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 I believe, that most of us live in our minds.

We experience the world through our own filters of belief, experience and perception…that come from the mind.  We see the world as a place that doesn’t change much day to day, a place of set expectations…that become those expectations, repeatedly. That’s reality, right?
The things you can see, feel, touch, and know will be there tomorrow~ the mind creates these paradigms in order to feel comfortable in a daily routine. These images can become so ingrained that pretty soon, we stop noticing things, and they become almost invisible to us. Occasionally, we can look with ‘new eyes’ at things and see their true essence. That is when we are awake and aware. A state to strive for, because when we’re in this mental state, we can choose to lead our thoughts and emotions rather than follow them!
The mind is controlled by subconscious programming which was downloaded into us while we were still in a ‘state of hypnosis’ in our early years, and latent expectations set and dictated by the ego, based upon experience.
This is why everyones experiences of ‘reality’ differ from one anothers; even when two people recall the same incident, there will be two slightly different slants to the story, due to the individual filters we each have. It is a wonder how we can agree on anything, actually. What we collectively agree upon as being real is called the collective consciousness or collective reality.
This is the world of the media, social life and the work-day week. The world of the frenetic mind.

We all live in bodies.
Some people have a disconnect between their mind [who they believe themselves to be] and their body. This leads to eating disorders and poor, or over inflated self-esteem.
Our bodies are genetic gifts that we can’t really manipulate too much, but can take care of~ by treating them properly and appreciating them as the miraculous machines that they are.
We need to have regular exercise, of various types, to keep our bodies in top working order, practice good hygiene and eat clean, wholesome foods and water to power them.
Many times we don’t start appreciating our bodies until something goes amiss with them.
Interestingly enough, that’s when we can use the power of our minds to influence the healing of our cells. Science has proven that thoughts affect the physical world, especially that of our bodies. We can chemically alter our cellular structure by practicing thinking good, peaceful and healing thoughts.

Athletes live primarily in their bodies. Their mind impresses agility routines into their cellular memory, so that while performing, there is no time to think about the correct action to take, but it is instantaneous. That same kind of mental/physical agile-ability to maintain and heal can be transferred to anyone’s body through meditation.

Daily meditation can become a great practice of ‘maintenance‘ of body-mind-soul. While meditating, we can visualize sending love and light into each cell on inhalation- and allow all pain, injury and disease to leave through our exhalation. When we slow the speed of our minds down, we allow regeneration and healing to speed up! This is why power naps can make us more efficient and over time, happier, because the natural flow of daily life will envelop us, and keep us still and centered inside, even while amid the hustle of outside life. We become a self-renewing power source.

So now you know how to combine the working of the mind with the body to create a natural rhythm and flow in your life…if you want to boost that up into hyperdrive, add the spirit component!
We can stay healthy in a calm and centered place, with a rather slow natural rhythm in our bodies, when they are vibrating on a higher frequency of internal balance between body and mind!
It is a place of balance that can be thrown off by emotional upset, exhaustion, or caused by stress quite easily- if we buy into the drama of everyday life. If we want things to go our way and they don’t. Or when we get upset by things we cannot control. When in a state of imbalance we open ourselves to disease from within or without.
To stay healthy, seek this balance, using whatever methods work for you.
If you want to be healthy and thriving, you can try this exercise:

Start by recognizing where your attention lies, usually that’s within the mind.
Bring the awareness of that energy center down from the head into the lower trunk of the body and feel the surge of primal energy there. Move it around and then up to the heart center and solar plexus. Spirit operates from the heart center. It is the Place of Balance between the head and the body.
When your peaceful center lies in your heart, your life’s focus will shift from that of self-preservation, to that of including others in your circle of loved ones. When we are feeling charitable, we generally think of those most like us or tied to us by familial and group bounds. Those like us. We discover a need for belonging being met. This gives us a sense of generosity and thankfulness, which gives us a power base from which to operate~ through the safety of acceptance.
This is a good place to live from every day. It is a place of health and balance. It is a place where we can thrive, but there is an even higher reality we can aspire toward…..

To find the highest level of connection in the world, meditate on the lovingkindness that exists within you and feel this extend into the known world. Know that you are connected to every. thing.
If you want to discover the highest frequency of mind-body-spirit, meditate on this:

All things are cellular, and held together by only the power of thought. When the awareness of thought stops, every part of the whole flows back together and becomes one.” This is the place of eternity in unity. With this vision of unity, you can re-enter everyday consciousness filled with a lightness and power that is more than ‘just the world’. You will become a Spiritual Warrior and Carrier of Light & Love.
You will be able to manifest a life of peace, fulfillment, contentment and wholeness.

Seekers of Peace and Wholeness~

originally posted February 16, 2012

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Leveraging the Universe- Book review

Yesterday a RL friend posted to my FB account an announcement that Mike Dooley’s latest book, “Leveraging the Universe: 7 steps to Engaging Life’s Magic” had just been released and that HE himself would be in Denver, signing copies today, at the LoDo Tattered Cover Bookstore!
All I had to do was say YES, get myself down there by 6:30pm with plastic.
Mission Accomplished!

Not being one to let a golden opportunity slip by, I jumped at the chance to meet one of my inspirational heroes! I follow Mike on Twitter and receive his daily “Notes from the Universe” in my email account. He’s someone I look forward to ‘hearing from’ every day!!

The upbeat, irreverent and heart-felt messages Mike sends out has really changed my perspective to finally *embrace* his positive daily affirmations. Doing so has given me a new appreciation for a ‘personal relationship’ to the Universe…something churches/temples and synagogues espouse to regarding aspects of their Supreme Being/s but never really became a reality for me. [skeptic that I am]

The messages that “The Universe” sends out daily are so full of warmth and love that one can’t help feeling being touched and hugged in a personal, squishy way! AND I am able through this blog to inspire other people in my network to do All Great and Good things in their lives as well! So I serve as a link in the chain as a carrier of light and positive energy 🙂

I just got my copy of the book purchased and signed- so I haven’t had a chance to read through it yet- but count on it! All of Mikes other books have been FANTASTIC and come highly recommended by this blogger.

The BEST parts of the night, tho, were all of the synchronicities I met up with: I drove straight down to the building, not worrying if Id make it there in time or not, stopping only once- found a parking spot right across the street, got to pay with my debit card, waltzed into the bookstore, bought a copy of the book, got in a quickly moving line and found an empty seat…all within 30 minutes!

Then, after the presentation, a woman seated behind me swapped her numbered ticket with me, bumping me up 75 spaces! I passed my ticket to a woman seated near me, bumping her up 100 spaces from her spot and got to meet and speak with Mike! As I expected, he was just as warm and personable as he is in his videotapes online- only a bit less goofy. He had 300 people to sign books for after all, which makes for a long day. I had my business card stuck in my book, so he could read the spelling of my name and at the last minute decided to let him keep the card – what the heck!? if he actually takes the time to read this blog, and likes it, who knows where that connection might lead? I know I’ve still gotta DO the basic footwork in order to MANIFEST my BEST REALITY!
An THEN, on the way home, Universe allowed me to breeze thru all of the stop lights, and upon turning on one of the last major streets near my home, my favorite instrumental song *of all time* CLASSICAL GAS played on the radio! <3 (Thank you Mason Williams) <3 I cranked it up and sang along to it at the top of my lungs as my left hand flew thru the breeze testifying to the world that the Universe is So Good! *BIG smiles and a heart full of love*

and THANK YOU UNIVERSE for always being there, supporting my dreams and keeping it real!
Over and out.

~Other books by Mike Dooley include:
Notes from the Universe, More Notes from the Universe, Even More Notes from the Universe,
Choose Them Wisely (Thoughts Become Things)
Infinite Possibilities
Manifesting Change
~and Audio Books;
Leveraging the Universe & Engaging the Magic
2012: Prophecies and Possibilities

original posting September


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