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Spiritual Laws of Superheroes- book review

This is a wonderful book by Deepak & his son, Gotham Chopra.”Spiritual Laws of Superheroes” Harper One, ISBN 978-0-06-205966-6

Dont be put off by the cover, you’ll find its full of really. deep. stuff.
In ‘Superheroes’, Life’s Deepest Secrets are presented in a light, easy to read way.The introduction explains how this angle of presentation came to be~
as a retelling of timeless Archetypal stories via comic book prototypes.
It also gives us a glimpse of the private father/son world and
heartwarming bond between Deepak and his son, Gotham.It basically is a condensed version of All anyone ever needs to know to find enlightenment/contentment/power & peace in life. -my review.Thumbs up

I like it so much I’m recommending it to everyone, from every background;
it’s easy to read, and is a great way to wrap your head around deeper issues
even if you’ve never picked up a ‘Deepak Chopra book’ before!

It uses Superheroes to explain the Archetypal Laws of Balance,
Transformation, Power, Love, Creativity, Intention and Transcendence,
that we can develop in order to live the life of our dreams!

Keep your eyes open for it. It may be in your library already
or you may want to download it to your ipod.
If/when you see it, in the grocery store or on a bookshelf,
pick it up and buy it!    Peace

~Oh and don’t forget to play every day too~

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Daily Prayer

I sort of cringe at the word ‘prayer’ but it is something I try to do as continually as remembering to breathe. I find, “Pray without Ceasing”, a high but worthy goal to aspire toward.
Since there isn’t another word that is as highly understood by people as that word, I use it here to
demonstrate my interpretation of the old standard, The Lord’s Prayer. 
This is set in the context of my Unitarian Universalist belief. 
I hope you will find it inspirational…
My interpretation of the ‘Our Father’ prayer is as follows~
Mother-Father God, Creative Spirit,
Organizing Principle of Transcendent Energy
that exists within and without all things~

Aid my desire to grow into the Ultimate Perfection of my soul,
I vow to follow the guidance of my awakened consciousness
as Higher Spirit leads me and to help others toward the growth,
understanding and perfection of themselves~

Provide us all our needs
and be as merciful to us as we are merciful to others
May our karma be improved upon by our enlightened choices,
As the Spirit descends unto Earth, so does my petition ascend unto Heaven,
as in the holy energetic ladder of Kabbalah.

This is my Will, so Mote it Be!  For the Greater Good of All

originally published March 25, 2010

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