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Mars rules Pisces Decan iii – Dis/Contentment


Mars ruled Pisces Decan iii – Dis/Contentment

The dregs of the longest Winter recorded history is upon us, or so it seems! But there seems to be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, as to when Covid19 restrictions will lift and life will, in many ways, resemble normal.

Mars, the ruler of this Decan had gone into ‘confinement’ when it moved into this Astrological position due to the location of the Moon’s nodes last March 7, 2020. As of March 27, 2021 it will burst through this position to lift it’s confinement! Mars will ingress into Cancer April 24, bringing along with it action on the home/family front. (See diagram) Red Mars (at the bottom of the blue arrow) moves past ‘headphone’ shaped North Node as the rest of the planets stay trapped between this point and the upside down headphones opposite it, which created a CONFINEMENT shape. [Thanks to NightLightAstrology for the diagram. I don’t have S Node on my program.]

This long period of isolation has caused many of us to suffer from mild cognitive decline due to boredom, repetition or restriction of movement. As this Spring comes into view it’s good for us to remember that our state of mind is up to us to revitalize through ADAPTATION. This is what the wise old owl knows, that “Life is as we perceive it!” 😉 When we start to get dragged down, it’s up to us to take quick action to move our bodies, try new routines and be ready to renegotiate new ways of living, in order to survive over the long haul. We need to be able to FLOW with the changes life presents.

The owl eats mice over the Winter, small birds in Spring and larger prey in Summer and Autumn. He adapts to what the seasons bring his way. And he rests when he must. We can take heed of this WISDOM regarding CHANGE. Look to change as an OPPORTUNITY!

Many jobs will have ended permanently, and we will all be looking to attend the activities we did in the past, with whatever is the ‘new normal’. Much employment will continue to be done online and delivery will remain a viable option for many goods and services. We are adjusting to the Nodes of the Moon being in the AIR signs for the next century. Life doesn’t go backward. We need to lean in OPTIMISTICALLY toward the Future!

For example, Communication methods are changing; tele-working and distance learning will continue to be a boon to the cleanliness of the environment, as people won’t need to drive as often for business. So, not all the changes will be ‘bad’, they’ll just take some adjusting to.

CONTENTMENT is the key word for the 10 of Water Tarot card. The pinnacle of emotional experience. Last Decan’s 9 of Water card told of the pursuit of ‘Happiness’, while this card reflects the next step after Happiness – the warm glow of Contentment. You may, instead, have the feeling of unease, or Discontent that comes as a project is finished, or period of life comes to an end. There is a sense of being off balance while circling back to the Ace of Water card – where all emotions are possible and outcomes look promising again. Regain your balance by learning to lean into change and move forward!

With this last period of Winter coming to an end, we can look forward with HOPE to a new Spring and a new way of ‘doing’ life, post Covid lock-down. May the first blooms of Spring bring a smile to your face and remind you that LIFE GETS BETTER.

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Posted March 10th, 2021.

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Pisces Decan ii – 9 of Water – Illusive Happiness

The Illusive Hunt for Happiness

The Second Decan of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and growth. When placed in the Sign of Pisces, one can imagine an endless sea full of all sorts of possibilities and opportunities.

This is why many Tarot cards are labeled ‘Happiness’ either at this Decan or the next. But consider the concept of being a fish swimming in a school. Sure there is strength in numbers, but is there individual freedom of choice? Do any of the fish have an opportunity to grow and flourish as unique beings? Or do they mindlessly follow every twist and bend established by the lead fish? Would they even know if they were being led astray; into the gaping maw of a whale, for instance?

As a human, we often follow the same instinctual paths when it comes to our emotional life. We are raised in collective school situations and indoctrinated with our often provincial social programs. We feel powerful and popular if we happen to swim at the leading edge of the group for a time, but we may never get to know what the TRUTH of our inner Spirit is crying out to express.

When we go along with the crowd, THEY will mold our psyche and inform our consciousness. It’s only when we break away from these restrictions that we, as individuals, begin to blossom and shine in our own right!! Dare to be original and shine in your own awareness!

~Besides, as we eventually discover, that Happiness itself is elusive and fleeting. Why can’t we rather embrace the small things in life as ‘pleasures that bring joy’ and embrace them, even as we are aware that they are fleeting?

Can you grow your inner Self to the point of releasing your instinct to grab hold of Happiness with both hands? The answer is YES, when you do the inner work of INTROSPECTION. Look within to notice what Triggers you and how you unconsciously REACT. Can you step away from conflict, pause, breathe, center your energy and re-examine WHY you want to react with anger? If you will do this work to discover your initial programming as a child, you’ll see what expectations you have of others that are self-centered and based on worn-out expectations.

Learning to accept the TRUTH of any situation is hard work. But it’s very worth the time spent in Self Discovery. Get curious about your instinctual PATTERNS. Ask yourself Why you are angry, annoyed, frustrated or upset. Listen for the answers from your inner voice and analyze it. How old is this voice? Is it a voice from someone else? Is it a worn-out voice from your past that you can release in order to acknowledge and accept the present?


Try allowing the joy of the moment to bless you and move along? I think people would learn to be less proprietary about ‘having’ and more open to ‘experiencing’ life, love and all good things, be more optimistic and open to diverse thinking and acceptance of everyone~ if we could engage with the flow of Happiness rather than the impossible task of holding onto it, forever.


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Posted February 26th, 2021.

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Pisces Decan i – Saturn builds Resilience

Saturn Builds Resilience

February 19

Pisces is the sign of Spirituality, Sacrifice and Service to higher ideals. When we’ve been through trauma and our hopes are dashed we can remember that we have an eternal flame that acts as an internal resilience that holds us together, even through the world may crumble around us. This is the eternal flame of SPIRIT within.

In 2021, this week features great change, and each day has significance; Monday-President’s Day in the US, Tuesday-Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday-Lent begins, Thursday-Sun enters Pisces , Friday-Decan change to Saturn ruled Pisces i, Saturday-Mercury stations direct.

Besides the typical calendar dates of change, Saturn meets up with Uranus for the first of three meetings this year on Wednesday, February 17. The second date is June 13 and the third is December 24th. Whatever happens in February, spells out the theme of this entire year; Time and Change. Disputes most likely will rise at these times and we must release old ways and work to create change that serves us all.

Keywords are; Authority, Humanity, Shifts, Rules, Regulations, Responsibility, Sudden Change, Electricity, Lightning, Upset, Chaos, Striving, Wisdom, Understanding, Rebuilding and Renewal. Tensions will grab everyone’s attention and we will know what is UP by the end of this week. It may be chaotic, but we can always find inner peace at the hub of the wheel, the quiet refuge in our soul center.

Like a beaver entering its lodge and ‘holing up’ during bad weather, we too can claim a time of peaceful reverie and rest during and after times of extreme stress or natural disasters. Beavers store up food for winter and are well insulated against seasonal cold. We would be wise to look to these resourceful creatures for clues to a life aligned with nature.

Strength of soul can be found in stillness, when the noise of the world becomes too much. Sanctuaries have forever been a place of refuge and spiritual restoration. As we go into the world alone, we are tested. Overcoming these trials gives us fortitude and strength to face other challenges along our way. We can rest assured that our home is where our heart resides, when we become comfortable in our own skin. Challenges allow us to discover hidden reservoirs of strength and faith in ourselves.

During this decan, create a safe place to use as a touchstone for pause and reflection. Visit it often for rituals that sustain and revive your spirit. Reflect on the gratitude for all you have, count your blessings and know that there is a Spring that arrives in two more decans.

I hope you’re all staying warm enough and surviving this extra cold weather. Namaste’

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Posted February 16th, 2021.

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Good Orderly Direction – Moon in Aquarius – Decan iii

Good Orderly Direction, GOD, is in all things. If we look and listen with hopeful eyes and ears we will be led by the higher angels of our soul. This ‘instinctual’ spiritual reflex can be linked to our Intelligence Quotient as well as Emotional Quotient.

A Killdeer lives in harmony with the Earth and takes advantage of her surroundings. With quick thinking, the instinctual mode of survival kicks in, as the Killdeer ‘pretends’ an injured wing.  This way, she will lead predators away from her precious eggs!  A self-sacrificing mother’s actions will help guarantee the survival of her species.

In the same way, Officer Eugene Goodman of the US Capitol Police did much the same, in protecting the representatives hiding within the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. He ‘led’ rioters away from the vulnerable entrances to the Senate chamber which, no doubt, saved many lives. Now a month later, we are learning how brave that was. Obedience to sacred duty lies in the heart, the way courage, confidence and dedication do. These are virtues worth cultivating, these are honored traditions which serve the Greater Good of All.

The Moon in the last Decan of Aquarius holds high ideals. You could say these virtues are embodied in the spirit of the Adventurer, who is home anywhere on Earth.

Practice daily connection to the Divine, so that when you are in a desperate place you can call on your angels and guides to show you the best path to take. Divine Source will inspire your wits when you need to be shown the way. This is a practice of faith in action that becomes a habit of confidence. May you ever walk in LIGHT. # Namaste’

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Posted February 9th, 2021.

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6 Air ~ Curiosity, Adventure, Magical Insight

Beginning January 30, the SUN moves into the decan of 10* – 20* Aquarius. This second decan of Aquarius finds a Hummingbird buzzing past –at a speed so incredible you may question if you actually saw it or not.  With 6 planets in Aquarius this decan, you may well wonder what is real ~and what have you imagined?

There has been an enormous shift of the vibrational energies in the world after the long stay of Mars in Aries and its collision into conjunction with Uranus on January 20th. What a difference a day makes!

Some of us have ‘slammed into a glass pane’ while others lie stunned and must reorient before we can fly again. This is a period of re-integration.

This period has us thinking with more independence, rather than bravado, and allowing information to be gleaned, if even for a brief, stunning second. That is usually enough to crack the darkness and allow a shard of light to seep in.

As with any sudden change, Mercury in Aquarius allows us to entertain wild, fantastic thoughts. Our job is to ponder these seeds of possibility and sort them according to what resonates within our true, core Self.

Ask yourself, “Does this idea lift me up?” or “Will this possibility soothe my wounded soul?” If you feel a light, rising energy it means YES! If it feels squishy and you’d rather avoid seeing its truth, it means no. Practice this often, with every choice.

Now is the time to paint impressionistically, to dance a new dance, and to hold court with our Inner Jester, as our life takes on an improvisational aspect.

We are flying by the seat of our pants, or fairy wings. Rise up!

Allow the alchemy of internal healing to begin. Chase away phobic ideas of the darkened past and open up to the possibilities of a new day’s light. If not NOW, when? And why NOT?

Adventures are yours for the grasping. Seek them out now. Unfurl your fairy freak flag! You are an eternal being in a light suit…what is there to stop you?

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Posted January 25th, 2021.

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5 AIR – Venus in Aquarius – Ideals of Justice

5 of Air; a Hawk bombarded by Starlings. 

The Crowley Tarot deck lists 5 of Air as “Defeat. Loss. Spite and Malice. Weakness. Slander. Failure. Anxiety. Poverty. Dishonor. Trouble. Grief. Ties. Gossip. Interference.”

January 18, 2021 – OMG does that sound like these times?! If any of these words stir up strong emotions in you, I advise that you watch INTERNATIONAL TV to see how the World has been viewing the actions in the US. If you can’t trust the intelligence community or the free press, check to see what outside observers have said. They’re impartial and their input, when combined, should tell us all what is true and what is not. People the world over want peace in the US.

The name of this card in my deck is “Contrition”. It is a simple idea described by a Hawk being dived upon by Starlings. Consider what has this Hawk done that created a groundswell of Starlings to combine their forces to push back against the Hawk? Who is the Hawk? Who are the Starlings? How can the Hawk demonstrate contrition? How can these birds live in harmony? What are the reparations needed? How will Justice be served, considering the instinctual nature of Re-Action? Are Humans still capable of using Reason and Logic to repair the cognitive dissonance we have been suffering? How can we move our gut reactions back up into our higher faculties of heart and head?

MARS and URANUS conjunct on January 20th, 2021, in Aquarius, symbolizing warrior energy and chaos. Mars squares Jupiter, for Determined Justice on the 23rd and Jupiter joins Uranus, for big chaos on the 24th. This is a historic week. The way it is handled will create our reputation in the world. Let’s pray it is on the side of Fair, Dispassionate Justice.

Please ponder this… 1. Does this need to be said? 2. By me? 3. Now? If your words UPLIFT all people and serve the benefit of the greater good, then speak. If not, hold your tongue, look around, observe WHAT IS, not what you’d like to see, and LISTEN. There is wisdom to be learned in silence (and gnashing of teeth.) Righteousness = Right for ALL.

It’s time to Inaugurate fresh beginnings and commence new activities that include repairing the mistakes of the past. Please share your ideas with your elected representatives and come together to form strong collectives that serve ALL life on the planet.

After all, we are all ONE spirit inhabiting many forms.

Now is the time to move forward to make smooth paths that ALL may travel together in peace. We have MUCH to repair above and beyond the events of this year. Lets make progress upward together. Everyone is welcome at the table where LOVE is master.

*Happy Martin Luther King, Jr day and may ‘blessings fall down like waters’ for you!~

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Posted January 18th, 2021.

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Stay Centered & Balanced amidst Chaos



(using the 8 fold path of Buddhism and the 10 steps of Kabbalah)

  1. RIGHT VIEW; KNOW YOUR PERSONAL TRUTH (Neptune) You are an Eternal Being having a Physical Experience for the Growth of your Soul and reduction of your Karma.
  2. RIGHT MINDFULNESS;  FILTER OUT EXTERNAL NOISE (Uranus) Amid the noise of Chaos and Confusion go to that still quiet center where you are safe, protected and loved. Go offline if it stresses you out. Read material rather than listen to breathless reports. Ask someone to email you with updates. You may get another perspective this way too. Filtering your intake of violence is a good rule in general.
  3. RIGHT INTENT; TUNE INTO YOUR INTERNAL VOICE (Saturn) Soften your inner critic’s voice and instead listen to the wise, loving internal holy Mother who loves and cares for your highest good. This voice is connected to the over-soul of mankind and you can tap into the deep unconscious realm of Akasha where all knowledge is stored.
  4. RIGHT FOCUS; CONCENTRATE ON INTERNAL DIALOGUE (Sun) Watch how you self-sabotage yourself by speaking ill of yourself for making rash decisions or impulsive choices. Restate to yourself, “I am doing the best I can with what I know.” “I treat myself with lovingkindness and compassion.”
  5. SILENTLY OBSERVE HOW & WHAT YOU THINK. (Jupiter) Your conditioned responses are there to protect you but when fear gets out of hand, your logical mind can overcome fear. Rationalize what actually is happening, view threats as probabilities. Don’t fall into emotional reactions, rather place your attention in a dispassionate place. *Breathe. Practice feeling peaceful so you will act peacefully.
  6. RIGHT EFFORT; CHANGE YOUR LEARNED BEHAVIOR. (Mars) Redirect your fear into rational thought as if you viewed yourself in a movie. Make slower decisions based from a neutral place where acts are based on the greatest good for all and from positive intent. Turn anger and fear into positive action that benefits everyone. Take one step toward creating peace in your environment. As you progress, take steps in more public environments. This will improve ALL of your relationships!
  7. MEDITATE ON A REGULAR BASIS (Moon) so you can get a continuous sense of connection with the Divine. Spend a few quiet minutes in self-care in your bedroom or quiet space every day to remember who you are and how you belong where you are doing what only you can do for the world.
  8. RIGHT ACTION; (Venus) Take action based in love. Cultivate compassion for yourself. This helps reduce anxiety, insomnia even depression and pain. Care for your self, your family, intimate circle of friends and your larger circles of interaction. It starts with self love and the confidence that you matter. You can help the world move in a better direction once you center yourself.
  9. RIGHT SPEECH; (Mercury) Converse with your higher self, holy guardian angel and other angels. Angels are prayers who become thought forms that manifest on a higher reality for your best interest.
  10. RIGHT LIVELIHOOD; (Earth) Work for the ascent of humanity. Be humble and strong in your determination to do good. Meet everyone with an open mind and see their inner child who may be more scared than you are. CARE for your neighbors as you care for your self. We are all in these times together!

PRACTICES that also help reduce cortisol in your body are EFT Tapping (See Nick Ortner’s YouTube videos) SLOW BREATH WORK; breathe in to the count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4 and hold for 4. This slows the heart in a natural way and allows more oxygen to get into your cells without chemical stimulation of adrenaline. CRYING & SHAKING IT OFF are ways animals shake off fear. Allow yourself to release your stress. PRAY. Return to a prayerful state where you realize that you and the natural world are one. WALK IN NATURE There is no place where the essence of the Creator is not.




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Posted January 12th, 2021.

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Capricorn decan iii Jan 10, 2021

A struggle for the Throne: Philosophies Collide

The third decan of Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, represents the search for Truth from the depths of the Sea to the heights of the Mountains, in order to bring IDEALS into the field of Materiality. Following Capricorn, comes the signs of Aquarius and then Pisces.

Between the field of Spirituality, Pisces, lies the field of Humanity, in Aquarius. As the Great Conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter has just occurred at 0* Aquarius, our collective mindset, the zeitgeist, has moved the world into the realm of Aquarius. The next few years will bring about many changes through collective struggle and adaptation. The entire world is involved in these changing times, where our Collective Oversoul aka Awareness of our Conscious mind must adapt – or we, as life forms, could die. This is a serious time, where the 6th mass extinction of life is looming.

Currently the US is engaged in a struggle of the old patriarchy with what will soon become the new style of Management, co-ruled by a woman! The topics of security, equity, diversity, human rights, financial and governmental institutional reach, and environmental degradation will affect the future of life itself.

Across the globe people are watching to see how the ‘grand experiment’ of the US’ Democratic system’s IDEALS will play out, and no doubt, this neo-revolutionary period will influence other areas of the globe as well. Astrologers have long known this period was coming.

Astrology is the demonstration of cyclical movements of planets and constellations that repeat without falter. Sky patterns have been observed for thousands of years and create a type of ‘Weather Report’ that one can fix their expectations upon. The proof that correlations within cycles happen ‘As Above, So Below’ on Earth is self-evident in the lives of nations as well as individuals. [See Richard Tarnas’ book Cosmos & Psyche for greater explanation of meta-cycles in history for eye-opening revelations.] The Saturn cycle may be the simplest to explain:

Saturn cycles of 7 years influence our cellular structure, in that each cell in our bodies is replaced every 7 years. Our tastes and preferences may change every 7 years with this internal change. We come to the ‘age of reason’ at age 7 and are able to grasp the concept of right and wrong. At 14 we yearn to be accepted by our peers and take our first steps into individuation. By the age of 21 most of us are welcomed into Young Adulthood with the gifts of more responsibilities. At our personal ‘Saturn Return’, around the age of 29, we become fully immersed in the world of Adulthood. We decide what ideals we will identify ourselves with and what life trajectory we will begin. We make sober decisions that will ‘stick’ with us for the next 29 years.

The planet Pluto has a much longer cycle, which affects the lives of nations. The US Pluto return is due to be exact on December 29, 2022. This calendar year will be one of many transitions and important decisions regarding amending our karmic mistakes of the past and determining which paths we will aim for in the future. There may be many important votes, court cases and (I’m expecting) Amendments to the US Constitution over the next few years.

The heavy-weight outer planets, Jupiter the expander, Saturn the restrictor and Pluto have recently been at the late degrees of Capricorn. They’ve shown us many ugly truths about our history and have been in the process of great, glacial overhaul. Pluto will return to the place it was on our nation’s birth on December 29, 2022.

Those were revolutionary times, just as they are today. The only difference is, our IDEALS toward a more perfect union, must adopt NEW visions of inclusion of all of our citizens’ needs. We must be aware of how our actions, personally and collectively, affect the needs of all people on the planet…and even our livability on the planet herself!

It’s not time to fight about a chair…a throne is only a chair. It’s time to STAND UP for FREEDOM and RESPECT and true DEMOCRACY, the ideals our forefathers instituted many decades ago~ and truly embody them now~ for the greatest good of us ALL. #

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Posted January 9th, 2021.

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December 31 – Decan ii Capricorn – Teamwork

Tonight the Door opens onto a new phase of life! 2021 is a year for cooperation, teamwork and the great aspiration of rebuilding a better society that serves and protects everyone equally. Let us each RESOLVE to work together, toward a cooperative new world!

Imagine the building of the pyramids. It took cooperation, collective participation, organization, management, oversight and the combined all the varied resources of the Egyptian state. This is the kind of exceedingly difficult challenge we face today, as this pandemic winds down, and the rebirth aka NEO-RENAISSANCE begins! *

Great hopes and expectations are arising in every heart as the AQUARIAN energies emerge. May we honor the memories of those who have gone before us and look within to our HIGHEST ethos and strengths to build a more perfect UNION OF HUMANITY that serves each living being with fairness and JUSTICE for all! ~Namaste’

Photo credit: KS @Tropical Pavilion ~ Vienna, Austria

*Decan 1 Capricorn: Mars in Capricorn: December 31 – January 10 Key words;

Patient, hardworking, diligent, accomplished, administrators, practical intelligence, organized, scientific minds, evidence based, explorers, will dive to bottom of the sea and climb highest mountains in search of their truth. For the sake of mankind, ‘Come Together’ ~Pax  J Lennon

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Posted December 31st, 2020.

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Tarot Decans & Planetary places


This post shows how the current planetary placements are located in various Decans. Astrological Decans are the 10 degree sections of each of the Zodiacal (30 degree) Signs. These are interpreted by definitions of the Tarot Minor cards (2 – 10). Use your Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck to lay out the present positions of the planets onto a zodiacal wheel and ‘read’ the AstroWeather forecast!

These are the current correlations for this Historic Solstice and Eclipse 0* Cancer starting point from Sunday’s Annular “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse. This is our new beginning;

“War is over, if you want it” reminds us that the war of daily struggle for survival can be upgraded now. The work of equality and JUSTICE is in the zeitgeist and will, eventually, prevail.

MOON & SUN @ 5 WATER – The zero point of Cancer reflects the 5 of Cups Tarot. This is a major reset point from which the next cycle of 26,000 years begins. This huge turning point is shown as one with many regrets, the image of a person pining for 3 of their 5 cups, that are spilled on the ground. While shown on the opposite shore of their home, we see a bridge to cross before safe space is found. Collectively, we mourn for the way things are, which is not congruent with American ‘ideals’. There is a home for all, but we must cross that bridge, together.

When we awaken to the reality of the present moment, we may be depressed that the state of JUSTICE is still not resolved, and yes, much effort is still needed to move into a peaceful state. Seclusion, delays and setbacks are part of our current situation, but it gives us time to do inner work of discovering what it is we really want to accomplish, and HOW we want to go about creating an equitable world for ALL. We may feel tired, sad or troubled with anxiety, but we can learn valuable lessons from this introspective time. Our regrets paint the way toward a future with fewer regrets, if we are courageous enough to travel that path! Good luck is brought to those repairing and replacing damaged ways of living. So onward, with momentum!

NORTH NODE – @ 8 AIR the Dragon’s Head points the way toward our goals. In this case, it has recently moved into the 0* degree point of Gemini, which is reflected in the 8 of AIR Tarot card. The 8 of Air signifies a period of releasing the blindfolds that keep us from seeing the TRUTH. When we are surrounded by many ideas, signified by 8 swords forming a barrier around a blindfolded one, the truth may be hard to discern. Our mission, should we decide to accept it, and I hope you will, is to step out of our slumber, cut the ties that bind us to the old ways of living, and tear off our blindfolds, so that we can awaken to a new day dawning!

VENUS @ 8 AIR- The alchemy of truthfulness will begin the process of healing. The purity of Venus cycles starting here is seen in the movement of her five pointed cycle and the magical tune of hummingbirds’ flitting wings tells us to ‘fine tune our ears’ to hidden messages that may come through our subconscious mind. Don’t be afraid to hear new ideas. You must not always believe everything you think! Give yourself time to adjust to new realities and strive toward the heights.

MERCURY @ 3 WATER; indicates a period of joyfulness, bound via the camaraderie of hard times survived. The dilemma we faced has had much quicker results than we had even hoped for, and many changes have been made, for the improvement of society. Keep up the good fight. Walk peacefully & proud! Mercury will soon move from this spot, and regain it’s commonly bumpy road, so cherish synergy now. The power of peaceful, collective voices will continue to sound amidst the background of cacophony for at least 6 months. Carry on.

MARS @ 4 FIRE – shows us that we are in a place of slowing passions. It is time to wait on wisdom to guide us. Take this time to rest and regroup, process recent events and commit to future action. Hold off making judgements, sleep on important decisions and consider all of your many options at this time. Keep your fire of passion alive with embers that will flame the new causes that will come; Justice. Peace. Renewal.

JUPITER & PLUTO in the last decan of Capricorn, and SATURN Rx headed back to join them, indicates the 4 of Earth, another period of slowdown regarding financial concerns. Unexpected business transactions may bring about sales of unforeseen items, possibly bankruptcy of brick and mortar operations, cancelled or postponed travel, and trying to create “safe” places to invest. Forming new ways to exchange energetic transactions, such as bartering, may become more common. Surprising disclosures come to light by long-held traditional forms crumbling under revealed truths. Facing death and creating new directions regarding business process’. The re-birthing process has begun. BREATHE! and PUSH. We can’t avoid the inevitable outcome. Do your best to visualize a new Earth, a new way of living.

URANUS @ 5 EARTH – brings challenges and fluctuations in the physical realm. A 5 card reminds us to take stock of our resources and hold faith throughout change. Materially poor or ill people find themselves navigating the sudden dire straits as a crisis unfolds. Their hope is to find sanctuary in religious shelters or charitable foundations. So give timely aid to those now, who would otherwise fall through the social ‘safety net’. We are all one human family. We each deserve freedom from fear. Love one another. Strive to DO GOOD.

SOUTH NODE @ 8 FIRE – indicates the place where we, as a collective, are coming from. The positive change of minds, engendered by the heart, propel us from a place where we desire a speedy change~ to take deliberate steps toward a sustainable, deeper and lasting philosophy. People are scrambling to find new ways to eek out income because usual ways of managing income are not working. All around, there are opportunities to connect with networks that may foster a sense of community through service. Things seem unsettled now, but are heading toward eventual success. Be patient. Keep the faith. When we work together, we all win.~


Posted June 22nd, 2020.

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