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The Third Chakra- Personal Power

The Third Chakra is located in the belly an inch or so above the naval and is pictured as bright yellow energy! This is the seat of our adrenal glands, and spleen. Other vital organs influenced by third Chakra energy include the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach, and  small intestine. Our physical health is influenced by our spiritual health and it is in our power to tend to each mindfully.

The Third Chakra is the receptical of our personal power and physical vitality. You’ve probably noticed that when you get upset or angry you go into a “fight or flight” mode? That’s your hormones working on the input of outside forces via your Third Chakra.

When people push your buttons and you become aware that it is happening you can choose to react in a thoughtful and intentional way. If you can stand back from drama and crisis, you gain personal power and control over your life! You do not have to be pulled into it! Step back – regroup – breathe. When you understand that you have choices, you can choose to ignore it, or respond with thoughtful words in a measured and lowered tone of voice and decisive action. If you’ve ever been in a crisis and noticed that time seems to slow down dramatically or even stand still…that is when your higher self has taken over as a detached observer.

This work of a detached observer corresponds best when the second, interpersonal chakra, the third, personal power and fourth, heart energy chakras are working in unison. It is also the place from which our intent can be focused when working with self-defense and manipulation of esoteric energies. For more on energy work, contact me for my basics in metaphysics class.


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The Importance of Mindful Intention

Mindfulness is what the world needs today.

By living intentionally, with self-discipline, and focus, we can accomplish much more than we can just ‘stumbling along’. We all know its true, but do we remember it on a daily basis?

In my opinion, people today are so caught up in achievement…that they end up giving minimal, and less than stellar, effort into their work. And yet, even as they manage to hit the road to and from work, they are IN TRANCE, multitasking, their minds whirling a million miles a second—going through the days check-list of ‘stuff to do’. It’s surprising that more auto accidents don’t happen in rush hour traffic, frankly. Most of us ARE entranced, driving by subconscious power only.
In my experience of multitasking, I always end up spaced out and doing things less than my  best. I find it’s better to accomplish a few things well than many haphazardly. Have you ever walked into a room and wondered, “What the heck did I come in here to do?” Hmmm, yep! You were entranced with other ideas that distracted you! I know I’ve been like this a lot lately! ~: )

With mindful intention and clarity the quality of your productivity, especially attention to detail, will soar! It takes a careful mindset. I’ll share the process of my creative visualization; First of all I focus intently on the task at hand by moving my awareness/focus up to behind my eyes, and staring ahead of me. I visualize the details as I wish them to be done (perfectly, of course). Then I send my ‘energy of intention’ to the spot between my eyebrows and lean a bit forward into the task at hand. I open up my third eye and crown chakras and begin to ‘breathe through them’ in order to open them. Then, I start engaging the project, by paying attention with ALL my senses. I send energy out to the tips of my fingers and toes, and feel my body as a whole. Then I allow the creative energy to flow out and create What It Will!

This kind of focused attention is important when faced with emotional crisis as well; Bringing awareness to the your whole body at once helps ‘collect’ back the emotional energies that are scattered while in the initial shock of a crisis situation. As you imagine your collected energies coalescing, breathe deeply and regularly. See your psychic energy gathering at your core, between your heart and solar plexus into a small ball. This is called ‘centering‘.

Let that energy softly flow throughout your entire body, holding a reserve in your belly, and allow the excess to drain down through your feet and into the Earth. This is called ‘grounding’. Continue to slow your breath by exhaling more than you inhale. When you feel “collected”, take a deliberate breath and SMILE! You are always much more powerful than any emotion!

Containing emotional psychic energy is a good skill to have and continue to practice. It gives you the power of a Jedi warrior!


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Lessons for Living Well

I started to write a few FAQs about my website, my beliefs, what it is I want to teach….but these guidelines came up instead;

Personal Responsibility– its imperative that everyone learn to take responsibility for not only their actions, but their thoughts and attitudes as well. Look inside, check your beliefs, are they things that you passively take for granted or were told are true? Check out how often you act automatically. Wake up and Be Aware!

Environmentalism should be instilled as part of your basic makeup. You are a part of this Earth. Don’t take for granted the clean air, water or natural beauty of the place you live, but act as a good steward. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Be aware of your carbon footprint and try to reduce it. Look into the nature of the foods you consume and steer away from Genetically Modified and over-processed foods. If enough of us do this, manufacturers will take notice.

Act with Love, Compassion and Empathy to find Understanding, Peace and Joy.

We are all One. All the atoms in the world have cycles of regeneration. What is now YOU was once part of the sea, the plants, animals and other people. The air you breathe was once breathed by our ancestors. Everything that exists is made of vibrating molecules that have agreed to hold form for a determined amount of time. Ponder this until it sinks in~

Look Within. Seek your Self. When you know your Self, you know truth. Be Yourself. Strive for authentic experiences. Spirituality is a Living Religion without dogma or creed. Live Spiritually. You are a Spirit having a Human Experience. Test Everything to see how it fits you. Learn to resolve your early programming. This is the Great Work we have come to Earth to do. #

Among other things…..Choose Happiness. Learn to Discriminate. Create Filters for yourself; if you select what comes into your psyche you won’t have to build walls to keep it out. Learn to Say No to that which does not serve your Highest Good. Be Kind. Share Your Self. Ground. Center. Pray. Find Faith in a Healthy Self Esteem. Let your Light Shine. Reach out whenever possible. Decide if Anything needs to be said-By You-Now. If in doubt, Do. Love the Spirit that dwells within. Love your fellow man as your self. Make Friends with your Shadow. Rise Above your Ego. Be a Citizen of the World. See Everyone as Your Equal. Share, Learn and Play Everyday! Look for the Best in All Things. Accept that you can’t change some things, but you can affect them. LISTEN. See Beauty even in the common things. Think outside the box. Inspire others! Be Positive. Be a Spiritual Warrior. Resist propaganda. Speak up, Act out. Let your conscience be your guide. Call on all Angels/Guides/Deities- their energies exist to help you. Act so that if anyone said anything negative about you, people would not believe them. Learn from Everything- even a bad example can teach a lesson and the hardest lessons grant the most Wisdom. Place Wisdom above Knowledge. Create Daily Spiritual Practices- they are the foundation to living well. Learn to stretch your comfort zone. Grow. Don’t be resistant to change. Change, because we are always evolving, transforming and recreating reality. Be Honest. Live with a Clear Conscience; it’s easier. Speak the Truth, as you see it, in Love. Speak your Truth to Discover your Inner Power and Strength. Develop Resilience by becoming Flexible. In all things, strive to do your Daily Best. Filter your Media input. Think/Reason/Sit with Decisions- eventually the right answer will come. Allow it. Allow Grace. Accept All Good Things. Feeling Down? This too Shall Pass. Feeling Great? This too Shall Pass. Be your own Authority- learn how to be Assertive without being Aggressive. Compromise for win:win solutions. Use Tact. Give up the need to be right, for anyone other than yourself.  Respect Your Self. Respect Others. Know that Everything is Alive; everything is energy which forms and reforms. Commune with the natural world -including the stars. Share your Blessings. Live Large! Find success as being content with what you Have. Be Grateful. Learn from other people’s experiences. Read. Chant. Sing whenever you can. Meditate to find stillness and deep rest. Raise your vibrational frequency by finding the good in all things and holding onto it. Find a Spiritual Community that supports your Best Self. Do what you can with what you have. Bless those less fortunate than yourself by doing what only you can do for them. See people as potential friends. Be Amazed! You are Alive! Embrace Life and it will Embrace you! #

Namaste’ – the Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in you~

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Mabon- Fest of the Second Harvest

Lots of people may have heard of Harvest Home and almost everyone celebrates Thanksgiving of some sort in the fall, near the Autumnal equinox. Its customary to come together with family and friends after the grain harvest to celebrate and share.

Its the perfect time to share what you have with others; be it extra zucchini, used clothing or just dedicating time to share your interests with others.

Its also time for Taking Stock of who you are, what your intentions are and to set some short and long range goals in life.

We have the resources behind us now, and the Universe is backing our dreams…its up to US to state what they are to ourselves and out loud, to the Universe- and each other, that we might be held accountable.

So go ahead. Dream Big~ The Universe wants us to be Happy. Yes, She really does!


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Virgo slips by…

As the last few days of Virgo pass from the blazing heat of summer into a more mellow warmth of Autumn, the afternoon reminds us that the wheel of the year is indeed turning. Leaves turn color~ the air grows crisp…

The first leaf fell onto my head playfully as I sat enjoying the breeze yesterday. I smiled, remembering~ as if it were a message from a departed friend, to breathe deeply and experience all things with the awareness that time itself, is fleeting.

Live Large! Today is where we live & love, in fact, it is all we have! ~Namaste’

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