one another”-
Kahlil Gibhran says, “Love one another, but make not a bond of love- the cypress and the oak grow not in each other’s shadow”
I get this.
What I dont understand is why people, who say they are committed to me via marriage or friendship, stand on the sidelines cheering for me – but wont ‘go long’ to catch the football I pass them.

Reciprocation. Is it too much to ask?
When Ive asked for help, no one shows up.
So Ive taken this mantra,~
It looks like nobody loves me, it’s okay, I love myself. I think Im pretty damned great!
Actually, I KNOW Im pretty damned great…and wonder why others dont want a piece of that.
I would gladly share anything I am, have or know.

My goals are pretty clear to me. So today I take my first steps solo.
My dream is that others will notice Ive begun, and possibly, follow-
come up behind me, and ask to join me. The answer, of course,would be YES.
It’s not that I NEED them to succeed in fulfilling my goals…its just that the journey would be made that much sweeter if they were along for the ride. <3
It’s a long, winding road ahead of those of us who walk our paths alone.
I wish us all Courage and the Best of Luck!

“Everyone walks alone – but along the way, we secretly hope to find the oasis of friendship, to feed us and quench our thirst.” – GenieDjinn

February 6, 2012 original post

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Spiritual Laws of Superheroes- book review

This is a wonderful book by Deepak & his son, Gotham Chopra.”Spiritual Laws of Superheroes” Harper One, ISBN 978-0-06-205966-6

Dont be put off by the cover, you’ll find its full of really. deep. stuff.
In ‘Superheroes’, Life’s Deepest Secrets are presented in a light, easy to read way.The introduction explains how this angle of presentation came to be~
as a retelling of timeless Archetypal stories via comic book prototypes.
It also gives us a glimpse of the private father/son world and
heartwarming bond between Deepak and his son, Gotham.It basically is a condensed version of All anyone ever needs to know to find enlightenment/contentment/power & peace in life. -my review.Thumbs up

I like it so much I’m recommending it to everyone, from every background;
it’s easy to read, and is a great way to wrap your head around deeper issues
even if you’ve never picked up a ‘Deepak Chopra book’ before!

It uses Superheroes to explain the Archetypal Laws of Balance,
Transformation, Power, Love, Creativity, Intention and Transcendence,
that we can develop in order to live the life of our dreams!

Keep your eyes open for it. It may be in your library already
or you may want to download it to your ipod.
If/when you see it, in the grocery store or on a bookshelf,
pick it up and buy it!    Peace

~Oh and don’t forget to play every day too~

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Happiness & Contentment

I jokingly tell friends, there are only three rules for happiness;
1. have a short term memory
2. lower your expectations and
3. be easily amused!  ~at this age, I seem to have all three~
I think, but can’t remember for sure!  Have a great day!

Goethe’s nine requisites for contented living: 

Health enough to make work a pleasure. 
Wealth enough to support your needs. 
Strength to battle with difficulties and overcome them. 
Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them. 
Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished. 
Charity enough to see some good in your neighbor. 
Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others. 
Faith enough to make real the things of God. 
Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.”
– Johann von Goethe, was a German writer and, according to George Eliot, “Germany’s greatest man of letters  BTW, Goethe is pronounced Gair-ta…once, a not-too-tactful guy pointed this out to me. I told him I’d only read the man, not met him! 😛
originally published July 12, 2011

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The 10 Suggestions

Oh what a Beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day! Spring is here and the muse is moving~
Today’s message is my take on the 10 commandments. Although, in the UU church, they have been called the “10 Suggestions” laughingly. We are not into guilt, but into trying our best and keeping our intentions positive, so here goes;

1. LOVE- everything comes from Love, if you’re doing it right. When it comes to negativity, learn to ‘let it go’. Learn to be an observer as well as a participant in your life. Observe what is happening, decide how you wish to ReAct instead of acting instinctively from a place of Fear. Fear is False Ego Appearing Real. It is the opposite of Love.
Smile more often. Lighten up. Love others. Love yourself. Life is full of choices, so get on the positive side! Take tiny steps if you have to. The more time you spend with the Light the easier it becomes.
origiinally published March 30, 2010
Be aware that life is a gift of time and it’s up to you to decide how to spend it. Why not love?

2. ABHOR HATE- besides confirming the vow to “HARM NONE”, which includes yourself, abhorring hate is an active part of LOVE. Hate includes anger, which leads to violence, but also includes speaking ill of another. Your thoughtforms are powerful. Learning that the “I” that resides within CAN control how much time one spends on thoughts is a primary lesson attached to this guideline.
Our task is to Defend Human Rights, Create Peace, Fairness and Justice in our world.
Take a stand for the positive and create a better existence for everyone you can.

3. DO NOT STEAL, but GIVE. C’mon, now- Play nice, SHARE what you have with others and you will be given more. The Law Of Attraction will provide you with what you are open to receive.
We get what we spend time thinking about. If one dwells on lack, he creates more lack. When we are grateful for what we have, more gratitude is given us. Besides, how much stuff do we actually need?
When we give, we create a vacuum that will be filled with more. Try it.
Think about this; If everyone felt their basic needs were being met, there would be peace.
This also goes for intellectual property; give credit where credit is due.

4. BE RESPONSIBLE for yourself, your thoughts, words and deeds and consider how your actions affect the lives of others you come into daily contact. Consider how your actions will affect others unto the seventh generation. This is the nurture part of the influence of nature and nurture. Habitual actions we develop, like overeating, alcoholism or child abuse, can be passed on to generations. If we are individually responsible, we will break this chain of violence. The entire vibe of the planet can be raised if we are each individually responsible. We can do this!

5. LIVE LIGHTLY. Walk lightly on the Earth. Think about your lifestyle. Are you contributing or just consuming? Aim for a balance in your life. Use only what you need AND create something that serves others. Be grateful for what you have and express gratitude through random acts of kindness.

6. RESPECT ALL THINGS, or as Elvis would say, “Don’t Be Cruel”. This includes the Environment and all it’s inhabitants. Organic, sustainable gardening allows nature to work without poisoning insects or adding man-made petrochemicals to the soil. What a thought! If we considered the needs of the soil, we might have no oil shortages, no poisoned earth, water or air.
This kind of Respect replaces Greed. This kind of Respect eliminates emotional cruelty to others. This kind of Respect enriches the Spiritual in everyone. Respect brings ‘Enough’, Peace, Harmony and Bliss.
Go Green and respect the environment. Respect your neighbor, who is made of the same stuff as you. Energetically we are all one. When the weakest link suffers we all suffer. Empower empathy in yourself by seeing your true place in the Universe as a tiny spark in the vastness, drawn to other tiny sparks.

7. DON’T LIE. Lying creates confusion, darkness and distrust. Keep your conscious clean and allow energy to run smoothly within your body and aura. Live in clarity and your life will be easier. It’s easier to tell the truth and accept responsibility for your actions than to cover it up with a mountain of dirt and deception. Ask anyone who tried the opposite.

8. OBEY the common law. Social laws are put in place for the smoother cooperation of civilization. If you don’t understand the reasoning behind a law, ask your representatives. In the US we are free to start petitions that will help the common good and enact liberty for all. If a rule bends you out of shape, don’t complain about it- go out and follow the process to implement beneficial change. It’s your right and duty.
Obey your own conscience. Your Higher Self knows what is best and right for you. Heed it. Disobey it at your own peril.

9. HONOR SEX. Humans are triune beings. We are Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. When the three work in unison we have ultimate perfection. If we over emphasize one aspect it leads to the detriment of the other two. Sexual drives are hardwired into our brains as a way to continue the species as well as to relate intimately with another. Honor and Respect everyone you come into contact with. Support those you care about with healthy sexuality. It’s not about power, it’s about sharing. Honor your deepest Self.
Namaste means “The Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in You.” Namaste!

10. HONOR YOUR BODY. The body is the temple of the Spirit. Take care of yourself by living with clean thoughts, clean words and deeds. Maintain your physical form with exercise and a healthy diet so that it can continue to serve your Spirit.
Also, accept the changes that come with age. Life is an experience to be savored. To deny the changes we all experience in life denies the wisdom and grace we may attain with old age. Live well.

~In all this CONSIDER YOUR MOTIVES~ periodically take a Spiritual inventory to see if you are walking on your path or if the mundane world has tempted you to stray. If you find you’ve strayed,
BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF and gently step back onto that path without guilt or recrimination.

STRIVE TO BE HAPPY. Accept what you cannot change. Remember, it’s not always about you.
The things that bother us the most, are mirrors that reflect our own shadow issues. Take note and deal with these issues in order to find true happiness.

You are the only one who can change your responses to situations, so be Flexible in your Perception of Reality. Change what you can to benefit all. ~ Bright Blessings!!

For further reading;
All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten by Richard Feynman
The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Milllman

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Parenting as a Sacred Vocation

Love vs Fear
A friend just mentioned how hard it is to try and teach her pre-teen how to get along and treat everyone with respect, echoing in frustration, “Why can’t we all just get along?!” I see her point, especially when there are so few good examples in the adult world to point to as references.

My theory about this is that so many of us, even as adults, stuck in the EGO world. When the EGO is growing, it bumps and scrapes from side to side until it can find a place of stasis. This process of individuation is not pretty or comfortable for anyone but is part of the growth process. A FEARFUL EGO creates the idea of scarcity, in which the goals of survival and self-preservation are magnified.

So many people look at the maya of the world’s condition and see dwindling resources with an ever increasing population. They feel the twinge of FEAR raise its ugly head in their bellies. Rationalizing their bad behavior of jockeying for position, fighting their way to the illusive “top”, buying, consuming or hoarding material possessions, and putting up barriers to deep, heartfelt human interaction are all acts generated by a FEARFUL EGO.

Only after the EGO no longer fears that there won’t be enough for it to survive, can it move from a place of fear, into a place of calm, a place of security, a place of LOVE, and start relating with maturity.

I told my friend to remind herself “This too shall pass” and keep supporting her own child’s little ego by continuing to love him unconditionally. By acknowledging him, seeing the light of spirit within him and giving him a good example to emulate, she will have done her part in making the world a more peaceful place. To be a Parent is to be a Spiritual Warrior! NAMASTE!
originally published March 26, 2010

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