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Tarot Challenges – Introduction to 9 Keys Tarot

Here is the Basic Premise: Over the ages the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah has been used as an ancient mystical device used to explain creation and the organization of hierarchical energies that underlie all of creation. There are 10 spheres that hold energetic patterns. These are sorted by the highest frequencies on the top and the lower, more dense frequencies, on the bottom of this glyph. This glyph is called the ‘Tree of Life’ by many early cultures.

Structure: There are 22 Hebrew letters and 22 connecting lines between the 10 spheres of the Kabbalah ‘Tree of Life’. Various Rabbinical schools of thought, as well as more modern esoteric traditions, place Hebrew letters into positions along these ‘paths’, but each school of thought varies these positions (as you may be able to tell by the overlay of the page behind this image of a Kabbalah glyph.)

Since Victorian times occultists have placed the Major Arcana of the Tarot onto these paths. However, the Tarot cards and Hebrew letters vary according to which story is being explained by the various traditions. To get to the bottom of this mysterious ‘mixup’ I delved into some of them by intensive solo study and in group classes.

I took a Tarot course originated by the Golden Dawn’s initiate school to investigate the story behind their tradition and felt it was dated, in that it was very paternalistic, and even somewhat misogynist. I thought the story could be retold to a modern audience in ways that were more inclusive and non-gender in nature.

Then I took a yearlong course on Kabbalah by a NYC Rabbi and went deeper into my 10 year study of that mystical system. I learned that even ancient traditions have had various evolutions and that modern thinking by the Reform Jewish tradition allows for modern interpretation and development of philosophical thought.

So I gave myself permission to integrate the many esoteric systems I’ve studied over decades and put the pieces of this “Great Mystery” together. It’s taken me the better part of 10 years to assemble this unified puzzle and I would like to share my insights with other Seekers of Ancient Truths for todays Modern Mystics.

Would you like to know how Hebrew and Celtic Runes are alike and support one another? Would you like to learn about the Archetypal symbols of Astrology and how today’s Tarot cards pick up on these Universal secrets? Watch this space…..


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Posted November 21st, 2020.

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Hermoine meets Hermeticism IRL

It’s a Hermitic scholars life!

Hello New Subscribers!

~Just a note to let you know that I’m currently working on the artwork and notebooks that will accompany my “9 KEYS TAROT’. This is more than just another slant on a Tarot deck. It is a teaching deck of tarot cards that employ 9 esoteric systems!

As a Metaphysical student, scholar of 40 years and teacher for over 20 years, I employ all I’ve learned into a condensed presentation, so that you can learn at your own pace, through various learning styles, at home, using my 9 Keys Tarot deck and various PDF workbooks.

The 9 KEYS TAROT is based in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, using recognizable features from this primary deck. It includes Kabbalah as taught in the Reform Judaism tradition, including meaning of Hebraic Letters, Spiritual Astrology, Runes, Numerology and Sacred Geometry, Totem Animals, and many hidden meanings in the artwork and color choices.

I hope to present a series on Hebrew Letters starting soon…so stay tuned! #Happy2020

#2020 Let’s hold space for each other as we walk each other home! #WeCanDoThis

Posted January 7th, 2020.

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Rune: Ansuz

Ansuz is shaped like the capital letter F with its sidebars pointing down. The vertical line represents the staff of Odin, father god of the Norse pantheon. The side bars represent Anda and Odhr, the gifts given to the first Norse people by Odin, both spiritual and physical life.* Anda is ‘spirit which imparts life’, and Odhr is ‘inspiration’, literally the breath of life. Therefore, the rune Ansuz can remind you of creation, thought, word, inspiration, insight, epiphany, and communication.

I call the Rune Ansuz, ‘Ansur’, which helps me to remember its added personal meaning to me; Answer. When in the stillness of a meditative state my spirit calls out a question, the Answer comes to me by way of the Muse. It is, in effect, the answer to my prayer. When I asked “What shall I blog about today?” the Muse responded, “Ansur”.

The Runes I refer to are from the Elder Futhark, which is the most widely used of Norse runic variants. A book I recommend is, “The Book of Runes” by Francis Melville* for it’s ease of understanding and beautiful visuals.

Carving a symbol into stone or wood were a way early people captured concepts they could communicate to others over wide areas without language differences. Although the runic homeland is thought of as Scandinavia, runes have been found from the Mediterranean, North to Russia and Lapland and West into Canada.

The runes allowed people to stretch their understanding of the world by thinking conceptually and can still be used in this way today. One can draw a rune and hold a dialogue with Self for daily enlightenment. There is nothing sinister in pondering universal symbols to discover more about yourself! So don’t let anyone tell you that the study of runes or any other ‘occult’ knowledge is evil! The goal of all knowledge should be “Know Thyself”. Secondarily, one can use this information to better direct their own lives.

A good practice, while learning the 25 symbols of the runes, is to pull one out of a pouch daily and ponder its meaning to you. Then, throughout the day, consider how this concept plays out in your life. You will become wiser before you realize it. ~

So today, think about the concept of Ansuz. How do you receive spiritual and intellectual food? Do you seek it out for yourself or are you spoon-fed? Do you nibble at the truth or do you swallow it whole?
I recommend nibbling at the truth, to see if it tastes right to you, to make sure it is not too hot or too cold, or if it is poisoned! It is our personal responsibility to check any idea or information to see if it plays out true in our own hearts, minds and souls.

The media today can be very tricky; consider WHO owns the radio/tv station you listen to. What is their agenda? What influence do its share-holders have for you? What credentials must a reporter have for you to believe the validity of their story? How does one report of an event compare to another report?
If someone blogs something, does that automatically make it true? If media talking-heads say things three times, do you BELIEVE them? Much of what is said and printed today is hubris. Be sure to check your ANSURS with your higher self! Do your own research. Check your sources. Test all knowledge to see if it resonates with your soul.
Namaste! Bright Blessings!!
originally published April 6, 2010

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Today’s Rune – Is

The Rune “Is” shaped like–> I and pronounced “ice”, is appropriate for today in Denver; we got at least 8″ of heavy, wet snow last night that cancelled most events in the Metro area. Horray for SNOW DAYS! But the mile high sun is doing a nice job of melting it. I hope cities downstream, Kearny NB and KCity are ready for another deluge!

Metaphysically speaking, ‘Is’ represents time to stop, delay, wait, and look at things from a different perspective – so it correlates to the Hanged Man in Tarot as well. Take time to listen for options and possibilities when you come to a roadblock in your life. Maybe that cancelled plane will give you time to pick up a book that can change your life*, or you will meet someone who later turns into a human resource for your career or becomes a dear friend.

The Chinese symbol I call Crisitunity, has the same shape for the meanings Crisis as well as Opportunity. Their culture is old enough to know that there is a silver lining in every situation. Don’t panic. Breathe. Step out of your emotional ReActions and decide which Action is best for this situation. It’s amazing how quickly traffic jams resolve themselves when you are relaxed! An open, receptive mind will allow quiet moments to turn into ‘aha’ moments if we just let them.

*The 99% solution is a book I just discovered that will be released April 15th. It gives pointers for getting your Ideas turned into REALITY using the research done on groups that have repeatedly proved themselves successful. Make Ideas Happen is trending today 3/24/10 #MIH on Twitter.

originally published 3/24/1o

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Runes of the Day

Runes are Nordic symbols representing early archetypal concepts such as the weather, light and darkness, cycles of life and relationships between people and their environment.

I find it interesting that the symbols are familiar to early Hebrew and Greek letters. My theory is that the Viking traders that came through Kiev to the Levant [middle east] learned these symbols through trade, and brought them back to the North country where shaman added to the cultural flavor of these mystical symbols via astral travel.

Today’s runes Ingwaz and Othila represent fertility and homeland, which are appropriate for the first day of Spring!

Inga, as I call it, is a diamond shape and represents potential and possibilities. Named after a very old god who predates the Germanic tribes, it is a phallic symbol that can be applied to either sex; the head of the penis or the vagina. It represents the magnetic charge, and inner heat of attraction, the object of which is fruition.

So today, it is a good time to plan things, start new projects, clean up the house and freshen the linens. Bring in some fresh flowers and take a walk outdoors. Listen to see if you can hear songbirds that have returned with the melting snows. Feel the potential of being alive!

Othila, the rune of the homeland, is a diamond shape with the two lower lines extended, and expresses our primal connection to the Earth. It reminds us that we should become aware of our place on the planet and dedicate ourselves to improving mankind’s lot while we are here, rather than just taking what we want.

Choosing to simplify your lifestyle by recycling, using and reusing the things you have, giving to charity and using public transportation are a few ways of paring down your carbon imprint on the Earth.

Gardening and buying organic foods are ways to become more self sufficient and support local farmers. Petitioning for clean air, water and food are ways you can add your voice to help send a message to your representatives in government.

Consider your actions and their repercussions as to how they will affect you, your local circles of influence, and into the future generations, BEFORE you act, as chief Joseph of the Nez Perce advised.
Walk in beauty, Walk in Peace!

Recommended reading; The Book of Runes by Francis Melville, Barron’s pub.2003

originally published March 21, 2010

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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Posted August 14th, 2012.

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