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Loosen your Heart

I will not die an unlived life.
I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid,
more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a
wing, a torch, a promise.
I chose to risk my significance;
to live so that which comes to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me
as blossom, goes on as fruit. ~Dawn Markova

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Meaningful Work

Meaningful work in the Age of Aquarius. Today the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius and Neptune goes retrograde for the next 14 years.
Its a momentous moment. Hhmm, a bit of redundancy there?

Neptune is one of the outer planets, and influences things like psychic ability, dreams, illusions/delusions, water and oil on a generational level. As it goes retrograde, (seen on Earth as an apparent backwards movement in the skies), it becomes time for us as humanity to review and plan for new ways to implement solutions that serve the greater good! We need to especially find ways to stop using oil and protect our water before it is too late.

The Harvard Business Review recently ran an article that gave advice to people in college as to how to go about gaining personal happiness and financial reward…something we’d all like to know a little more about in these times. I’d add that the most rewarding of ways to live ones life is to have it based on a strong ethical background. Think of the uber-wealthy who give much of their energy, time and money to charitable causes, and you will understand what I mean.
The major points the HBR suggested were;

*Travel. Nice, if you can afford it…travel in a way that you can connect to the local people and discover insights to local ways of life.

*Develop situational awareness. Find something that needs to be fixed or solved in the place where you are.
*Look into problems that affect you in a very personal way. Use your individual Passions for a Purpose greater than yourself.
*Connect with people working on big problems. Use the internet and personal connections to network; discover more than you might have wondered about, and use this information in positive ways to both expand your area of expertise – as well as experience. This makes you more valuable a commodity as a thinking worker and allows for greater level of opportunity to come your way!

*Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love,
what you’re good at, and what the world needs. This is the big sticker. Maybe you know yourself well enough to realize your strengths and avoid your weaknesses…maybe you know you want to be of service, but don’t know how to get there…then there’s the sticking point;
What is it that serves to excite you, interest you- what are the causes that are greater than yourself that you feel called to and are worthy enough for you to dedicate your life and time to serving?
Discover this and you’re on your way!

Some of these ‘big ticket items’ are Global warming, Financial equity, Sexual Equality, Human Rights- large areas of concern that may either need to be stopped, healed or repaired individually and globally. These don’t necessarily need to be in the area of your expertise, in fact, many people feel more rewarded by finding a passion that has always been ‘with them’ but they put aside, thinking there was ‘no money’ in it…..and took a different career path. Now is the time to change course!

Pluto is in Capricorn, and will be for another 20 years or so, which means that the old ways of doing things~ and old, patriarchal traditions in society are crumbling in order to make way for the new – which will serve everyone.

Everyone can help: in our own ways, in our own circles, in our own worlds.

This is the Age of Aquarius; WE ARE the generations of today and tomorrow, that will serve humanity and even out the playing field between rich and poor, the haves and the have nots, in unique and electrifying ways! Welcome to the 21st century and the New Age~

Be a carrier of Love and Light and Serve Others.
Its the most direct path toward happiness and success that there is!

originally posted February 4, 2012

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Life’s Transitions

10 Questions for Life’s Transitions~
We all go through transitional phases in life; at graduation, at a job loss, a divorce, a move, in mid-life or retirement. When things seem to a all change at once NOBODY expects us to carry on as usual! Take some personal time off and explore your options. These are 10 steps I found (probably from Deepak Chopra) that I’ve added my own explanations to.

1. What are my unique gifts? Only you can answer this. You have to be honest with yourself and know how to look within, with a measure of compassion and self love. What talents come easily to you? Build on them.

2. How do I feel called to serve? Is there a small, still voice in you that you’ve been ignoring because it was dissonant with what your ‘head’ (society/parents/peers/superiors) told you was your mission? Investigate it. Give it time to grow louder by dialoguing with it. Then follow your heart’s desire!

3. What activities deeply nourish me? Try to get behind the external activities and into the core of what lies beneath them. Is it the act of sharing knowledge that fulfills a need in you to be heard? Is it the quality of feeling at ‘one’ with others that lies behind your charitable activities? Take these root motivations and apply them to other venues. Think outside the box.

4. What brings me pleasure and joy? Maybe you don’t feel passionate, just drained. Do things that are uncharacteristic for you. Try a new sport, read a new genre of book, hang around busy place and watch people; listening to conversations you wouldn’t normally hold with people. Consider other perspectives on life. Browse the internet following links that draw you. Indulge yourself in your favorite pampering rituals. Go window shopping and buy yourself a small gift that makes you feel special.
When you discover a new passion, write it down and post it where you will be reminded of it. Remember to play every day!

5. What are my passions?  Do you feel strongly about a cause? Do you have a favorite pastime? Are there activities that make you feel empowered and fulfilled? Get more involved in them and your energy levels will spike, helping you move through the transitional phase more easily.
If you feel disconnected from your passions, don’t worry. One day something will come along and be worthy of your time and attention~ and you’ll have the time and space to dedicate to it! Until then, wait until you are called.

6. What is my life’s work or purpose? This is a biggie- so if it overwhelms you, skip it and come back to it later. A secret is that you can always change the answer to this one…at any time!
Like #3, try to see if there is a pattern behind the things you have been doing, the way you’ve been interacting, the jobs you’ve held (and liked)~ the cares and concerns that have always been a part of you, and build on them- if they are positive. Consider changing them if they no longer serve your higher good. Include your motivations behind the patterns you find to lead you into your higher purpose for your life’s work. Don’t feel you have to rush this one or find the answer right away…it will probably grow on you slowly until one day you have a “Eureka” moment that will push you forward.

7. What are the issues I must face? Here’s another one that might be difficult for some people to look at honestly and with compassion for themselves. I suggest listing only a few of them, prioritizing them an selecting only one to deal with at a time.
Give yourself plenty of time to resolve it while you take small steps to get through daily life. You’ll know when you have enough emotional reserves to begin this work. If they appear daunting, seek out help. Maybe all you’ll need is to find is a good listener or a shoulder to cry on. Maybe you’ll find a counselor with some wise suggestions to consider to get you started.
Try to remember, though, that the issues are yours, and you are the one who knows yourself best. Don’t become overly reliant on any one person besides yourself… unless you feel drawn to put your therapist’s child through college.
8. What is the next step I must take in order to become more fully myself? You can start this one right away. ‘Check in’ with your Self in order to ‘hear’ your own truth. Decide to step out of your comfort zone and do one thing that is different from your normal routine. Decide to start being more honest with your self and others. Start small, but start.

9. What needs to be healed in me? Like number 7, you may not realize where your woundedness lies, because we’ve been taught to overlook it. Our hurts may be too tender and raw to do much with, except to become aware of them. But if you can identify one area that needs to be healed, work on it, slowly and gently – with others if possible. 
Identify your dragon, befriend it and tame it. see archives *June 2, 2011

10. What is the task ahead of me now? Like number 8, just begin taking small steps toward acting on your hunches, listen to your intuition and follow your bliss. If you need to feel more ‘organized’ about this, list your goal first and work backward on the steps you want to take to achieve it. Then DO something small and measurable, every day – and reward yourself for your courage!


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