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Leo Decan III – Love or War

According to the traditions of Tarot, Mars rules this third Decan of Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign and Mars rules the element of fire which encourages heat, struggle, aggression, and power in this 10 day Decan which starts August 12.

The energies of being rigid in one’s belief system and not backing down, unfortunately, are being tested during this time period, from August 12 – August 22, 2017, as Mars rules this heated time of year. We are asked to decide on acting from a place of LOVE or from Fear.<>

Coherence and Achievement of the people, rather than the leadership, was indicated by the last Aquarian Full Moon eclipse of August 7, 2017, so this also flavors the following Decan. When a Leo Sun faces down an Aquarian Moon, there is a conflict between the WILL of the the leadership and the people.

The Tarot card associated with this decan is the 7 of Fire, which traditionally indicates struggle, and on my cards is a skunk who needs to make a decision; “Do I spray or do I go?” We are on the brink of that decision now.<>

In the traditional Toth Tarot, the path of Fire cards eventually leads to Oppression, as the 10 of Fire Tarot card, yet, there are three steps in between which are Swiftness, Strength and Unification in the face of adversity. Does this indicate #Persistence? I believe so!

The most powerful astrological event happening this year, the US Total Solar Eclipse, occurs during this decan at 28* Leo. The Sabian symbol of many birds on a branch, indicates a multiplicity of potentialities of which we are to not become overwhelmed. It’s time to stay focused and rise up in common pursuit of benevolence. <>

Eclipses, historically, have indicated the removal of a leader. Humpty Dumpty may fall, but more importantly, we as horsemen, must discover how to reassemble a unified, cohesive whole once again. // This is to be our next step in the process of progress for ALL in our human spiritual evolution.//

In my 9 Keys Tarot, the Fire suit indicates WILLPOWER which can be the ultimate expression of “power-with” used for the benefit of the greater good, not only one’s personal “power-over”. The steps toward it from the 7, which is Decision, are 8-Coherence, 9-Achievement and 10-Celebration. I believe we will see this by the end of this year.<> We are truly Stronger Together!

When the passions of the 4th Chakra, LOVE, overcomes the lower desires of the Will, 3rd Chakra, we can create a unified peace in the land and Celebrate it with all mankind. May it be so!! Namaste’

“When the POWER of LOVE overwhelms the love of power, the world will know PEACE.” – Jimi Hendrix


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Gardening by the Moon

Just an introduction today about Gardening by the Moon. 

I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this when even warmer weather comes. Hardy seeds of greens like spinach, collards, and kale can be planted, even when its still cold and wet. Larger seeds, such as spinach can be soaked and nicked for faster germination, but if you’re expecting the soil to be wet for a week or so, it’s not necessary. I quickly planted some turnip greens as the cold front spritzed me this afternoon. I’ll plant other greens later in a staggered fashion, as I don’t want everything maturing at the same time.

The observation of the Moon’s influence upon the Earth was recorded by Pliny, a Roman statesman, who noted that the “Moon replenishes the Earth; when she approaches it she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them”. This means that during a full moon the tides are high and moisture is pulled to the top of the soil, where seeds are to be planted. Sensitive people can feel this pull and are a bit on the edgy side during this time. When the moon is full, Luna can bring out the ‘lunacy’, in one degree or another, in us all. 🙂

The following are days when the moon is in the ‘water’ signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces~

Also note; Full moons are not the best time for operations as bleeding can become excessive.

Originally published March 23, 2010

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