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~Just a note to let you know that I’m currently working on the artwork and notebooks that will accompany my “9 KEYS TAROT’. This is more than just another slant on a Tarot deck. It is a teaching deck of tarot cards that employ 9 esoteric systems!

As a Metaphysical student, scholar of 40 years and teacher for over 20 years, I employ all I’ve learned into a condensed presentation, so that you can learn at your own pace, through various learning styles, at home, using my 9 Keys Tarot deck and various PDF workbooks.

The 9 KEYS TAROT is based in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, using recognizable features from this primary deck. It includes Kabbalah as taught in the Reform Judaism tradition, including meaning of Hebraic Letters, Spiritual Astrology, Runes, Numerology and Sacred Geometry, Totem Animals, and many hidden meanings in the artwork and color choices.

I hope to present a series on Hebrew Letters starting soon…so stay tuned! #Happy2020

#2020 Let’s hold space for each other as we walk each other home! #WeCanDoThis

Posted January 7th, 2020.

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The 9 of Fire card: “Achievement” @ 9 Keys Tarot

TODAY I begin my year-long process of writing about the Minor Arcana of my Tarot deck, “The 9 Keys Tarot.” It’s a bit of an “Achievement” that these ideas are finally going into the web-o-sphere!

The numbered cards correspond with the 10 day cycles that Egyptians used in their Lunar calendar. These 10 degree “Decans” are astrological place keepers dividing each of the 30 degree Zodiacal Signs. Each of these Decans are “ruled” by one of the seven visible planets. The ancient Chaldean astronomers plotted the paths of the planets and designated ‘rulers’ of the visible planets, Sun and Moon to the Decans in this order; Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Thus, the nine cards (2-10) in each of the 4 suits, comes to 36 Decans in the 360 degree Wheel of the Year.

MONDAY, December 3, 2018, signals the beginning of the second Decan in Sagittarius. I will begin by describing the corresponding 9 of Fire card in my ‘9 Keys Tarot’ deck, which I call the Hen. The Hen card shows a Bandaged Hen and bridle with 9 eggs, the product of her Achievement. I define all of the #9 cards as the “Pinnacle”. Because this card is in the Fire suit, which denotes Action, it’s meaning is “Achievement”.

This Decan is ruled by the Moon and the Moon actually passes through the second Decan of Sagittarius on Thursday night, December 6th, 2018. This would be a good day to meditate on the qualities of this card and set the intentions to bring the following qualities into your own life!

The Hen’s purpose in life is to be productive, laying eggs and raising chicks. She is self-sufficient and quite good at this, even when threatened by predators of many kinds. Her warning is to not cluck with pride, lest her treasures be discovered by predators!

Ancient sources cite that this Decan represents the Lord of Strength and the ability to endure and hold one’s ground. Hardships may come but one must be of stout heart and be firmly resolute in order to defend one’s ambition, and to endure the fray victoriously.

The bridle is symbolic of the final victory that is to come in the last of the Tarot Minor Arcana, the 10 of Earth, which is Manifestation- symbolized by a winning Race Horse. Achievements must be laid upon one another in order to realize a final victory.

The downside of this card is the idea of despair in the face of challenges. The weasel, the fox, the snake, and the human all wish to have part of the share of the Hen’s fertility. Predators often use stealth, so boldness is called upon to outwit these marauders that come in the dark of the night. This card may also represent the trauma that accompanies the ‘dark night of the soul’, so persistence must shine through in order for the Hen to prevail.

Achievement is attained after planning a strategy, enduring hardships, redirecting one’s efforts and finally by good timing. To produce something of true value it is important to discover the niche that best suits your skills and the market for it. Achievement gives us a sense of accomplishment and confidence. It can be a reward in itself.

Meditate on these ideas through December 13, when I post on card 10 of Fire, the Rooster. Namaste’

#Tarot #9KeysTarot #Achievement #Persistence #Determination


Posted December 2nd, 2018.

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Shadow work Oct 5-Nov 15, 2018

The Shadow is the ‘unclaimed’ part of our psyche that is alert and aware 24/7 because it resides in our Subconscious Mind. As children, we are programmed into our view of the World; it’s language, customs and our place in it. As adults, we can reflect on these programs and become “Aware” of them.

If you start to feel like a victim of your programs, stuck in a rut, without possibilities, I want to tell you that you can change ANYTHING, at ANY TIME!

If you’re interested in doing Shadow work, investigating this phenomenon via inward reflections, let me know.  Send me your Email request at KalinArtAndSpirit@gmail.com and I’ll send you the password. (Passwords keep out bots)


Posted October 21st, 2018.

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Protected: Shadow work #5: Taming the Mind

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Posted October 16th, 2018.

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Inspiration & the Element of Air

As we turn our attention to the East, on this early Spring morning, I am reminded that all the spiritual traditions pay homage at this time of year, to rebirth. Holi was celebrated by Hindus recently~ with the tossing of colored powders reminiscent of the bouquet of colors the Earth will soon bring forth. Passover was celebrated by observant Jews, which celebrates the spiritual relationship between deity and the scattered peoples of the Levant. Easter will be celebrated by Christians tomorrow in many sunrise services and people of Earth based religions continue to celebrate the Vernal Equinox and the warmer days the sunlight brings to all creatures.

At this time of year, my attention turns to the East and the Element of Air, which is literally the breath of inspiration! The Egyptian deity Thoth, was a wise and powerful being who represented the gift of writing, especially inspirational writings, to the early people of the Nile valley. He is the most iconic of the bird-headed gods of Egypt. Bird headed beings were among the first images of god-like figures of the Caucus mountain area West to Egypt. The fact that birds can soar into the heavens and return to Earth, a feat man can only do in his mind, placed them into an envied position by early peoples. The Element of Air is their native habitat, as Earth is ours. The story of Icarus symbolizes man’s dream of flight, which would free him from Earthly confines, and allow him to soar into the realms of the gods.

Symbols of the Element of Air are birds, their eggs and snakes – whose rebirth after lying dormant in the Earth is a significant and universal symbol. The mystery of a serpent’s rebirth touches something deep inside all of us at a basic level. Hidden deep in mankind’s psyche is a fear and awe of these creatures. The snake is typically featured wrapped around an egg, symbolizing the concept of eternity. The oreobos is similar symbol which features a snake eating it’s own tail. As time progresses, it seems to swallow itself, just as a stream seems to remain the same even as the flow of water continues downhill. Time continues to pass even as the eternal serpent continues to consume itself. We are left as awestruck observers.

The colors of Air are yellow and light blue….the time of day, dawn, and the feeling of Air is light and flowing. An Air exercise is to greet the dawn with stretching, and slow, deep breathing while focusing on the quiet of dawn, and the rebirth of a new day, filled with all potential.
You are the magician, the creator of your life’s drama. What will you chose to do with today’s gift of time? Chose wisely. Bright Blessings!
originally published April 3, 2010

Posted August 19th, 2012.

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