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For the Glory of the Earth

This year’s Earth Day has arrived without much hoopla or hype. I wonder if people are thinking the holiday has become passe? Isn’t there enough profit to be made on the topic of ‘honoring our Mother’ or does ‘Saving the Planet’ throw people off because it is a challenge too large for the individual mind to fathom?

I see the Earth as a shaggy, wet dog…. she is shaking to rid herself of the fleas and debris she has accumulated. Surely she is a living being. How do we react? Do we scold her and fear her trembling or do we send her love and adapt our actions to her movements? I suppose it depends on your world view. Are you arrogant enough to think you are holding her leash?

I propose we each do what we can on a daily basis; recycle, reuse and reduce our carbon footprints. Buy smart by purchasing products without harmful chemicals or wasteful packaging. Decide what we really NEED and stop doing only what we want.
Then gather together wherever we can, online or in our local parks/coffee shops, to discuss solutions where problems are pointed out. A positive approach offers better vibe and encourages more cooperative thinking than being against something and using negative rhetoric to ‘beat the opposition’. I believe the Universe will attract more help to our causes when we frame our position in the affirmative.

I’ve joined many online groups in order to get input on subjects close to my heart. I sign petitions for the ACLU, PAN, and local political issues, because local action can become precedence for larger movements. I ReTweet posts to bring attention to worthy causes. I send links by email to my friends and family, but I know there is more I can do! When we add our voices together we can become more than the sum of our parts. This synchronicity is necessary if we want to accomplish bigger things.

So do your daily best. Send prayers and affirmations into the ether. Light an Earth friendly candle, sing and dance for the greater good. Do what you can to right wrongs in your local communities.
Then go seek out groups to join to add your voice to the wonderful cacophony that is raised each Spring for the wellness of the Earth. Blend your individual gifts with those of others to make our light radiate around the world…
And continue to do the great work all year ’round.
May our numbers increase and our work be bountiful. Blessed Be!

originally published April 20, 2010

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Inspiration & the Element of Air

As we turn our attention to the East, on this early Spring morning, I am reminded that all the spiritual traditions pay homage at this time of year, to rebirth. Holi was celebrated by Hindus recently~ with the tossing of colored powders reminiscent of the bouquet of colors the Earth will soon bring forth. Passover was celebrated by observant Jews, which celebrates the spiritual relationship between deity and the scattered peoples of the Levant. Easter will be celebrated by Christians tomorrow in many sunrise services and people of Earth based religions continue to celebrate the Vernal Equinox and the warmer days the sunlight brings to all creatures.

At this time of year, my attention turns to the East and the Element of Air, which is literally the breath of inspiration! The Egyptian deity Thoth, was a wise and powerful being who represented the gift of writing, especially inspirational writings, to the early people of the Nile valley. He is the most iconic of the bird-headed gods of Egypt. Bird headed beings were among the first images of god-like figures of the Caucus mountain area West to Egypt. The fact that birds can soar into the heavens and return to Earth, a feat man can only do in his mind, placed them into an envied position by early peoples. The Element of Air is their native habitat, as Earth is ours. The story of Icarus symbolizes man’s dream of flight, which would free him from Earthly confines, and allow him to soar into the realms of the gods.

Symbols of the Element of Air are birds, their eggs and snakes – whose rebirth after lying dormant in the Earth is a significant and universal symbol. The mystery of a serpent’s rebirth touches something deep inside all of us at a basic level. Hidden deep in mankind’s psyche is a fear and awe of these creatures. The snake is typically featured wrapped around an egg, symbolizing the concept of eternity. The oreobos is similar symbol which features a snake eating it’s own tail. As time progresses, it seems to swallow itself, just as a stream seems to remain the same even as the flow of water continues downhill. Time continues to pass even as the eternal serpent continues to consume itself. We are left as awestruck observers.

The colors of Air are yellow and light blue….the time of day, dawn, and the feeling of Air is light and flowing. An Air exercise is to greet the dawn with stretching, and slow, deep breathing while focusing on the quiet of dawn, and the rebirth of a new day, filled with all potential.
You are the magician, the creator of your life’s drama. What will you chose to do with today’s gift of time? Chose wisely. Bright Blessings!
originally published April 3, 2010

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Butterflies and Dragonflies

I realized today

that a butterfly is a thing of beauty,

that I don’t need to try to capture it on film.

It’s not in their nature to sit still

and wait for me to focus~

it is their nature

to fly!


They have struggled to become what they are.

A complete metamorphosis

changed in form,

dissolved, reconstructed, reconfigured




I am amazed at their delicate design

powdery, frail, so fragile

and their colors, so vivid and bright.

Un natural creatures

in this world of green and brown.

Seemingly not aerodynamic

and yet, they fly.


I have never seen a butterfly die

tho I know they must

go somewhere, to turn into dust,



I have seen a dragonfly die.

It landed on the topmost branch

wrapped its feet around the stalk

shook its wings a few times

rested, relaxed,

and did not move again.


Frozen in time

it left peacefully, gracefully

and without ado.

I hope I can go as gracefully

and peacefully

when it is my time.




Butterflies struggle to become what they are.

Don’t try to capture them. Now is their time to fly!

@all rights reserved 2011

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