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Retrograde review- Saturn, Mars & Mercury Rx

Mini blog:
With Mercury, Mars, and Saturn retrograde now, it’s a good time to review and evaluate, especially in terms of relationships, commitment, and why we’re here. Learning to live with uncertainty is what retrograde planets encourage us to do; the more comfortable we are with uncertainty, the more grounded we can become in our daily lives as we learn to live ‘in the flow’….as we take time to relinquish control and become dispassionate observers of reality.
It CERTAINLY is not comfortable, but stretching our comfort zone allows us to grow and shed old skins that no longer serve our best interests.
Mercury goes direct April 4, Mars April 14, Saturn June 25 so plan to re-start communications, actions and manifestation on those dates.

Oh, and enjoy your Spring Equinox this Tuesday, March 20 when new hopes and dreams spring up everywhere. This week will most likely offer the opportunity to see the world with new eyes!

original posting March 18, 2012


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