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Tsunami waves

Water like this terrifies me!
I get an actual physical impact in my body from powerful images like this one. Don’t you?!
I don’t remember ever being afraid while swimming, but have always honored,
and never turned my back on the ocean.

It’s an archetypal image, that of a flood. It is impressed into our collective consciousness as something we must revere, if not outright fear. It’s great vastness has potential for huge impact, sometimes quite calming and other times wildly out of control.
After several recurring flood dreams I realized that tsunamis, floods and dark water represent an overload of emotion to me and that something in my life has been overwhelming me unconsciously.

Now, after surviving *most* of my flood dreams, I can *stop* in the middle of them and acknowledge “this is a dream”. Then I can take control of the action!
That way I can be the star in my own movie and come out Empowered.
Try it, next time you face a fearful dream. Stand up to your fear, name it.
You will see it shrink and become far more manageable. You will find ways to out maneuver your fears and outwit them. btw, battling your fears and winning! – It feels great!
Good luck grasshoppers! 😉 Namaste’

Transform your SubConscious Fear by making it Conscious @KB

-photo courtesy of Barry Blanchard G+

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Gardening by the Moon

Just an introduction today about Gardening by the Moon. 

I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this when even warmer weather comes. Hardy seeds of greens like spinach, collards, and kale can be planted, even when its still cold and wet. Larger seeds, such as spinach can be soaked and nicked for faster germination, but if you’re expecting the soil to be wet for a week or so, it’s not necessary. I quickly planted some turnip greens as the cold front spritzed me this afternoon. I’ll plant other greens later in a staggered fashion, as I don’t want everything maturing at the same time.

The observation of the Moon’s influence upon the Earth was recorded by Pliny, a Roman statesman, who noted that the “Moon replenishes the Earth; when she approaches it she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them”. This means that during a full moon the tides are high and moisture is pulled to the top of the soil, where seeds are to be planted. Sensitive people can feel this pull and are a bit on the edgy side during this time. When the moon is full, Luna can bring out the ‘lunacy’, in one degree or another, in us all. 🙂

The following are days when the moon is in the ‘water’ signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces~

Also note; Full moons are not the best time for operations as bleeding can become excessive.

Originally published March 23, 2010

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International Water Day

I just finished reading an article on the Care2 newsletter I receive online. It was filled with lots of eco-tips on how to save water, a topic that is close to my heart. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we always had lots of water and regular flooding during the 60s before dams were built along rivers. But even with all the water and beauty it created around me the ideal of preserving healthy forests and river systems, and fighting for a clean environment, was embedded into my psyche. It’s something I’ve never taken for granted. I will call someone on letting their tap water run longer than a few seconds! I recycle everything I can and try to get my neighbors to do the same. It’s just part of being responsiblefor myself and caring for the Earth that I believe everyone needs to address.Moving to the inland high desert called Colorado made me appreciate water even more. There have been many summers here where water usage has been restricted. There are more attorneys in Colorado than any other state in the union concerned with water rights and clean water is a topic everyone should be concerned with no matter where they live.

It’s true, there are lots of horror stories about the state of our oceans and rivers today. Care2 regularly sends petitions that I can add my own comments to then click to send to people in positions of power. One could be cynical about the good it does, but I choose to believe that any positive act filled with intention for the good of all, has power. When many of us act together a synergy is created that can accomplish great things!

I’d also like to address the Spiritual aspects of water. Our bodies are made of mostly water. The blood running through our heart center activates our emotional center, literally and metaphorically.
Consider these questions; How do I relate to others? Do I dump my emotion on people or horde it? Am I always ‘thirsty’ for the drama of emotion? Can I find ways to act with balanced intent and share my emotion by using kind words to others as well as being gentle with myself?
Today, ponder the element of WATER and EMOTION and see if you can find a still, quiet place inside where the water is calm, where you can find a place of reflection.
Bright Blessings!! Happy Water Day!

Originally published March 22, 2010

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